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How to find out if we will be together: the most accurate and truthful divination

Ways to find out if we will be together: divination for a relationship after breaking up, for reuniting a couple

Predictions on playing cards and tarot help to quickly and reliably determine the features of the development of relations after separation or quarrel. If there were no cards at hand, you can use fortune telling by the hour or by coffee grounds. In all cases, the key success factor is to focus on the subject of interest.

Concentration allows you to get information from a thin plan through what is at hand. It is not recommended to resort to fortune telling on Sundays or church holidays.

Tarot divinations are considered the most truthful. Arcana lets you know if the fortune-giver and her chosen one will meet again, and if so, what will be the future together.

The deck will give advice on whether to continue the love affair.

How to find out if we will be together: the most accurate and truthful divination

Well suited for analyzing the situation in a relationship, if the fortune-teller is not sure of the feelings of a partner or his behavior causes serious concern. In this scenario, two signifiers are used: one symbolizes the divisive, the second — her chosen one. After selecting the significators, ten arcana are pulled out from the deck and laid out according to the following scheme:

How to find out if we will be together: the most accurate and truthful divination

The treatment of cards in accordance with their position:

  • S1 — querient’s significator;
  • S2 — the significator of the chosen one;
  • 1 — how the beloved behaves in this love affair;
  • 2 — how she sees her lover;
  • 3 — what, in her opinion, are the features of a love union;
  • 4 — factors contributing to the strengthening of relations;
  • 5 — factors that weaken the love affair;
  • 6 — hopes, expectations of the questioner;
  • 8 — whether relations will resume in principle;
  • 9 — what should be done for this more expensive;
  • 10 — Deck recommendation on whether to renew the love affair.

How to find out if we will be together: the most accurate and truthful divination

This alignment allows you to understand the essence of the problem that destroys the relationship or that led to the gap. Divination helps to find the most optimal way out of a difficult situation. After selecting the significator, ten arcana are laid out according to the following scheme:

How to find out if we will be together: the most accurate and truthful divination

  • S — the significator;
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 — the existing difficulty and the general background on which it appeared;
  • 5, 6, 7, 8 — a course of action that will lead to the solution of the issue;
  • 9, 10 — a lesson that partners should learn from this problem.

How to find out if we will be together: the most accurate and truthful divination

Divination helps to understand whether the questioner will meet with her chosen one again after a break or conflict, whether a couple can be reunited and her life together. After choosing the significator, the nine arcana are decomposed according to the following scheme:

How to find out if we will be together: the most accurate and truthful divination

  • S — the significator;
  • 1 — the hidden cause of the difficulties;
  • 2 is a clear cause of problems;
  • 3 — relationship at the moment;
  • 4 — what the situation will be in the near future;
  • 5 — what actions should be taken to restore the union;
  • 6 — from what actions it is necessary to refrain;
  • 7, 8 — the level of psychological compatibility of partners;
  • 9 — will the questioner and his partner be together again, what is the most likely future.

This prediction lets you know if the partners will marry if they reunite. This is indicated by the cards Hierophant and King of Wands in the scenario.

It helps to find out what is on the mind of the second partner after the break, whether he wants to meet the fortuneteller again. Guessing will tell about whether the person still has feelings in relation to the guessing.

Before alignment choose one significator denoting a man of interest. Then, in the following order, the seven arcana are laid out:

How to find out if we will be together: the most accurate and truthful divination

  • S — the signifier of the chosen one:
  • 1, 2 — what he now feels in relation to the guessing;
  • 3 — what events are happening to him at the moment;
  • 4, 5 — what awaits a man in the future;
  • 6 — what will be his feelings in the future;
  • 7 — Does he want to meet again with the guessing.

It will help the guessing woman to decide whether she should stay with this man. The Oracle allows you to understand how to make parting less painful. After choosing the significator denoting a rise, nine cards are laid out according to the following scheme:

How to find out if we will be together: the most accurate and truthful divination

  • S — the significator;
  • 1 — is there any chance to improve this union;
  • 2 — what are the features of the relationship at the moment;
  • 3 — what exactly caused the problems in the relationship;
  • 4 — what advantages or losses will bring the gap;
  • 5 — how it will affect the psycho-emotional state of the querent;
  • 6 — what new doors will open after parting;
  • 7, 8, 9 — the final decision on whether to stay with a man.

Shows the future of a love union and how the life together will develop. First, two signifiers are put on the table, and then nine lassoes are pulled out of the deck and laid out according to the scheme:

How to find out if we will be together: the most accurate and truthful divination

  • S1 — the significator of guessing;
  • S2 — the significator of the chosen one;
  • 1 — those hopes and expectations that the querent has in relation to this alliance;
  • 2 — the hopes of her chosen one;
  • 3 — how psychologically compatible are the fortuneteller and her partner;
  • 4 — as far as they correspond to each other in the intimate plan;
  • 5, 8, 9 — cards indicate the features of a joint future, what to expect from a relationship;
  • 6 — shows the attitude of the family guessing to this love affair;
  • 7 — reveals the peculiarities of the relationship of the man’s family to the union with the divining one

For divination, you should use only a new deck. Before the session, a card is chosen that symbolizes the man of interest. You can choose the card of the king of the suit, which corresponds to the hair color:

  • the king of hearts is blond;
  • the king of tambourines is blond;
  • King of Spades — Brunette;
  • King of clubs — brown.

In front of him laid out the king, symbolizing the elect. The deck is shuffled, at the same time you need to mentally ask her a question.

For example: "Will Vasiliy and I expect a future together?" Left hand cards are removed, half of the deck is placed down. Now, three cards are pulled out of it, which will answer the question:

  • peak and club suits — negative answer;
  • diamonds and hearts — positive.

The response received from the deck is decoded as follows:

  • if there are three cards of the red suit, the answer is definitely positive;
  • if two cards of red suit and one black card fell out of three cards, the answer is rather "Yes", but you have to make a lot of effort so that everything ends well;
  • if two cards of black suit and one red card fell out — the probability of the desired outcome of events is extremely low;
  • if all cards are peak or club — the answer is no.

On the table laid out the king, symbolizing the elect. The deck is mixed and then gently shifted with the little finger.

Half of the cards are laid down, and six cards are removed from the top and laid out in a row diagonally. They mean the following:

  • 1 — what the man thinks;
  • 2 — what does he feel in relation to the great one now, whether he continues to love her;
  • 3 — whether the relationship with this person will develop again;
  • 4 — if so, what will connect her with him in the future;
  • 5 — what are the secret desires of a man;
  • 6 — the situation in the present.

It assumes the use of one significator. From the Lenormand deck, the card 29 is well suited for this "Woman".

Cards are shuffled, at the same time a question is posed. Then 16 cards are displayed in the following order:

How to find out if we will be together: the most accurate and truthful divination

The interpretation of the positions is as follows:

  • 1 — indicates the cause of discord or rupture;
  • 2, 3 — what men and women think about this love affair;
  • 4, 5 — how partners feel;
  • 6, 7 — the needs of each of its participants, expectations from another partner;
  • 8, 9 — what men and women hide from each other;
  • 10 — Tarot Pairs deck advice;
  • 11 — what will be the love affair for a man, what good will she bring to him;
  • 12 — what will be the love relationship for the woman that she will receive from this union;
  • 13 — what a relationship with a loved one will not be able to give the questioner under any circumstances;
  • 14 — which is unlikely to get a man from the relationship;
  • 15 — what is the probability of the pair reunion;
  • 16 is a summary of the relationship.

The Gypsy Tarot deck is notable for its laconic symbols and simplicity of interpretation, therefore, fortune telling on it is considered the most accurate. To find out what the future of the relationship is after the break and whether it is worth waiting for a reunion in principle, you can use the following fortune-telling on seven cards.

Deck carefully shuffled. Cards are shifted with your left hand to yourself three times.

Then they get cards from the deck: one from the top, the second from the middle, the third from the top and so on until seven. On each of the cards say the words:

  • At first: "What is my chosen one thinking?"
  • On the second: "What worries his heart?"
  • On the third: "Should I wait for him, will I see in the future?"
  • On the fourth: "What does he expect from me?"
  • On the fifth: "What happens in his life?"
  • On the sixth: "How does the heart calm down?"
  • On the seventh: "Will we be together again?"

Cards are revealed in turn, the seventh should be opened last. She will be the final answer to the question of whether there is a chance to renew the love affair.

The meaning of this prediction is to randomly see on the watch face the same values ​​of the hands. This means that the first and second digits in divination coincide.

For example, 17 hours and 17 minutes. On electronic watches fortune telling is more understandable, since you do not have to look closely at the values.

If you can accidentally see the same numbers on the clock, the answer is positive.

The main provisions of divination are as follows:

  1. 1. Mentally asked question: "Are we destined to be together again?"
  2. 2. After that, time is conceived — for example, if yes, then the clock will be 17:17.
  3. 3. You can seduce at any time of day.
  4. 4. You can not deceive time, trying to specifically calculate it. In this case, the answer will be incorrect.

To predict the symbols from coffee, the following items are required:

  • a coffee cup (preferably made of light porcelain);
  • ground coffee;
  • saucer.

Before drinking coffee, the question is posed. When the cup becomes empty, you should turn it over on a saucer and in a few minutes look at the resulting symbols:

  • If among them there is a silhouette of a man — there will be a second meeting with the beloved.
  • If the pattern has something like a tree or the natural landscapes of mountains, fields, such symbols foreshadow a final break, obstacles, quarrels, and failures.
  • The outlines of animals or birds talk about the sad news, anxieties, gossip of ill-wishers.
  • If the shadow of the house, the building is considered, it foreshadows the restoration of the family. If a couple lived a civil marriage before the break, then such a sign promises not only reunion, but also a quick wedding.

In the fortress, the runes use 24 characters from the alphabet known as Futhark, as well as one empty rune of Odin. The latter symbolizes fate. Each of the signs is associated with a particular sphere of being, the material or spiritual side of life.

Guessing on the runes allows you to quickly find out whether the pair will be restored and what future the relationship expects.

In this type of divination, one rune is used. She will tell you what to expect in the near future and what is the essence of the situation in the relationship.

Before you guess, you should concentrate for a few moments on the issue of interest or the person, and then get one rune.

First, the fortuneteller formulates the question of divination, and then draws three runes. They are put in one row from right to left:

  • The first will tell you what the situation is in the relationship now;
  • the second will give advice on what to do;
  • the third will reveal what the future of the relationship will be.

Alignment is done using seven runes. They are placed in one row from right to left.

The seventh is located separately, below. In this fortune-telling on each of the aspects laid out two runes. One concerns the sensual sphere of life, and the second — the logical:

  • The first and second runes will tell you about the current situation. Having studied the meaning of symbols, one can find out what is really important in a relationship now.
  • The third and fourth will tell about the past, which led to a rupture or quarrel. Signs reveal the circumstances of which the fortune-teller could not know.
  • The fifth and sixth runes will give advice on how to do better.
  • The seventh symbol is decisive. He will talk about the future and what the overall outcome of the action will be.

Whatever the outcome, the session is not recommended to be repeated. Repeating divination usually shows distorted information.

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