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How to find out how many children there will be? True divination

How to find out how many children there will be? True divination

If you are interested to know how many children and what sex you will be born, we recommend holding special fortune telling, which will be able to answer all these questions. With the help of simple magical manipulations, you can learn the whole truth about your future family.

Divination for the birth of a child on the stones

You can find out how many children you can with ordinary stones and water. Take the ink or marker and write the numbers from 0 to 9 on each stone. After that, put the stones in the clear water and watch what happens. Gradually, the inscriptions on the stones will disappear.

What number will disappear last, so much and you will have children.

Card divination to determine the sex of the child

With the help of the usual deck of cards you can find out the sex of the unborn child. To do this, take the cards, mix them well and fan them face up. After that, randomly take any nine cards and look at their suit: if there are more cards of the red suit, a girl will be born, if of a black suit, a boy will be born.

Divination with a needle on the birth of a child

For this fortune telling you will need a needle with a red thread. Thread the needle and make a mental question about the number of children. Pinch the thread between the index and middle finger of your left hand and place your palm parallel to the table.

Lower the needle on the thread on the right palm. The tip of the needle should barely touch the center of your palm. After that, observe how the needle will move.

If she moves from side to side — to be born a girl. If the needle rotates, there will be a boy. About future children can be found by the number of movements of the needle or its rotation.

If the needle is immobile, you are not destined to have a baby soon.

Divination with a ring on a string

This ancient fortune telling will allow you to answer any questions concerning your family life and the birth of children. To carry out this divination should be on Friday after sunset. Light a candle and fill a half of a transparent glass with clear cold water. Take the ring, strung on a nit, and lower it into the water in the center of the glass.

After that ask a question that interests you. For example, you can ask how many children you will have. Then remove the ring and lean it against the wall of the glass on the floor a centimeter above the water.

How many times the ring hits the glass, so many children you will have.

This truthful fortune telling with the ring is not limited to just one question. You can ask questions about your future offspring, but it is important to remember that in front of each of them the ring must be in the center of the glass.

With the help of fortune telling on the ring, you can find out when you have children. To do this, lift the ring above the glass and throw it to the bottom. The value of this fortune-telling is determined by the way the thread with the ring is laid.

If they have formed a figure at the bottom, then it will indicate the number of years that must be waited until the moment of birth of the child.

In this case, you can also learn about the field of the unborn child. If the thread drowned with the ring — the boy will be born. If she remained to float on the surface of the water, then a girl would be born.

Guessing at the birth of a child allows you to know how many children there will be, what sex they will be born and after what time they will have to wait for additions to the family. We wish you good luck and do not forget to press and

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