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How to calculate the square of Pythagoras by date of birth

How to calculate the square of Pythagoras by date of birth

The Pythagorean square is a fundamental term in numerology. Any work with a person begins with the compilation of his psychomatrix by date of birth.

Let’s figure out how to correctly calculate your Pythagorean square, and what the numbers in this table represent.

How to calculate the square of Pythagoras by date of birth

Pythagorean square drawing: step by step algorithm, how to calculate it

To make it clear, consider how to calculate the Pythagorean square by date of birth.

For example, you were born on October 16, 1991. Start counting using the following algorithm:

  1. Write down the digits of the day and month of birth: 1610. Add the digits, you get the first number: 1 + 6 + 1 + 0 = 8
  2. Similarly, calculate the sum of the digits of the year of birth: 1 + 9 + 9 + 1 = 20. Received the second number
  3. Calculate the sum of the first two, resulting from the calculation, the numbers: 8 + 20 = 28. This first working day
  4. Next, find the sum of the digits of the first working number: 2 + 8 = 10. This second working number
  5. From the first working number, subtract twice the first digit of the date of birth: 28-2 * 1 = 26. This third working day
  6. And, finally, add the digits of the third working number: 2 + 6 = 8. As a result, we get fourth working day.

Next you need to draw a table. In the first line, the dates of birth will be sequentially arranged, in the second, the numbers of the working numbers resulting from the calculations:


Please note that if the working number consists of one digit, we write it with a zero at the beginning: not 8, but 08.

The initial data is obtained, now you can make a Pythagorean square. To do this, calculate the number of times each digit is found in the table:

  • unit 11111
  • two — 22
  • three — no
  • four — no
  • five — no
  • six — 66
  • seven — absent
  • eight — 88
  • nine — 99

And draw a square:

Each number in the Pythagorean square by date of birth, which we were able to calculate, is responsible for certain personality traits. Next we analyze, for what.

Deciphering Pythagorean Square

In the square of Pythagoras, compiled by the date of your birth there is a place for nine digits. Each of them is responsible for the presence or absence of certain qualities in the personality, character traits:

  • unit is character and will power
  • Two — charisma and energy, natural magnetism
  • three — creativity, craving for knowledge
  • Four — external beauty and internal health
  • Five — “the sixth sense”: intuition, as well as logical abilities
  • six — professional skills and hard work
  • the seven — luck, shows how much a person carries in life
  • the eight is a responsibility, a sense of duty
  • nine — mental development, memory, ability to concentrate

How to calculate the square of Pythagoras by date of birth

Also, the Pythagorean square by date of birth is decoded by columns:

  • the first column is responsible for self-esteem
  • the second — for the ability to earn money, attitude to material things
  • the third is an indicator of talent, the presence of special abilities
  • the first is an indicator of dedication
  • the second is readiness for family life and serious relationships
  • the third is stability and stability in life
  • diagonal 1-5-9 is responsible for the spiritual potential of the individual
  • the second diagonal shows how developed a sexual temperament

Depending on the number of digits, everyone can determine how well one or another quality is developed.

Pythagorean square: detailed transcript

So, look at the number of units in your square:

  • 111111 — this is the case for people who are very tough, with a difficult character. But despite the tendency to dictatorship, for close people he is ready to do anything
  • 11111 — well-developed dictatorial qualities. Such a person can be called a petty tyrant. Dictates its own rules
  • 1111 — already closer to the golden mean. A man of great willpower with a tempered character
  • 111 — the golden mean. The person is agreeable, it is easy to negotiate with him, he quickly makes contact
  • 11 — almost selfish, but there is a chance that he will be fixated not only on himself. He likes to engage in self-praise, constantly presents himself from the best side.
  • 1 — absolute selfish, self-interest is always in the first place, even if they harm others

How to calculate the square of Pythagoras by date of birth

  • absent — a person is deprived of his own energy, but he, like an empty vessel, is ready to be filled with energy from outside, brought up, treats others well
  • 2 — bioenergy is present, but additional sources are required. Such a person is desirable to engage in sports
  • 22 — enough amount of bioenergy, able not only to take it, but also to share
  • 222 — developed extrasensory abilities, able to fill with energy of any person
  • 2222 — a person has a powerful natural magnetism, incredibly attractive to the opposite sex
  • absent — a person with a highly developed punctuality. Perfectionist, order must be in everything
  • 3 — are not obsessed with the order, the orderliness of their life depends on other character traits
  • 33 — natural sciences are well given, logic is developed
  • 333 — a person has a strong ability for science, he is incredibly pedantic, can make discoveries
  • absence — poor health, easily picks up any infection, you need to constantly strengthen the immune system
  • 4 — during the life of the patient no more often than other people are ill, and in old age a lot of ailments overtake
  • 44 — he has a bright sexual temperament, good health
  • 444 — violent temperament, almost iron health
  • absent — a person is deprived of intuition, he does not have a “sixth sense”, therefore he makes all decisions, guided by logic and common sense
  • 5 — intuition is, but poorly developed. Rarely makes mistakes in life
  • 55 — intuition developed perfectly. Such a person is close to the profession of the legal sphere — a judge, lawyer, investigator
  • 555 — the intuition is developed perfectly, the person is practically a psychic. Decisions are made based on premonitions, but almost never make mistakes
  • 5555 — this is extremely rare. Many fives — the person is clairvoyant. Able to recognize and understand the causes of all the events, predict the future
  • absent — a craftsman, does not need education, does not like to engage in physical labor
  • 6 — work required related to physical activity
  • 66 is a grounded person, he doesn’t need physical labor, but he likes to go in for sports and active recreation
  • 666 — brightly developed temperament, gives a lot of energy to a partner
  • 6666 — workaholic, rest for him — wasted time
  • missing — life is hard for a person, he works hard to ensure a decent standard of living. There is a chance that will go to religion
  • 7 — has a talent that is expressed not too much, you need to develop
  • 77 — people with pronounced creative abilities. These are musicians, artists
  • 777 is a dangerous sign. Such people are “kissed by God” and, as a rule, come to the earthly world for a while. Fulfill their mission and go into another world
  • 7777 is the angelic sign. Either dies at an early age, or lives all his life under some mortal danger
  • absent: person-consumer prefers to take and never gives
  • 8 — the sense of duty is well developed, able to take responsibility for someone
  • 88 — a man-assistant. Ready to help others, sense of duty is well developed
  • 888 — man created to serve the people. It will make a good politician, a soldier
  • 8888 is an extremely rare occurrence. A man with strong parapsychological abilities, the genius of exact sciences
  • 9 — mental skills need to be developed with heavy effort
  • 99 is a smart man, but he needs to learn a lot to succeed
  • 999 — highly developed intelligence, excellent mental abilities. It is dangerous that due to the fact that everything is easy, it does not make an effort and as a result can degrade
  • 9999 — a rude and cruel, but very intelligent man, a caustic intellectual

Keep in mind that you can not consider the value of the symbols from the table of Pythagoras separately. Character needs to be assessed by analyzing all values ​​together.

See a lecture by a numerologist about making a Pythagorean square:

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