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How to calculate the date of death by date of birth in numerology

The procedure for calculating and deciphering the date of death by date of birth

Thanks to the knowledge of numerology, you can calculate the date of death by date of birth. It is very simple to make calculations — any person is capable of that.

Read how to make a numerological forecast.

Should I know the future?

How to calculate the date of death by date of birth in numerology

Before you calculate the date of your alleged death, think carefully. Esoteric hold unanimous opinion — it is better not to know what earthly period you measure. Because:

  1. Finding your date of death for any person is a huge stress. Especially if in the karmic way dangerous years are designated, in which there is a risk of perishing if nothing is done.
  2. It is rather unpleasant to find out the reason for his death. Not everyone has this natural death from old age in a circle of loving relatives.
  3. There is such an opinion: no fate exists, but having learned a prediction, a person programs himself for certain events. The placebo effect in action — faith, like an engine, makes the numerological forecast come true. This point of view is not devoid of common sense: the power of thought is a very powerful mechanism.

In principle, any independent calculations can not be considered 100% true. The most accurate forecast gives only astrological natal chart, which can make a professional astrologer.

Refer to numerology if you are sure that a negative prediction will not confuse you.

Calculate the date of death

Consider an example for a person born on January 1, 1984:

  1. Write out the numbers of the date of birth in a row: 01011984.
  2. We add all the numbers: 0 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 24.
  3. Add the digits of the resulting number: 2 + 4 = 6.

As a result, you should have only one figure — look for it in the interpreter of numerology to determine the date of death.

Interpretation of numbers

How to calculate the date of death by date of birth in numerology

After calculation, look for your number in the following list:

  1. 1 — you will live at least 80 years. Perhaps become a record long-lived. Such success is due to a healthy lifestyle, a lot of positive bright events and an optimistic attitude to everything.
  2. 2 — most likely, you will die from an accident. When this happens is unknown. But be attentive at the age of 8, 20, 30, 46 and 68 years. This is a “crisis” time that will be extremely dangerous and unpleasant. In principle, the tragedy can be avoided if a vigilant attitude to the outside world.
  3. 3 — you will live a long and happy life. But you will not perish from old age, but from a serious prolonged illness. Be especially attentive to your health in the 45th and 74th birthdays — these are the most critical years for you.
  4. 4 — you have every chance of becoming a long-liver. It is possible that celebrate the age-old anniversary in the circle of grandchildren, great-grandchildren, children. To make this prediction come true, watch your health and lead an active lifestyle.
  5. 5 — the feeling that death is always somewhere near you. You constantly find yourself in situations where you literally play with fire. But despite this, your life will end in old age in a natural way.
  6. 6 — your life may be long, but there are also difficult years in which you will be exposed to serious dangers. This is the age of 14, 25, 48 and 70 years. Also for long life in your case, it is very important to engage in spiritual development and to work off karmic debts.
  7. 7 — you are the darling of destiny. At birth, you were given a very strong guardian angel, so good luck and security are accompanied in everything. It’s amazing that in this case you will not die a natural death, but will suffer from some kind of natural disaster. It could be a fire, flood, or any other disaster.
  8. 8 — you are able to live a long and happy life, but calm and stability bore you. You are constantly looking for vivid impressions, explosive emotions, because of this, you choose dangerous entertainment. If you stop taking risks and playing with death, you can live a very long life.
  9. 9 — the most dangerous option. People with this number rarely celebrate their half century. They ruin themselves: alcohol, drugs, dangerous work, or risky entertainment. Only working on yourself and giving up all harmful things will help prolong the timeframe that was measured by Fate.

Important: there is no exact day of death; a person always has a choice. As a result of your actions, actions, daily, every second choices will depend on how long your life is.

Watch the video on how to find out the date of your death:

Practicing karmic debts

The soul of each person comes into the world with a specific purpose. This includes fulfilling one’s mission (for example, serving people, inventing a cure for cancer, realizing oneself in a family), and practicing karmic debts acquired in previous reincarnations.

What does it mean? For example, if in the past life you caused someone severe pain: you quit or betrayed, then in the current incarnation someone will do the same to you, but much more painful.

How to calculate the date of death by date of birth in numerology

Therefore, every situation that gives you bright negative emotions must be taken as a lesson necessary for healing your soul from old sins. And every unpleasant person is like a teacher whose soul helps your heal.

Not everyone has karmic debts. Add the date of birth and see what happened.

In our example, this is 28. If the number is not equal to 13, 14, 16, and 19, everything is in order.

What should be done to people who dropped these numbers:

  • 13 — learn to finish the job. Take responsibility for your life only on yourself, stop blaming others for your failures.
  • 14 — eliminate alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and other harmful substances completely from your life. Cultivate moderation and restraint.
  • 16 — get rid of egoism. Foster humility and modesty, help others.
  • 19 — become a volunteer or help people. You need to learn how to take care of someone other than yourself who needs it.

The number 10 drops out of the total number is a sign that all karmic lessons without exception were worked out by you in your past life. It is important to prevent new debts, so try to develop spiritually and live in harmony with conscience.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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