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How to calculate a Tarot card by date of birth, decoding its value

Tarot card by date of birth: all the secrets of fate, compatibility check in the relationship and forecast for the year

Numerologists have learned how to calculate a Tarot card by date of birth in ancient times, and since then this method of drawing up a horoscope has not lost its popularity. With the help of numbers, you can learn all the hidden secrets of your subconscious, understand what purpose in life is destined for fate; Get advice on how to behave, so that circumstances will develop in the most successful way.

For this fortune telling, a deck of cards is not even needed — it is enough to make correct calculations and read the given interpretations of numbers.

First you need to know the exact date of birth of the one for which the calculations will be made — day, month and year. On how reliable this information will be, the truth of fortune-telling depends.

For the same reason, it is desirable to clarify the time when a person was born.

Health care providers who are not particularly attentive to small things sometimes incorrectly indicate their birthday if the child was born a few minutes before or after midnight. If there is a probability that such an error has occurred (the forecast read with the help of maps completely contradicts the personal qualities and life of a person), it is necessary to recalculate the maps using the numbers next to them.

Example: if the documents contain the date of birth 23. 08. 1964, the probable dates are 22.

08 and 24. 08.

How to calculate a Tarot card by date of birth, decoding its value

In total, three personal cards are calculated, each of which carries certain information and characterizes an individual from one side or another.

The first map indicates which man possesses talents as he manifests himself in society. Corresponds to the number of birth, if it does not exceed 22 (the number of senior arcana).

Otherwise, subtract 22 from it. For example, the date of birth is 17.

11. 1982 points to the Star card, which is the seventeenth lasso. The same who was born 31.

03. 1843, is in a numerological connection with the Hermit card: 31 — 22 = 9, and it is this arcane that is in the Tarot deck under the ninth number.

The second map tells about the life tasks defined by the man of the Universe. Equal to the number obtained after adding all the numbers in the date of birth. If it is more than 22, you should perform the same calculations as in the calculation of the first card.

For example, a man was born 19. 09.

1997. The sum of the numbers (1 + 9 + 0 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 7) is 45.

At the next stage, the number 22 will have to be subtracted from 45, which will result in 23. However, 23 is still more than 22, so the subtraction should be repeated: 23 minus 22 equals 1. Under the first number in the deck is the Mage card.

The third map shows what a person must do in order to achieve harmony with the world and himself. First, by subtracting 22, you need to align all parts of the date of birth with the number of arcana, and then add the resulting numbers and, if the result exceeds 22, again subtract using the same principle that was used for the previous cards.

For example, for a person born on 27. 10. 1977, the calculation will be as follows:

  • 27 — 22 = 5.
  • 10 is less than 22, so this number remains unchanged.
  • 1 + 9 + 7 + 7 = 24. From 24 it is necessary to subtract 22, which gives 2.
  • The last stage (addition of all numbers): 5 + 10 + 2 = 17. Thus, the third card will be the Star.

How to calculate a Tarot card by date of birth, decoding its value

The interpretation of Tarot cards in this case is different from the classical interpretations used to decipher the layouts.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that in Tarot the numbering of cards starts from zero, and in numerology the decimal numeral system is used, therefore the Jester card appears at the very end of the circle and receives the number 22.

The table presents two options for each arcane, since good and evil coexist in any person. Which side of the individual will win in the end depends only on the level of education, morality and conscience of the one who received the forecast. It often happens that light and darkness are intertwined with each other, manifesting themselves in varying degrees under certain circumstances:

NoArkanThe bright side of personalityThe dark side of personality
oneMagicianSociable, has a creative streak and ability to magic. He likes to do something with his own hands (embroider, make wood crafts). Good organizer and leaderHe prefers to make money by deceit or live at the expense of others. There are many charlatans among these people who pretend to be healers and sorcerers.
2High PriestessAble to find a common language with both the living and the departed into another world. A talented psychologist and teacher, medium. Always comes to the aid of those who need it.Engaged in energy vampirism; likes to complain about life and inspire a sense of guilt. Does not have outstanding mental abilities. Commits unpredictable actions
3The EmpressCopes with parental and marital responsibilities. It boasts high earnings. Realistic perceives the world around us.Despot. He does not want to start a family and have children, as this limits freedom. Shows a penchant for excesses; can’t control herself
fourThe emperorInclined to discipline and order. Active, energetic. As a rule, takes a high postStubborn and tedious pedantic. Aggressively responds to anything that goes beyond his worldview
fiveHierophantHighly spiritual person. In any situation, ready to listen to your opponent. His advice is often the best solution.Unprincipled and immoral. Uses spiritual ideals to disguise the real motives of his actions.
6LoversSociability and innate charm make the owner of this card a perfect friend. In his personal life, he does not add up — constant betrayal and love triangles make it difficult to find happinessComplexes vaccinated to a person in childhood have an effect on him in adulthood. In communication with the opposite sex, he is trapped and inactive. If you need to make a choice, hesitates
7ChariotDistinguished by the love of travel and the thirst for new experiences. Self-confident, always achieving goalsLazy, afraid of change or showing excessive anxiety, unnecessary activity
eightStrengthStriving for power, primacy. Often such a person is fond of sports or engaged in them professionally. Passionate loverSpinelessness does not allow setting goals and achieving them. Sexual life involves many psychological and physical problems.
9HermitHas the ability to clairvoyance and other magical practices. Noisy company prefers privacy. Calm, prudentHe has difficulty communicating with people. Complicated and selfish. Distinguished by instability of the psyche — then angry, then sullen
tenWheel of FortuneLeads an active lifestyle. He travels a lot, loves parties and other entertainment events. Optimist. In life he is always luckyA bleak future scares him, but he is not ready to change anything in his way of life. Fatalist, prefers to remain inactive and rely on fate
elevenJusticeHonest and decent. In any situation, keeps a cool and clear mind. His professional activities are related to jurisprudence.Ignores moral principles, commits illegal acts. Possible criminal record. Discriminates against people
12HangedChildhood passes under difficult family circumstances, but in adulthood he is happy enough. Slowly reacts to external stimuli. Not for years wiseHe perceives the world through the prism of illusions. Often resides in despondency. Lazy, but denies it. During life can get disability
13DeathIt has a strong and strong-willed character; magical abilities. Chooses a military career. Younger people are at high risk of injury or serious danger.Aims to cause evil to others. Otherwise, engaged in self-destruction. Suffers from alcoholism or drug addiction; it comes into contact with criminal personalities.
14ModerationA gentle and kind person. Distinguished by the love of animals and compassion for all living things in general. Calm, not irritableProne to go to extremes. Sometimes overly passive, sometimes excessively unbalanced.
15DevilHe knows a lot about money and knows how to dispose of it. Often chooses a profession related to finance, politics or psychology. Easily seduces the opposite sex.May have two incarnations: either a person with a dependency on alcohol, drugs, gambling, or a manipulator who skillfully makes others around him fulfill their whims
sixteenTowerTouchy, his mood often changes. Extremely sensitive to the words and actions of others. Loves change. Active worker In the home often injuredAggressive. There are problems with the psyche. It puts itself in danger without even thinking about it. Is associated with a criminal grouping or commits atrocities alone
17StarPossesses outstanding literary talent; famous writer or poet. Refined nature pays a lot of attention to its spirituality.Landed and lazy people. Talking roughly, his movements are deprived of ease and ease. Does not understand and does not like art
18MoonHas a vocal or acting gift. Has all the makings of becoming a psychic or psychologist, but does not always develop themHe lives in a fictional world, giving people and objects visible only to him qualities. Even friends are suspicious
nineteenThe sunHe wants to stay in the spotlight, loves comfort and expensive things. Most often his activity is connected with show business.Selfish. In a conversation, he always focuses on himself or is frightened and notorious, doubts his talents.
20CourtIn his youth, suffers from self-doubt; closer to the age of thirty gets a high position and recognition. Changes often happen in his life. Probable to move abroadInstability and volatility haunt him in all walks of life. He is too lazy to fight what he doesn’t like, or to preserve what he has. Prone to false ideals
21WorldEvents in his life are stable and measured. Karmic debts are absentRuns away from problems, instead of solving them. He does not want to work even for his own good; misses all the good odds
22JesterThe soul of this person has experienced many reincarnations, so he has extraordinary extrasensory abilities. In life, an innovator and discoverer; never misses the opportunity to travelThe complete absence of life goals interferes with self-development and does not allow for success. Often such a person is stupid and eccentric, he may experience mental and behavioral problems.

How to calculate a Tarot card by date of birth, decoding its value

On personal maps, tarologists and numerologists are able to determine not only the fate of a person, but also his compatibility in relations with others.

To make this kind of horoscope, you need to know the dates of birth of both partners. Since it combines elements of two esoteric practices at once, the result is more accurate than when divining Tarot or making a prediction on numbers.

To begin, each person needs to calculate the second personal lasso (card of fate). The calculation scheme is identical to that given above in the corresponding section of the article.

  • The man was born on 16. 05. 1989.
  • 1 + 6 + 0 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 9 = 39.
  • 39 — 22 = 17.
  • The woman was born on 07. 12. 1990.
    • 0 + 7 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 0 = 29.
    • 29 — 22 = 7.
    • After that, you can proceed to the calculations of four numbers that will describe the relationships that a couple has from different sides:

      1. one. General characteristics of the relationship. The number is equal to the sum of personal arcana men and women. 17 + 7 = 24. Since it is more than the number of arcana, subtraction should be made. 24 — 22 = 2 (High Priestess).
      2. 2 What this relationship gives a man. To find the second number you need to add the personal lasso of the man to the first number. 17 + 2 = 19 (the Sun).
      3. 3 What this relationship gives a woman. To calculate the third number, the woman’s personal lasso is added to the first number. 7 + 2 = 9 (Hermit).
      4. four. The future of the union. The fourth number is obtained by adding the first, second and third numbers. 2 + 19 + 9 = 30. 30 — 22 = 8 (Strength).

      The table shows the values ​​of the cards, which are designed to decipher the numbers characterizing the compatibility of men and women. In other divinations, they do not apply:

      oneMagicianThe union will be favorable only if one of the partners always makes concessions to the other. Otherwise, the scandals and the struggle for supremacy in the family will lead to the rupture of relations
      2High PriestessPeople will be together and at the same time apart. They are cold to each other; they are united only by the fear of loneliness or the desire to create a certain image for oneself in society
      3The EmpressThere is a true love feeling and affection between a man and a woman. Each of them tries to show support and care. If they are not yet married, they will register the marriage in the future.
      fourThe emperorStable relationship with a man in the role of head of the family, who will assume all material obligations. However, the woman will be oppressed by boredom, lack of emotion and patriarchal formalism.
      fiveHierophantThis union is built on common interests or spiritual affinity. One partner may be much older. Passion rarely happens between a man and a woman; as a rule, their relationship is calm and measured
      6LoversMany emotions, stormy scandals and the same reconciliation will accompany the couple throughout the entire stay. Relations will not last long and will be superficial. The reason for parting is most often treason
      7ChariotPeople like to spend time together on dates, but they don’t want to live together, because both are not yet ripe for serious relationship. If the other cards are favorable, then marriage is possible.
      eightStrengthBoth man and woman are endowed with a strong-willed character, have high self-esteem. Each of them is trying to subordinate his partner. If a compromise is not found, they will have to part
      9HermitSurrounding it is not clear what binds this pair. They have no common topics for conversation, no interest in each other. If they get married under the pressure of circumstances, a divorce will follow shortly after the wedding
      tenWheel of FortuneThe union is unstable and rests on the material interest of one of the partners. If people are already married, then a fictitious marriage or a marriage of convenience was concluded. Unmarried people also have a chance to start a family
      elevenJusticeFeelings and emotions are missing from the list of reasons why partners chose each other. They were more interested in appearance, character, or other personal qualities. Favorable prognosis
      12HangedRelations are deadlocked. They can continue if both people do everything possible to bring them to a new level, otherwise there will be a break.
      13DeathIf other cards carry a negative value, this couple will not be together for long — the dissatisfaction of a man or a woman and the lack of stability will lead to separation. Otherwise, temporary difficulties may occur.
      14ModerationPeople will be happy in marriage. They respect each other, have the same goals, they feel comfortable being together. However, passion and vivid emotions in their relationship are not observed.
      15DevilComplex, codepended relationships. Being together, they constantly quarrel; in the distance grieve. Often the Devil points to divorced spouses who have shared obligations (children, business, property, debts)
      sixteenTowerSuch a union will fall apart within a year. Partners have no point of contact; they are different, like ice and flame. Quarrels constantly arise between them over misunderstandings.
      17StarFriendly, warm relationships without an emotional component. Communication of persons who are married to other partners. Sometimes this card represents the union of people who are at a distance from each other.
      18MoonRelationships will bring both partners a lot of mental suffering and leave an imprint on their future life. They will have to endure treason and understatement, resist temptation, lie and hear lies
      nineteenThe sunThe rapid development of events — transient marriage and pregnancy immediately after the wedding. Both partners are satisfied with the union, they do not hide anything and always try to find mutual understanding.
      20CourtBeing together this pair is predetermined by karma. Short and problematic relationships will make a man and a woman learn a certain lesson.
      21WorldHappy and harmonious union. True love reigns between partners, they will be able to maintain this feeling throughout their lives. Often this card falls to couples who celebrate a golden wedding.
      22JesterEach partner wants to remain independent and does not want to take responsibility for the possible consequences of the relationship. People may converge and diverge several times, but the ending of their story will still be a break.

      Using a personal card it is possible to make a forecast for any calendar year. He will show how successful personal development will be during this period and what strategy to take in order to achieve its goal.

      Divination may warn of the existing danger, but does not tell about specific future events.

      To find out the number corresponding to the year’s map, add the date and month of birth to the year for which the forecast is made, and then add the resulting number until the result is 22 or less.

      For example, a person was born on June 1 and wants to know what awaits him in 2019. 0 + 1 + 0 + 6 + 2019 = 2026.

      2 + 0 + 2 + 6 = 10 (Wheel of Fortune).

      The interpretations of the year cards are listed in the table:

      oneMagicianNew initiatives will be successful, and the implementation of a long-standing idea will show that it was ingenious in its essence. Those who have previously kept passivity should take a proactive stance and make every effort to improve the quality of their lives.
      2High PriestessIt should act, listening to the prompts of intuition. You can devote time to spiritual development, the study of natural sciences or foreign languages, the occupation of magical practices. Do not disclose your plans before they come true.
      3The EmpressThe year will be fruitful and fruitful. The results of the case on which the person has been working for a long time will become clear. It will turn out to find a job with high wages or open a profitable business. It is worth paying attention to your appearance. Year favors the birth of a child
      fourThe emperorIt’s time to implement your plans and intentions. The result of the action must be concrete and tangible. You should not waste your time on trifles; you need to take on global tasks, not retreating until the goal is reached
      fiveHierophantIt’s time to revise your value system. Otherwise, punishment will follow from fate, which will provoke changes in moral standards. It is necessary to define your true goals and desires, not replacing them with those imposed by society.
      6LoversThis year, the person will hear the voice of the heart, ignoring what the brain tells him. We’ll have to make a serious choice, coupled with internal differences, which can radically change a person’s life. Happiness depends only on the ability to focus on really important things.
      7ChariotYou will face confusion in business, fight with competitors and participate in adventures. We will have to develop in every way possible talents and discover new ones. There is a high probability of injury at work or a road accident — safety precautions and traffic rules must be observed
      eightStrengthA person will be tested for fortitude. Do not give in to provocations; you need to follow your own path, not deviating from your own ideals. It does not hurt to get rid of negative character traits (jealousy, aggression, envy). It’s time to do dental treatment. You can have a pet
      9HermitFuss is not the best way to achieve what you want. Measured and thoughtful actions will bring much more benefit. Also, do not hope for career growth: if you work hard, in the end only fatigue and disappointment will come
      tenWheel of FortuneThe coming changes will not cause the person to be enthusiastic, but they are necessary to start the processes by which the life situation will improve. It is necessary to consider their previous falls as a launching pad for takeoff and resume work on abandoned projects.
      elevenJusticeIn any situation, decisions must be considered and fair to all participants in the case. It is necessary to maintain a cold mind. Whatever a person does, he will get what he deserves.
      12HangedWe’ll have to change the established way of life and look at everything that happens around, from a different angle. To achieve the desired result, one should make concessions — move to another city, change profession or daily routine. If circumstances seem insurmountable, you need to take a step back and find a new way.
      13DeathMuch in human life has become obsolete, has exhausted the allocated limit of resources or time. Without radical change is not enough, but it is useless to resist. Even if the new stage starts painfully, soon everything will stabilize and its advantages will become visible.
      14ModerationIt’s time to find a middle ground between the extremes that people chose in previous years. Global affairs lie ahead, so it’s worth gaining strength and developing tactics of action. Reasonable savings in finance
      15DevilThe main task will be to understand their shortcomings. It will allow not to waste time, giving it to such evils as vanity, gluttony, pride and greed. Do not manipulate people or set unreachable or false goals
      sixteenTowerSuddenly, what the person least expected will happen. Reliance, which previously seemed reliable, will collapse under the onslaught of circumstances. We’ll have to part with the usual stereotypes, forget about prejudices, replace the misconceptions about people and things with true ones. This will be the beginning of a new life.
      17StarThis year will be successful if, in pursuit of new ideas, not to abandon the already started business. It is worth paying attention to their health and needs — both spiritual and material. In statements it is better to be careful and not to make resonant statements. Share your plans also should not
      18MoonYou can only rely on yourself. Even close people can cause trouble and frustration. Fate has many difficulties and obstacles. To overcome them, you have to fight with your fears. Viral infection can cause great damage to the body.
      nineteenThe sunThe merits of man will be appreciated by others. The financial situation will improve, the social status will increase, the career will be promoted. The year is marked by the beginning of a love affair, the birth of a child or the appearance of a brilliant idea.
      20CourtIt should finally say goodbye to people and things that have become ballast pulling to the bottom. High probability of moving to another city or country. If there is any goal, no need to hesitate with its achievement; existing odds will also have to be used immediately
      21WorldMan will find his new "I". Spiritual tests will make it more mature and conscious, simple and natural. Your own goals and guidelines will become clear. There will be an opportunity to resume communication with a friend after a quarrel and even feel harmony with the whole world.
      22JesterThis year will be the beginning of a new stage, to which the person aspired himself and finally got what he wanted. It is necessary to act, relying on instincts, not to be afraid of previously unknown tasks, places and feelings. A frivolous attitude to future health will remind you of chronic diseases.

      The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

      Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

      However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

      But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

      What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

      It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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