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Hierophant: Tarot Card Meaning, Combination with Other Cards

Arkan Hierophant: interpretation in various fields, combination with other cards

The hierophant is a positive card pointing to a spiritual mentor. The card recommends that the questioner focus on the spiritual aspects of life, self-improvement, and the fight against negative character traits.

Most decks on the lasso portray a priest sitting on a throne. He is dressed in a robe, on his head is a tiara, and in his hands is a scepter.

Sometimes instead of a scepter, he holds a triple cross, symbolizing the knowledge of the three worlds — the underworld, the earthly abode, the heavens. The free hand is raised in a gesture of blessing.

In some decks the Hierophant looks young, in others it is an old man with a beard.

Other card names are High Priest, High Priest, Pope. The meaning of the card Hierophant — religious authority.

Worshipers or followers give him the power to determine what to do for salvation.

Hierophant: Tarot Card Meaning, Combination with Other Cards

In the Ryder-Waite deck, the Catholic high priest is depicted on the 5th lasso. He sits on the papal throne.

The head of his archbishop is on his head. In the lower part of the lair there are the keys of Saint Peter, with which the apostle opens and locks the gates of heaven.

Hierophant: Tarot Card Meaning, Combination with Other Cards

Arkan says that the questioner brings into his project a lot of feelings, emotionality, although in fact organization and hierarchy are required. The hierophant in the Ryder-Waite deck symbolizes condescension, the ability to perceive new information and use someone else’s experience to their advantage.

The card represents deep trust based on the unshakable moral values.

Hierophant: Tarot Card Meaning, Combination with Other Cards

In Tarot Thoth, the High Priest is depicted on a throne in the form of a bull, surrounded by two elephants. In the four corners are the Cherubims — the bull, the lion, the eagle, and the man. They symbolize different aspects of being:

  • The bull is the physical realm.
  • Lion — willpower, fire, forward movement dynamics.
  • Man is the element of Air, the mentality.
  • The eagle is a spiritual transformation and connection with water, the world of emotional experiences.
Hierophant: Tarot Card Meaning, Combination with Other Cards

The hierophant combines these diverse elements and brings them to perfection. Before him stands Venus, in whose hands the month and the sword are symbols of the mind and senses.

The high priest also unites the male and female beginnings. As a result of this, the child of Horus is born into the world — pure and open to being.

Horus is depicted inside the five-pointed star on the chest of the Hierophant.

The map means that the search for meaning will lead the querent to the higher worlds, to a new level of understanding. A meeting with a spiritual guru or mentor is possible.

The questioner should take advantage of this chance. The hierophant in tarot Thoth recommends to be receptive to spirituality, to seek inner growth and moral perfection.

Hierophant: Tarot Card Meaning, Combination with Other Cards

A hierophant is a character who strictly observes the observance of any kind of commandments. The interpretation of the arcana is connected with the meaningfulness of the events taking place, their purpose.

If the Hierophant has a teaching function, then the knowledge gained is verified against the Arcane Devil. A person gets into a situation of temptation, when you can go around the already learned rules. International criteria for evaluation and quality, all sorts of guidelines — the arkan Hierophant manages all this.

Other cards in the scenario tell about how a person feels when confronted with the need to follow the rules, and how this situation will end.

If the question of the querent is practical, the Hierophant usually means the following:

  • The importance of the ethical side of the situation.
  • The process of learning, getting higher education, passing professional courses.
  • Participation in ceremonies and rituals (wedding, diploma award).
  • Creative work, the search for meaning, religious inclinations.
  • Good advice from an experienced person.
  • Generosity, kindness to the weak, commonality.
  • The ability of the querent to go its own way, believing in its truth.

Sometimes the card says the conclusion of an official marriage. Arkan gives an affirmative answer to the question of whether to go to study or teach.

The deeper meanings with which this lasso is endowed are sincere adherence to religion, spiritual guidance. Often the Hierophant is shown in the scenario, when the querent tries to explain his situation in terms of some teaching or system — Orthodoxy or Buddhism, Chinese astrology or the theory of behaviorism.

If the Devil points to weaknesses and temptations, then the Hierophant once again reminds us that in a difficult situation a person may resort to the help of his conscience. The implementation of the querent’s plans is possible if he acts sensibly, adapting himself to the norms of behavior accepted in society.

In some cases, the lasso indicates the presence of a counselor with whom you can discuss the issue of interest. On the way to the querent, experienced people will meet, masters in their field.

In the upside down position, the Hierophant indicates greed, hypocrisy, spiritual weakness. The questioner receives bad advice. He should not allow others to abuse his disposition, it will disengage.

There are serious problems in the relationship. Other meanings of inverted arcane:

  • Excessive conservatism.
  • Excessive kindness.
  • The acute need for recognition by society, the loss of personal authority.

Often the Hierophant arises if the questioner tries to use non-traditional methods to solve his problems, since the generally accepted approach has not yielded results. In this case, the card cautions against unreliable methods, harmful tips.

Inverted lasso indicates kindness in cases where it is inappropriate. In a scenario, family relationships speak of laziness, wandering in the clouds.

If in the direct position the card foreshadows the wedding, then in the opposite direction it becomes obvious that the marriage will not take place.

Externally, the Hierophant is manifested in the underlined formality, formal behavior. The emotional state is relegated to the background, to demonstrate it is completely inappropriate. The maximum possible solemnity, pomp.

In the lasso laid the idea of ​​moving from one psychological state to another. One of the possible options: an adult — a parent — a child.

The natural state of the person referred to by the High Priest is to observe the observance of the rules. He is a teacher, mentor, and zealot of truth.

It contains the confidence that is required for this. The concepts by which the Hierophant lives, become public. Such a person, having gone through difficulties and trials, will not just tell his grandchildren about this.

He will publish a three-volume work, which will be replicated and sold out.

The hierophant is a reliable person you can safely rely on. In his actions he is guided by his conscience and those dogmas he considers correct.

The true Hierophant is profoundly wise by experience, and therefore one can get invaluable advice from him in the most incomprehensible circumstances.

The hierophant indicates the spiritual depth of the relationship, raises the question of their level. The card is related to the laws of society.

Therefore, if there is no love in a relationship, there are marriage vows in them. Depending on the other arcana in the scenario, the card says about the wedding, strong marital relationship, spiritual friendship.

Partners are united by common views on life, they are connected by something more than sympathy or lust.

In some cases, the Hierophant indicates the appearance of a life partner after a person reaches a certain level of spiritual development. Difficulties in existing relationships are solved only in one way — by virtue and restraint of emotions.

If the hierophant fell out, the relationship partner can be fully trusted. For him, betrayal is not just a betrayal, but an infidelity of his own values.

The hierophant is able to create noble, high alliances.

Since to meet the Hierophant is a rarity, most often the second partner does not have equally lofty ideals. Therefore, a relationship with him is often full of difficulties.

Such a person seeks to convey to his beloved his vision of what is right and what is not. He sincerely wants to create an ideal relationship in which there will be no place for infidelity and resentment.

Hierophant in the scenario indicates that the treatment was chosen the right strategy. Emphasis must be placed on classical methods of medicine, abandoning unconventional approaches. The hierophant proposes to use the system of reasonable restrictions in the diet, without resorting to exhausting fasting or fasting.

All medical prescriptions must match the patient’s capabilities. But the Hierophant indicates that treatment can only be carried out by a professional.

Self-medication will lead to a dead end.

The high priest usually carries the following career values:

  • The stability of a situation that the querent can control if desired.
  • Moderate income, which is enough for basic needs.
  • The need to act according to legal norms, generally accepted rules.

The hierophant speaks of a stable financial situation. Management is organized at a high level. The organization is subject to the rules of internal regulations, official relations are clearly defined.

The entire system is permeated with control, which is the key to stability and sustainable growth.

To maintain such a position, the questioner should follow all instructions and rules. The hierophant does not exclude the possibility of enrichment, but sets the querent for spiritual values.

The high priest is not a card of merchants or businessmen.

Sometimes the Hierophant advises businessmen to resort to the rituals of church magic — for example, the consecration of office space, reading special prayers. Sometimes the card indicates a good opportunity to start a business in the field of esoteric goods and services.

Hierophant in the scenario says that the questioner expects a slow, but serious professional growth. The main condition is to continue to perform work duties and follow the rules.

The map indicates the traditional system of education, the need for an official diploma. It is a sign of work in the educational field.

Encourages connections with religious institutions or organizations that adhere to long-standing traditions. A lasso can indicate any profession in which the ability to persuade, interpret laws, and follow customs is appreciated.

If the Hierophant falls in the Map of the Day scenario, today is the time of mercy for the questioner. He is more than ever condescending to human weakness.

Tarologists recommend on this day to demonstrate the ideal behavior, to become a model and a teacher for those around you.

The day is optimal for research, new discoveries. It is necessary to avoid idle talk, paying attention to the meaning of any business.

When engaging in a conflict situation, the Hierophant recommends not to be led by emotions, but to adhere to a fair impartial position.

With older lasso in the scenario, the Hierophant has the following meanings:

  • Jester — marriage difficulties, divorce. Not serious attitude to affairs.
  • Magician — conviction in their own exclusivity, wide opportunities, which are given from birth.
  • The High Priestess is unconditional obedience.
  • The Empress is the legitimate child.
  • The emperor is the unquestioning fulfillment of rules and duties.
  • Lovers — the desire of the querent to adhere to religious norms.
  • Chariot — actions dictated by conscience.
  • Justice — life in accordance with the rules of morality.
  • Hermit — the search for truth in religion, monasticism, the vow of celibacy.
  • The Wheel of Fortune is a changeable world view.
  • Strength is the subordination of one’s own interests to generally accepted moral principles.
  • The hanged man — outdated norms and dogmas.
  • Death is an urgent need to rethink life principles.
  • Moderation — internal harmony, trust, successful «grinding» in relationships.
  • The devil is a traitor in the social circle.
  • The tower is the fall of morality and ideals.
  • The star is repentance of past actions, inner cleansing.
  • The moon — a visit to the sect, the choice of false values.
  • The sun is a happy family.
  • Judgment — faith becomes a source of strength, reconciliation with the past.
  • The world is an expansion of the horizon of querent.

Junior Arcana displays the details of the current situation. The suit, from which the High Priest fell, has a great influence on the alignment.

Wands point to the practical side of human life. The hierophant in combination with the cards of this suit is interpreted as follows:

  • Ace is a short inspiration.
  • Deuce — disputes with business partners.
  • Troika is a well thought out strategy.
  • Four — quick marriage.
  • Five — a conflict with households (parents, children).
  • Six — spiritual quest.
  • Seven — the temptations in his personal life.
  • Eight — a letter from his grandfather, the signing of the marriage contract.
  • Nine — jealousy, lack of trust in the relationship.
  • Ten — the loss of faith in justice.
  • Page — news from parents.
  • Knight — a spiritual impulse.
  • Queen — entry into the rank or position.
  • The king is a guru, spiritual master.

Cups reflect emotional life. A hierophant with a suit of cups (cups) corrects his original meaning:

  • The ace of bowls with the Hierophant speaks of trust, happiness in spirituality.
  • Two — relations with relatives are built on understanding.
  • Three — the desire to grow spiritually.
  • Four — suspicion.
  • Five — a family union on the verge of collapse.
  • Six — memories of distant relatives.
  • Seven — the temptations.
  • Eight — act against conscience.
  • Nine — inner harmony.
  • Ten — spiritual maturity.
  • Page — a marriage.
  • Knight — spiritual purity.
  • The queen is moral.
  • The king is a mentor, a good friend, a psychotherapist.

Swords mean suffering, difficulties:

  • Ace with the Hierophant indicates insight in matters of morality and spirituality.
  • Two — flour, torment.
  • Three — the illusions are destroyed, confidence is lost.
  • Four — prayer and meditation practices.
  • Five — complete lack of principle.
  • Six — attempts to find the meaning of life.
  • Seven — false divisers, charlatans.
  • Eight — ethical restrictions.
  • Nine — torments of conscience.
  • Ten — charity or sacrifice.
  • Page — promiscuous sex.
  • Knight — the collapse of life principles.
  • Queen — the collapse of the family.
  • King — the lack of common interests in the group.

Pentacles is a symbol of the material side of life. Treatment of combinations with the Hierophant:

  • Ace is a moral reward.
  • Two — a violation of the usual way of life.
  • Troika — valuable talents.
  • Four — confidence in their life principles.
  • Five is a disappointment.
  • Six — spiritual support, mercy, monetary assistance.
  • Seven — endless patience for people.
  • Eight — spiritual perfection.
  • Nine — moral contentment.
  • Ten — continuity in family traditions.
  • Knight — devotional service to society.
  • Queen — marriage of convenience.
  • The king is a value system advantageous to the querent.

Querent should review the social circle, leaving only decent people in it. If the opportunity arises, it is necessary to discuss the problem with an experienced adviser or highly qualified specialist.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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