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Health line on hand: photo with decoding, interpretation features

How to read health lines on a hand: a photo with decoding

In this article you will learn what it means to the health line on your hand and see the photo with the decoding. Palmistry — an ancient science, through which you can determine the fate of a person, the main milestones of his life, just by studying the palm.

general information

Not everyone has a health line. Its absence is considered auspicious sign.

This means that a person should not have any serious diseases during his life.

Health line on hand: photo with decoding, interpretation features

Look at your hands — the health line is located close to the line of life, starting from the middle of the palm and ending with the hill of Mercury. If you find this trait in yourself, it means that you will have to face serious illnesses during your life.

But this is not a reason to get upset — you can find out what needs to be done to avoid similar problems in the future.

Here are some nuances that are important to know:

  • If there is no health line, you can be calm: serious illnesses will bypass
  • If it is expressed quite clearly, the person has a weak immunity. He quickly gets tired, prone to seasonal diseases. This indicates a lack of vital energy: it must be constantly replenished.
  • If there are lines of Mercury, but they are weakly expressed, and they are not so easy to see, there are problems with the psycho-emotional state. A person does not know how to resist stress and live negative emotions correctly.
  • If the trait is not straight, but tortuous, problems with the digestive tract are likely — this is a weak point of the body.

Remarkable is the fact that during a person’s life the health line can be transformed. Or the abyss at all, or, conversely, to become more pronounced.

It directly depends on how much a person cares about himself, whether he has bad habits, and whether he is feeling well.

How to decipher

To decipher the value of the health line, you need to see how it is located in relation to the rest.

Health line on hand: photo with decoding, interpretation features

  • If it practically merges into one with the line of life, this is an unfavorable sign. A person’s health is at risk; he must be carefully monitored to avoid serious problems.
  • There are problems if the lines of health and life run in parallel or start from one point. This means that a person can be seriously ill in childhood. It will depend on his parents how good his health will be in the future.
  • When the health line is located very close to the mind line, there is a chance of brain disease. This could be some kind of serious injury or inflammation, in severe cases — a malignant tumor. To solve a problem, you need to learn to cope with stress, to work through negative emotions.

You should not panic if the chiromantic analysis gave an unfavorable prediction. You can change everything and avoid big problems.

Health signs and features

The health line can be clear, even and pronounced, and can be speckled with some small signs. This should also be considered in the analysis.

Health line on hand: photo with decoding, interpretation features

The characteristics of the various marks and symbols are as follows:

  • If there are many small dashes, it speaks of some chronic, protracted illness that will manifest itself at the appropriate stage of life.
  • If the health line is interrupted, then the weak point of the body is the liver. Problems with alcohol are likely, food addiction may occur
  • If the lines are chained, then the problem area is the respiratory system and lungs. A person can smoke a lot, work in hazardous industries. These factors must be excluded from life.
  • Crosses — a serious illness that poses a serious threat to life. It is important to detect and cure it in time.
  • Squares — a person is under the protection of the Higher Forces; nothing will threaten his health in the corresponding period of life
  • Points — due to constant stress and a lot of negative emotions, severe headaches can occur, the body’s weak point is the nervous system
  • Star — is associated with the reproductive system, so there may be problems with conceiving and carrying healthy children. Infertility is not excluded
  • Triangle — nothing will threaten health, a person has very strong immunity
  • Islets — pathological diseases associated with the work of internal organs

Problems can be avoided by eliminating the causes of possible problems. Palmists believe that you need to work primarily with psychosomatic diseases.

That is, to eliminate negative emotions that, accumulating in the subtle body, gradually pass into the physical, causing disease.

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Basic Principles of Palmistry

To solve the value of the lines on the palms is not so easy the first time. It is very important to adhere to the basic principles of palmistry in order not to be mistaken in your prediction:

  1. If you are wondering not to yourself, but to someone else, it is better not to inform the person about the extremely unfavorable stages in his life. For example, you saw his early death — it is better to remain silent so as not to create a negative program in your subconscious
  2. Studying one person, it is also desirable to look at the hands of his relatives. Very often, certain stages in the life of a family are repeated for each of its members.
  3. If you are new to predictions, first check how correctly you conduct the palmistry analysis. Try telling people something about their past, and then ask them to find out if the prediction was correct.
  4. Analyze the lines not only individually, but also try to create a complete whole picture of personality.

Take into account the smallest details — moles, poorly marked dashes, even the skin color and size of the nails affect the predictions. Therefore, try to study the theoretical base well before moving on to practice.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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