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Hand signs — palmistry, interpretation features

The signs on the hand — palmistry, decoding characters

Palmistry is an occult science that explores the fate of a person and his qualities along the lines on his palms. In antiquity, people noticed the interrelation of the fate of a person with the type of structure of the hand, the features of the skin covering it, and drawings on the palms. Signs on the hand of palmistry singled out in a particular area of ​​study, depending on the location of the sign on the hills and lines was determined interpretation.

Consider the characteristics of the main signs on the hand and their meaning.

Hand signs - palmistry, interpretation features

Signs on the palms

Palmistry studies the palm of a person in all aspects. The lines crossing it in all directions and the hills are considered — they are named after the planets of the solar system.

Where are the signs located? They can appear both on the lines and on the hills.

These characters can be both permanent and temporary. Timestamps sometimes appear, disappear and reappear.

One of the mysterious symbols is considered a mystical cross in the center of the palm — it symbolizes a person’s fascination with occult practices and a burden to the unknown.

Hand signs - palmistry, interpretation features

Value of each character

Symbols and signs on a hand may carry different meanings —
positive and negative. Consider the characteristics and meaning of these characters. That they can often be found on the palms of people.

However, there are many more characters, their interpretation can be found in textbooks and manuals on palmistry.

This symbol is interpreted differently, depending on its location — on the line or on the hill. The star on the line is always unfavorable to humans.

This is always a fateful surprise, which can not be foreseen in advance. The star symbolizes the predestination of fate.

  • The mound of Saturn — the star points to the tragic death, thanks to which a man will be glorified.
  • The mound of the moon — all the misfortunes of man are the fruit of his imagination, that is, far-fetched. Sometimes a symbol can warn of untimely death through water — drowning.
  • Knoll of Mars — the star warns of the possibility of violent death at the hands of a tyrant or in an accident.
  • Knoll of Venus — misfortune will cause the person of the opposite sex.
  • The knoll of Apollo — predicts unhappiness from wealth and fame, or wealth will be obtained by dishonest means.
  • The hill of Jupiter — the star in this place has a positive interpretation, since it determines the influence and power over people.
  • Mercury’s Knoll — defines luck and success in commerce, communication and eloquence. However, a person will be tempted to use his qualities for dishonest purposes.

This sign is usually located at the beginning or end of the palm lines. If the symbol is placed on the hill of Jupiter, the person will face public recognition and success. The appearance of a trident on the knoll of Apollo guarantees dizzying success and universal admiration.

If the trident is located on other hills, it determines success in the area indicated by the hillocks.

This symbol is positive if the lines form a regular shape. Distorted form is a bad value. For example, an ugly cross on the marriage line predicts a divorce.

Also, the interpretation of the sign is different when it is located on the hills of the planets.

  • The mound of Jupiter — a clear clear sign of the cross indicates a successful marriage.
  • The mound of Saturn — the symbol takes on a fatal meaning. This could be an accidental death or another fatal event in a person’s life.
  • Hillock of Apollo — the cross symbolizes a stop in development. If a person is engaged in art, the cross has an adverse effect on fate — the lack of inspiration and fantasy.
  • Hillock of Mercury — a cross points to a dishonest person, a crook. The ugly shape of the cross shows the degree of depravity of the individual.
  • Knoll of Venus — the cross predicts a fatal tragic love. However, if the same symbol is located on the tubercle of Jupiter (two crosses), this love will be happy.
  • Knoll of Mars — the cross points to the rowdy and rowdy. If the cross is located on the positive aspect of Mars, this may indicate transferred operations.
  • Hillock of the Moon — a cross denounces a pathological liar.

Hand signs - palmistry, interpretation features

These are diverging and connecting lines, resembling an island on the map. This sign is considered unfavorable and identifies negative events, indicated by lines on the palm. For example, an island on the line of fate may predict adultery, immoral behavior.

The interpretation of the islands has a general meaning of obstacles in life.

  • The line of the heart — the island shows the development of cardiac pathologies or an unfavorable stage in personal life.
  • The life line — a sign of large size shows a decrease in vitality, insurmountable problems.
  • The success line — a small island will show small obstacles on the road of life.
  • The line of the head — the sign determines the insidious plans or mental ailments.

This symbol has a protection value. If a square (rectangle, rhombus) is located on unfavorable lines, it means that a person will be given help from above.

However, the location of the square next to the hillock of Venus or the life line determines the restriction of the will and freedom of choice.

The intersection of the line of Mind, the line of the Heart, the lines of Destiny and the lines of Success form a large rectangle. This combination defines a person with a wide heart and kindness of the heart.

If the shape of the rectangle is distorted, it determines the narcissistic nature, cowardice and indecision.

This sign is considered unfavorable and indicates unexpected blows of fate. If the point is localized on the line of the heart, the person will experience unexpected grief. Points can be light and dark.

Light points define unexpected events that will simply surprise a person. Dark dots always carry tragedy and force majeure situations.

This sign is not common. A circle located on the tubercles of the palm indicates a happy period associated with the value of the tubercle.

However, a circle on the head line carries a negative omen — loss of vision or eyes.


This sign is considered to be very positive, it bears the value of a person’s high mental abilities, a tendency towards exact sciences. However, the wrong arrangement of a sign or a triangle of irregular shape entail an unfavorable meaning.

  • Jupiter Knoll — the sign symbolizes the ability to diplomacy, a developed mind.
  • The mound of Saturn — the sign determines the tendency to the mystical and interest in black magic.
  • The mound of the moon — the tendency to the mystical, comprehension of the mysteries of life.
  • The knoll of Venus is a man prudent in amorous affairs.

This sign symbolizes extremes or obstacles. For example, a sign on Venus’s tubercle shows an obsession with sexual hobbies, perversions, and satiation of sensual pleasures.

The grid on the hill of Jupiter characterizes a person obsessed with delusions of grandeur. In addition to delusions of grandeur, a person is characterized by stupidity, arrogance, gluttony and the desire to be the best.

The lattice on the hill of Saturn determines the pathological loser who drags on a miserable existence.

The sign on the knoll of Apollo defines stupidity, talkativeness, thoughtlessness, and deceit. In the extreme case, this can lead to madness.

A sign on a Mercury tubercle shows a crook, an unclean person. From such people should stay away.

The grid on the knoll of Mars shows brute force and despotism. In another interpretation, the sign can predict a violent death at the hands of a tyrant.

The lattice on the cusp of the moon shows melancholy, a tendency to fall into depression and despondency for every reason. Sometimes the lattice can show a capricious person, prone to manipulation of others.

In the most difficult case, the lattice shows a hysterical person with insane behavior or a fanatic.

Remember that the marks on the hand — not a sentence. Fate can always be changed by rational behavior and work on oneself.

Appeal to spiritual practitioners can in many ways change fate, and the lines on the palms of the hands will acquire different outlines.

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