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Hand reject line — meaning

The line of marriage on the hand: find out the year of the wedding

Palmistry is very popular among the population, because it allows you to learn a lot about a person’s character. Lines and bumps on the hand can tell about health, success, marriage and the number of children. You can also find out about life expectancy and financial status.

Where is the line of marriage on the hand? Consider this topic.

Hand reject line - meaning

Marital line

On which hand to look for the marriage line — on the right or on the left? If earlier palmists considered the left hand in women and the right hand in men, then in modern interpretation the leading hand of a person should be considered.

Right-handers will have right, and left-handers will have left.

For divination by hand on the marriage union, it is necessary to get acquainted with the main lines of fate on the hand. There are several:

The life line tells about the life potential of a person, health, energy. The line of the heart is responsible for emotions and feelings. The line of the head will describe mental abilities, and the line of destiny will tell about the life priorities of the person.

If the line of fate is not visible in the palm of your hand, it means that the person obeys the circumstances and just goes with the flow.

The most important line is the line of relationship, or marriage. It is located on the edge of the palm just below the little finger.

To notice it, you need to bend your fingers. However, this is not exactly the marriage line, as it shows the fateful relationship that can be out of wedlock.

Marriage age

Girls are always wondering how old they will wear a wedding dress? This significant day can also be determined by the lines of the hand.

You need to divide the area under the little finger (from the heart line) into approximately the same division, each of which will correspond to a quarter of a century. Look at the photo:

Hand reject line - meaning

However, the lines speak only about long-term relationships. To learn about marriage, you need to study the hand of your betrothed — there should be a similar line of marriage.

How to explain the difference in the lines of relationships on the right and left hand? For example, on the left hand there are three lines of marriage, and on the right only one.

This means that the girl expects several relationships with young people, but only one will end in marriage.

How to explain the absence of a marriage line during marriage? This shows a marriage of convenience, no more.

If a woman is single, the absence of a marriage line can be a matter of spoilage — the crown of celibacy.

Hand reject line - meaning

Short and long line

The longer the marital line, the longer the marriage. The short line tells about short-term marital relations.

What do the two lines of marriage say? For women, this always means two registrations or long-term relationships with two men.

In men, two lines can be with one marriage, so it has become a tradition.

What will tell the split marital line? Fork at the end of the line talking about the divergence of views, because of which the couple can not get along.

If the fork appears at the very beginning of the marital line, it says that the marriage may not take place at all. Which spouse has a fork at the end of the marriage line?

The one who initiates the breakup.

The triangle on the marital line talks about the use of violence in a marriage, either physical or psychological. If the line is bent up toward the fingers, the relationship will break.

The deviation of the marriage line to the line of the heart will tell about the separation or loss of a loved one. The asterisk speaks of treason.

An island or a rectangle on this line indicates a tense relationship between the spouses. Such a relationship will end in a dirty scandal, right up to the trial of property claims.

However, if the islet appears on the marriage line curved to the line of the heart, this indicates incest or incest. To more accurately predict such an event, it is necessary to analyze the mound of Venus and find confirmation of the perverse behavior of a person.

The wavy line of marriage shows an unstable relationship, filled with mutual claims and discontent with each other. Such a relationship may soon end in divorce.

On the problematic relationship and say the process, descending down from the marital line. They resemble the teeth of a comb.

This shows disappointment in the spouse and unwarranted hope.

Important! Is there a happy relationship?

A happy union is determined by a straight and long marriage line.

Is it possible to see relationships with lovers in a marriage union? They will be indicated by short thin lines running parallel to the marital relationship line. However, not all palmists tend to see in these lines the threat of marriage.

Decoding betrayal is otherwise — a thin wavy line will twist around the marriage line. This is the threat of a break in relations due to the intervention of a third party.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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