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Hand moving line and its main characteristics

Hand moving line: overview of its main characteristics

The palm line in palmistry has a different display in each specific situation, but in general it is a fairly predictable symbol that is easy to confirm in practice. You can learn more about the features of this line from this material.

Distinctive features that the line has to move on hand

If you plan to change your place of residence, or at least you are constantly confronted with plans on this issue, but at the same time feel some confusion — you will come to the aid of palmistry, through which you either confirm your plans or deny them .

Pay attention to the picture below, you can look at the moving line in detail. It is a minor offshoot of the line of Life, located in its lower region.

Then the line of moving moves away a little from the line of Life and begins to strive towards the hill of the Moon.

Hand moving line and its main characteristics

The presence of the crossing line in the palm of your hand is intended to tell that a person born to the light in one place will spend the rest of his life far from his native land, according to his fate, he is told to change his place of residence.

It is also necessary to make a small clarification of the situation — changing the place of residence implies not just changing the apartment or house number, but a more significant change in coordinates, which consists in a substantial long-distance move (this includes full emigration, moving abroad).

Various distinctive signs will tell about moving on a hand, if the Higher Powers intend you to be abroad, then this is undoubtedly manifested on the main lines. For example, one of the symbols of changing one’s location is the presence of gaps on the Destiny line, which are shifted to the side and imply a change of place of residence with work activity.

It should also be noted that there are certain differences between the emigration lines and the moving lines. The first line is more manifest and has a greater length, while the more significant the event takes place and the more distant the move you have to go, the more significant it will be with the palm of your hand.

It is necessary to pay special attention to the lines of travel, located on the mound of the moon. You can learn from them about meaningful trips and movements, how often a person will have to travel in his life and what can make him change his place of residence or motivate him to complete emigration.

As for the true line of emigration, it is often much stronger in appearance than the line of Life. Pay special attention to all the characteristic signs on the hand, as well as to the peculiarities of the Moon Hill and the Life line, in those areas where the crossing line comes from it, to the degree of its manifestation and the presence of cuts.

In general, if you make a description of a moving line, you should definitely mention that it is a positive line and in most situations it says about joyful events, for example, about a happy marriage and is often marked as a line of joy in the palm of your hand — it is responsible for emotions concerning important inner experiences of a person.

Of course, any relocation consists of self-improvement, permanent personality changes, improvement of living conditions. But at the same time, one should not forget about other symbols and signs on the hand, towards which this line begins to rush, because they are able to change the situation greatly.

In most situations, the line responsible for moving to another state is a straight horizontal line, located near the hill of the moon. That is, in its appearance it will be similar to the one located in the figure below.

Hand moving line and its main characteristics

In very frequent cases, the relocation line of such a plan indicates a change in the place of permanent residence or that a person will be forced to travel a lot over his life. This also applies to annual trips to the sea or to the mountains.

Often, the crossing line on the palm is an offshoot located below the Life line, stretching down towards the hill of the Moon. This line is typical for those who make the move to another city or another state.

In addition to the lines of emigration and relocation, there are many other signs that foreshadow relocation. For example, the presence of a mole on the mound of the moon will indicate failure and even danger in traveling.

Therefore, having it, you should be extremely careful.

The presence of any horizontal lines on the hill of the moon tells about sea travel. A similar line in the palm of your hand can talk about long trips to the sea or about long voyages.

In the same case, when in your palm you see a horizontal line, which is responsible for the move and is located on the hill of Mars, it tells about the land wanderings. It is located slightly higher than the hill of the moon on the palm, closer to the central part of the hand.

When at the end of the line of emigration is a square, it will tell about the dangers of traveling.

Really meet and palm, on which the line of travel ends in a cross. Such a sign tells about the failures on the road, as well as about the experiences, unrest and grief.

It turns out that in general the line of emigration is a horizontal line or it can be located at the bottom and at the top of the arm. If you see a similar line on your hand and you have plans to move abroad, you will need only a little effort and fate will assist you in changing your place of residence and it is likely that your life will also change in the best direction. .

Does all the trips tell palm?

Palmistry does not give a 100% guarantee that by hand you can know absolutely about all movements of a person. Here emotions play a very big role.

For example, a person can travel throughout his life, but at the same time there will be no corresponding marks on his palm just because all the trips left him indifferent, did not cause any emotions.

Hand moving line and its main characteristics

For example, sailors mediocre perceive the movement from one state to another, as they are already accustomed to this and for them the journey turned into a routine. In this situation, either they will not have these lines on their hands at all, or they will be, but very weak.

And the opposite is also possible: a person cannot go abroad due to lack of financial resources, due to family circumstances or due to poor health. Therefore, he remains in place, but his thoughts are constantly spinning in his head, as it would be great if the situation had changed.

And the palm captures this game of imagination.

And sometimes the lines of such a plan are called lines of restlessness, as people with a large number of similar features are constantly trying to run away somewhere, they hate routine and need to constantly change the situation.

Absolutely any travel lines will tell you about various important movements. But sometimes it happens that a person too emotionally perceives a hunt or a hike in the forest for mushrooms, in which case it will also be reflected on the hand.

And the greater the degree of importance of the journey, the greater the line of travel we can observe.

The hand will also be able to approximately tell about the planned time of the trip or about traveling from the past. In this case, the countdown occurs from the bottom of the hand in the direction upward, but the palmists cannot tell about the exact date.

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