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Halloween fortune telling October 31

Halloween fortune telling October 31

On Halloween, on the night before the day of all saints by Catholics, it is customary to guess. On this night, wondering mostly on love. There are many ways of divination on Halloween.

And this is not so much fortune telling, how much fun for everyone gathered to celebrate Halloween on October 31. If you want to have a good time on this holiday and still know your destiny, then do not miss this opportunity, which falls only once a year!

Divination on the cabbage

This fortunetelling on the groom. After sunset, the girls cleaned up the neighbor’s garden and randomly pulled heads out. This head was taken home and viewed it already in the light.

On the outside I see a cabbage head determined the appearance and character of the future groom.

  • The little head had promised a short, thin husband.
  • Heading with curled leaves predicted curly groom.
  • Magnificent heading — the husband will be beautiful.

After the girls paid attention to the stalk. She was judged on the wealth of her future spouse. The more land stuck to the stalk, the richer the groom will be.

The very last stage of this Halloween divination is the determination of the character of the future husband. For this it was necessary to taste the stalk. If it is bitter, then the husband will be jealous and cruel, if sweet, then the character of the spouse will be docile and gentle.

Halloween fortune telling on a saucer

This divination was carried out in a large group of girls. Plates of water were placed on the table. One was left empty, the second was with pure water, the third was stained with paints or inks.

The girl was blindfolded and led to the table on which the saucers stood. She had to pick one dish and dip her hand in it. What saucer she chooses, and revealed the secret of her future.

  • If you come across a saucer with clean water, it means that the girl will soon marry a good man.
  • If the saucer was with colored water, then the widower or the man who was already married will become the divining husband.
  • Empty saucer meant that the wedding until the girl will not be, at least in the next two years.

Halloween fortune telling over stones

This is fortune telling. It was held in a large company. In the evening, people kindled a fire, found stones on the ground, memorized each of their stones and put them around the fire.

It was important not only to remember your stone, but also not to forget in what position it lies. In the morning everyone came to look at their stones by the burned fire.

  • If someone’s pebble moved, it meant that the person would soon leave his home.
  • If the stone did not turn out to be in place and nearby — this meant illness and even death.
  • If the stone was in the center of the fire — it meant good luck and wealth.

Halloween fortune telling is more interesting to spend in a large company of loved ones, since fortune telling is an integral part of the celebration of Halloween on October 31. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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