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Gypsy fortune-telling on the playing card: the value of suits in the layouts

Gypsy guessing on playing cards: how to know the future

Gypsy fortune telling on playing cards helps to know the future and reveal the secrets of the past. With simple layouts, you can get answers to any questions.

It is important to believe that the cards will tell the truth, and then the prediction will come true.

Gypsy Traditions

The image of a gypsy with a deck of cards in her hands is always associated with something magical. No one doubts that gypsy magic is effective and really helps to get answers to exciting questions.

Traditions of divination were passed down from generation to generation and were kept secret for a long time. But now anyone can make a gypsy balance, read it correctly and predict the future.

Gypsy fortune-telling on the playing card: the value of suits in the layouts

The prophecies of playing cards always come true, but on the condition that you really believe in them. Cards do not tolerate doubt — so get ready to plunge into their magic completely, without skepticism and uncertainty.

The value of suits in gypsy hands

For fortune telling you need to buy playing cards. The deck must have 36 cards, 9 in each suit.

It is very important that you use the deck only for fortune telling, do not transfer it to third parties and do not play it.

Some initiates believe that special Gypsy cards should be used, painted in black and red colors, because they carry a special, magical energy. But in fact it is not so important.

Gypsy fortune-telling on the playing card: the value of suits in the layouts

The short meaning of cards in gypsy fortune telling is the following:

  • Cross (club cards) will point to events occurring in the business sphere of life. That’s all about career and work, relationships with business partners.
  • Tambourines — the personification of society, the environment. These are all people with whom you interact in everyday life. But not close — relatives, beloved
  • Hearts cards — a reflection of your heart affairs. This is a relationship in the family, and with the opposite sex in general
  • Peaks reflect the social picture and its impact on your life as a whole.

We will understand how to guess on playing cards in Gypsy is correct.

Rules of gypsy fortune telling

There are some features and nuances that are important to know if you want the cards to tell the truth:

  1. Formulate a specific question that worries you most in life. You must clearly understand what you need to know. Think about it during the whole fortune-telling and in the process of shuffling cards
  2. Shuffle the deck should be a certain way: first, mix the cards well with each other, then with your left hand move about half to yourself, and shuffle again. After that, you can proceed to the layout
  3. The important point is that the cards must be “paid” at the end of fortune-telling. You can donate to charity or give alms to the poor. It doesn’t matter where the money goes, but you need to give it to the needy.

Traditional gypsy alignment

After you have studied all the rules of gypsy divination, you can begin to practice.

Gypsy fortune-telling on the playing card: the value of suits in the layouts

Proceed as follows:

  • Focus on your questions, shuffle the deck and get seven cards out of it
  • Place the cards on the table: on the right — three, on the left — three. Get six cards in the same row. Put another card above them.
  • The cards on the right will tell about the present, on the left — about the future, and a separate map — the answer to your question, the final result of the exciting situation.

This alignment can be done every day to predict the events of tomorrow.

There is a very simple fortune telling, which helps to find out whether a wish will come true, the fulfillment of which is planned for today. Formulate a question, shuffle the deck, randomly take out any card and look at its suit:

  1. Peaks are a symbol of frustration. The card says that your desire is unrealizable. But perhaps this is for the better — most likely, you have set the wrong goal
  2. Trefs leave a small chance of fulfillment of desire, but it is small
  3. Tambourines is a good sign. There are all possibilities for your desire to be fulfilled, but the outcome of the case will depend only on you. At least a little effort is required.
  4. Hearts speak of one hundred percent fulfillment of desire. Fate itself will send many chances — do not miss them

Watch a video tutorial about fortune telling on playing cards:

Interpretation of cards

To understand the value of the hand, you need to know the decoding of each map.

  • Ace is a symbol of home and home. These are events that directly affect your family.
  • The king is a mature married man or divorced
  • A lady is a woman of middle age, someone’s wife or mistress
  • Jack — does not have a specific value, you need to look at the cards in the environment
  • Ten — desires, dreams. plans, goals
  • Nine — mutual love
  • Eight — an important conversation will take place, the result of which will satisfy you
  • Seven — news, meetings, things that can not be postponed
  • Six — exciting adventure, eventful travel
  • Ace — you have to gain strength and solve some significant problem for you
  • The king is an adult man: teacher, mentor, father, boss, leader
  • The lady is a woman with power
  • Jack — pleasant but tedious chores
  • Ten — money or gifts that have arisen unexpectedly
  • Nine — sincere, deep romantic feelings
  • Eight — career affairs
  • Seven — a romantic date
  • Six — business meeting
  • Ace — an event that will affect the whole life in general
  • The king is a young man, single
  • Lady — a young girl, friend or colleague
  • Jack — troubles and obstacles to the goal
  • Ten — plans that do not come true
  • Nine — a tumultuous romance that will end quickly
  • Eight — useless time
  • Seven — a tedious conversation that will disappoint
  • Six — a short journey
  • Ace — defects and dependencies
  • King — a new acquaintance with an attractive man
  • The lady is a jealous woman
  • Jack — action without result
  • Ten — empty dreams and vain hopes
  • Nine — health problems and relationships
  • Eight — guests visit, holiday or solemn event
  • Seven — a sad event that will upset you extremely
  • Six — a long and tedious road

Pay attention not only to the value of a particular card, but also to what surrounds it. Then you can make the most accurate interpretation.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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