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Gypsy fortune-telling on the king — on the feelings of a young man

Gypsy fortune-telling on the king — how is your favorite?

All the ladies are eager to find out about the feelings of a young man who is sympathetic to them. In the course often go divination, allowing you to find out the information you need indirectly, without surrendering themselves at the same time «red-handed.»

Gypsy fortune telling of the king is a very interesting and not complicated method that will help you to know the feelings of the person you are interested in.

Gypsy fortune-telling on the king - on the feelings of a young man

How to perform a gypsy alignment on the king

Prepare a deck of thirty-six cards. From it, the king or queen is chosen (depending on whom they are guessing).

The remaining cards are shuffled and laid out according to the following scheme:

  • In the central part of the table they put a rub (lady or king) on ​​which they guess;
  • Then 4 rows should be laid out 4 cards. This is a total of 17 cards (the portrait is also taken into account).
  • Cards 2 to 17 tell about the near future.
  • Map at the top (is 18 in a row) will tell about the circumstances or people who will have an impact on the near future.
  • Maps 19 to 34 shed light on the events of the distant future.
  • A 35 and 36 — located at the bottom. 35 tells about the circumstances or the person who spoke the cause of your past misfortunes.
  • A 36 talks about people who will soon disappear from your life.

What do the cards mean in gypsy fortune telling


  • Aces — family relationships, joyful experiences.
  • Kings — a young man who is married.
  • Ladies — Indicate a married woman.
  • Jacks — joyful events, pleasant chores.
  • 8 if combined with: the king of diamonds — for a romantic date; a dame of hearts — your lover will be faithful to you; 10 clubs — you will win the triumph in love; the ace of diamonds — the love story.
  • Peak nine — to trouble in the love sphere.
  • Eight — heart-to-heart talk with a congenial person.
  • Seven — love meeting in a secluded setting.
  • Six — short love relationships that will bring true pleasure.
    Gypsy fortune-telling on the king - on the feelings of a young man

Peak maps:

  • Aces — to serious trouble, death, blows of fate.
  • Kings — promise a solid young man who can be trusted.
  • Lady — a woman of the age who likes to organize squabbles, feeds on another’s energy.
  • Jack — to unpleasant worries, serious troubles.
  • Ten — On the way to achieving the goal will face serious obstacles.
  • Nine — to unpleasant events, various pathologies.
  • Eight — its appearance in the card scenario promises a short quarrel, resentment.
  • Seven — beware, you can become a victim of fraud and deception from others.
  • Six — a long road filled with obstacles and disappointments.

This video provides information about authentic gypsy divination


  • Ace — direct position promises to receive material benefits, and inverted — important documents. You can determine the straight from the inverted position by the presence of print elements.
  • King — The card indicates a young man who is not in a relationship at a given time.
  • Lady — unmarried young girl.
  • Jack — You will have to face the collapse of hope.
  • Ten — The card indicates a pleasant interest in material goods.
  • Nine — Fate is preparing you a gift in the form of a significant amount of money.
  • Eight if combined with: Hearts Nine– fun events, interesting trip; club jack — give up the fuss, you can not instantly gain material wealth; tambourine ten — material wealth will arrive unexpectedly in a large volume;
  • Peak nine — to monetary losses.
  • Seven — the signing of the contract on material profits. If combined with: the peak lady — to large losses, the club top ten — the flow of business proposals, the jack of diamonds — money matters, the seven of hearts — money will be lost due to the rakish lifestyle.
  • Six — The map indicates a close trip.

Gypsy fortune-telling on the king - on the feelings of a young man


  • Ace — you will have to deal with important matters in a government house.
  • King — A representative of the stronger sex in years, is a potential bridegroom.
  • Lady — A middle-aged woman who is divorced or widowed.
  • Jack — You can get not true information of a negative nature.
  • Ten — business interests, it is necessary to show enterprise. If combined with: the top ten — you will become bankrupt because of your interest, a heart-shaped nine — mutual love relationships, a club six — beware of deception, a diamond seven — increase your fortune.
  • Nine foreshadows a stable job that will bring success. If combined with: peak jack — annoying people will leave your surroundings, diamonds ten — all your achievements will result in losses, the seven of hearts — a pleasant trip, club jack — get ready for pleasant troubles.
  • Eight — to sorrow, grief. If combined with: the ace of hearts — difficulties in the love sphere, the tenth of diamonds — to wealth, the birth of a child, the peak nine — a serious pathology due to injury, the club king — will find solace in the arms of a friend.
  • Seven — business visit to the state house. If combined with: peak jack — to financial losses, club eight — a loved one will change you, diamonds nine — long work will be awarded financially, six worms — life will soon change for the better.
  • Six — You have been dreaming about something for a very long time, hoping and waiting. If combined with: the seven of hearts — you will have fun surrounded by good people, a club lady — it will take time to fulfill your hopes, a diamonds ace is a meaningless journey, a high jack — a person you don’t know well will humiliate you.

Fallen cards will shed light on future events and help you navigate a difficult life situation. Ask for help to fortune telling only when there is an urgent need for this, and not out of idle curiosity.

Concentrate as much as possible on the situation you are asking about and you will get the right answers to your questions.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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