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Gypsy fortune-telling on playing cards — an alignment on fate and kings

Gypsy fortune telling on playing cards is rooted in the deep past. There are many different layouts, but they are all considered reliable if you follow all the rules. First, you need to remember that fortune-telling cards do not like haste.

Therefore, the ceremony should be carried out in a relaxed atmosphere, slowly. In addition, according to professional fortune-tellers who use gypsy fortune-telling on playing cards, you need to tune in to a special perception of the information provided, in other words, “go into trance”.

To do this, you need to practice as often as possible, which will strengthen the connection with the cards.

It is important to remember that it is not recommended to guess at yourself very often. There is a belief that it is possible to «miscalculate your destiny and push away luck.»

Therefore, it is better to provide such a service to your friends and relatives. If you are going to tell another person, his presence is not necessary, you can use his photo.

Gypsy fortune-telling on playing cards - an alignment on fate and kings

If you really want to know your fate, then you can use the old Gypsy fortune-telling «Thirty-two cards.» It will allow you to look into the future and warn you about the dangers, as well as identify major milestones on the path to your goals.

For this fortune telling it is necessary to use a standard deck consisting of thirty six cards. It is desirable that it be new already «tamed», that is, divination has already been carried out on it. All sixes are preliminarily thrown out of it, as a result, a deck is obtained, in which thirty-two cards remain.

This is the gypsy deck of playing cards used by gypsy fortune-tellers in ancient times.

As in any other fortune-telling, you must first choose a card that will symbolize the person on whom the fortune-telling is performed.

In gypsy fortune telling, it is not age that is taken into account, but particularities of the person’s appearance, as

  • The peak lady is suitable for a brunette, and the peak jack characterizes a brunette.
  • For the owner of dark blond hair is suitable for a lady of clubs, for a man with dark blond hair — a club of clubs.
  • For the owner of light blond hair, a lady tambourine is suitable; for a man with light brown hair, a jack is a tambourine.
  • For the blonde, the queen of hearts is chosen, and the blonde is the jack of hearts.

After selecting the main card, which will denote the person on whom the divination is carried out, is again placed in the deck.

Gypsy fortune-telling on playing cards - an alignment on fate and kings

Guessing on the cards, the gypsy alignment which provides for, is necessarily carried out in the presence of the person on whom they are guessing. This is a prerequisite in order to receive accurate information.

At the beginning of the deck should be well shuffled. Then you need to ask the person on whom the divination is carried out to move the cards from the deck and then put it on the table in the form of two piles. And you need to shift the cards in such a way that one of the stacks turned out to be much larger.

Further, the procedure for moving the cards is repeated, but it is carried out only with a larger stack of cards. Such actions are repeated until you have four piles of cards in front of you.

Then the cards are again collected in one pack in a certain sequence. Initially, the first stack is placed on the second, the formed deck is placed on the third, and then all the cards are put on the fourth pile.

As a result of such actions, a deck of cards is formed, which corresponds to the fate of the person on whom the divination is carried out.

A deck ready for fortune telling should be taken in the left hand, and with the right hand cards should be taken on top of the deck alternately and arranged in rows of eight shirts down without disrupting the order of the deck cards. You need to start deciphering divination from the main card denoting the person on whom the divination is being conducted.

All the cards that are located next to it, are crucial, determining in human life. The further a certain card is from a person, the less it can affect fate.

Cards that are far from the main card can not decipher, as their impact on the fate of a person is minimal.

Gypsy fortune-telling on playing cards - an alignment on fate and kings

Especially popular among women enjoys divination by kings. It is noteworthy that in this way you can find out the feelings of four men in relation to themselves.

For this fortune-telling, a standard playing card deck consisting of 36 cards is used. First, four kings are chosen from the deck.

Each card must be alternately taken into the hands and guessing on it a particular person. It is desirable that his appearance coincides with the selected card.

After that, the kings should be mixed and lay out in front of them shirts up.

Then the packs of cards without kings need to be shuffled and begin to lay out cards under the kings in horizontal rows of four cards, face down. If an ace falls in a hand, then it must be placed on the king, under which he fell, and then continue to play.

If there are 6 drops in the deck, then it must also be put on the king, but only if he is already covered with an ace. Similar actions are carried out with sevens, eights, etc.

After finishing the hand, with the exception of those that lie on the kings, they are again collected into a deck. The described manipulations are repeated four times.

The breakdown is deciphered as follows:

  • The king on whom the most cards were collected as a result of the hand is the most suitable candidate for you.
  • Relationships are possible with those kings on whom less cards have gathered, but, most likely, they have no future.
  • If the king failed to collect a single card, then he is absolutely not interested in you and it is hardly worth wasting time trying to draw his attention to him.

Any gypsy fortune telling is simple, but it is very important to strictly follow the sequence of actions with the cards. Any inaccuracy in the scenario will lead to the fact that not reliable information will be obtained.

It is important to conduct a fortunetelling rite in absolute silence, focusing on the question of interest to you.

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