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Gypsy fortune telling on love cards

Gypsy fortune telling on love cards

Love relationships occupy an important place in the lives of most people. Learn how to quickly and easily answer your questions with the help of gypsy divination for love. See the simplest layouts.

Gypsy love divination, developed in ancient times, have remained unchanged for centuries. They make it possible to clarify the situation if a person needs to find out how the object of his passion relates to him and what kind of future such relationship expects.

Guessing on the relations on the Gypsy cards

Gypsy cards are the most famous and popular deck of 36 cards, which depicts encrypted characters. According to legend, they were invented by the wise Gypsies in order to be able to predict the future.

In order to tell fortunes to love, you must first prepare a place. According to the tradition, it is better to make the alignment on a large scarf, and if it is not there, then it is possible to use a flap of any fabric. Thus, the fortuneteller shows respect for the oracle and asks to discover the truth.

Now you need to get rid of extraneous thoughts and specifically formulate your question. Begin to shuffle the deck with concentration, thinking about your loved one. Before you start the alignment, lift up with your left hand.

Pull out three cards in turn. The first will tell you about what the object of passion thinks of you. The second will tell you how the relationship will develop.

The third will determine their outcome and indicate an obstacle to a happy outcome, if there is one. The meaning of each gypsy card can be seen in the interpreter. Do not forget that in this situation the principle is valid — the first answers will be the most truthful.

Gypsy fortune telling 10 cards

You can make love with the help of a known hand of ten cards. At the same time, one should guess not at oneself, but at the object of your passion, in order to get a more detailed idea about it and draw conclusions about the prospects of personal happiness.

First, a card is chosen from the deck, indicating a particular person. It is the center of the hand. Then comes the so-called fortune, which will tell you that it really worries a person and lies in his heart.

It is taken out at random from the shuffled deck and placed down. Between them lay out three rows of three cards.

The top row is responsible for the past of the person who is doing gypsy fortune telling, the middle row is for the present and the bottom row is for the future. In order to properly understand what he saw, you need a special interpreter. It has the meaning of each character depending on its environment.

For example, Ace, Nine and Seven can change the meaning depending on the position of the central icon. If the tip looks up, it means advancement and growth. Down — the close outcome of a particular situation, as well as spending.

Hearts are responsible for personal relationships. They will tell you whether happiness is expected on the love front. Diamonds symbolize luck and good luck.

Trefs predict work and litigation, and Peaks mean the possibility of conflict. When you get a more or less clear picture of what is happening in the life of your chosen one, it will become obvious whether he is in love now or is concerned about completely different problems.

The duration of such predictions in most cases covers the time period from one month to three. Then it is better to guess again. May luck and love be with you in everything and do not forget to press buttons and

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