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Gypsy fortune-telling on 10 cards tells about future events

Find out the upcoming events will help gypsy divination on 10 cards

Who among us does not want to know their future? For this purpose, a huge number of different methods are used, of which card divinations are separately distinguished.

Guessing the Gypsy 10 cards is an old-fashioned method by which you will get answers to the questions that are disturbing your soul, and also find out whether your plan will come true or not.

Gypsy fortune-telling on 10 cards tells about future events

What features has divination

The main feature of this card layout — first lay out a card-fortune, which tells that at the moment the heart of the questioner. Thanks to its decoding, you can learn about his (or his) true desires, aspirations and dreams.

Please note that experienced fortune-tellers advise to resort to this fortune-telling only during the daytime. Otherwise, you can face certain negative consequences and worsen your fate.

The most favorable time for divination is from 7 in the evening to 11 in the morning.

Also, another interesting point — refuse to perform gypsy divination in rainy weather — the risk of getting false information.

If you received an unsatisfactory answer — do not repeat the alignment, the cards will not answer your question correctly. And if you constantly “jerk” them over trifles — they will “get angry” and stop cooperating with you.

Gypsy fortune-telling on 10 cards tells about future events

How is the alignment of ten cards performed, its decryption

You will need to go to a separate room, prepare a card deck and shuffle it well. Then cards are taken from the top of the deck, they are laid out in three rows, so that each consists of three cards.

Deciphering divination occurs in rows:

  • Top row — indicates past events that have happened in your life;
  • Medium — indicates the present and the near future;
  • The bottom row will tell you how the situation will develop in the distant future.

When you have distributed the cards in rows, remove one card from the bottom of the deck and set it aside. She tells about your innermost dreams and fantasies.

In the following video we offer a detailed video description of this gypsy fortune telling on ten cards.

Deciphering the cards by row will be as follows:

  • The first — tells about the relatives of the questioner;
  • Medium — tells about relationships with loved ones;
  • The latter describes relationships with friends and acquaintances, as well as their influence on your life.

To make it easier for you to correctly interpret the card alignment, use the following decoding of the value of the cards.

Aces: hearts — promise to receive love news, diamonds — letters, clubs — will gossip about you, spikes — learn something unpleasant.

Kings: hearts — someone passionately desires you, diamonds — point to a groom or a man who is unrequited in love with you, clubs — you have a faithful friend, peak ones are an enemy.

Ladies: hearts — the bride, diamonds — point to the frivolous woman, the clubs — the married lady, the peak ones — the girl who loves to breed gossip.

Jacks: hearts — wait for guests, diamonds — face financial worries, clubs — you will succeed in any business, peak ones — expect serious domestic troubles.

Tens: hearts — receiving love news, diamonds — a gift, clubs — promise material success, peak — diseases.

Nines: hearts — you admit to your feelings, diamonds — to achieve the goal, you will have to cope with obstacles, clubs — a small amount of money, peak — you will part with a close friend.

Eights: hearts — pleasure, diamonds — anger, clubs — you will be deceived, peak ones — will face treason.

Sevens: hearts — you will have fun, diamonds — your lover is not faithful to you, clubs — news from the government house, peak — the appearance of conflict situations.

Sixes: hearts — go on an exciting trip, diamonds — adventures await you, clubs — a meaningless journey, peak ones — promise an unsuccessful trip.

In addition, you need to pay attention to a combination of different cards:

  • The lady with the king is the hidden bride;
  • The king below the ladies is your lover;
  • The lady who fell out among the dozens — you will soon confess your love;
  • Eight near the ladies — you are embroiled in intrigue;
  • Ace of spades is located not far from the seven — a close person is seriously ill;
  • The king is in the middle of a dozen and ace — your career will go up;
  • Ace of spades not far from tambourine — promises the emergence of quarrels and conflict situations;
  • A lady and a dozen not far from the king of a similar suit is a mutual feeling;
  • The king and a dozen not far from the ladies of the same suit promise you mutual love.

Gypsy fortune-telling on 10 cards tells about future events

Noteworthy is the loss of four cards with the same dignity:

  • Aces — their appearance promises speedy fulfillment of your desire;
  • Kings — you will have to visit a crowded place;
  • Ladies — tell about unpleasant conversations and gossip;
  • Jacks — they will foresee the appearance of significant household troubles;
  • Dozens of — you will soon get married (or marry);
  • Nines — get ready for serious changes in life;
  • Sevens with eights — foreshadow unpleasant events;
  • Sixes — will indicate long or close travel.

In order for fortune-telling on 10 cards to be successful, and you receive answers to all your questions, it is important to sincerely believe in the effectiveness of this method, without doubting the power of the cards for a minute. Also, never disturb cards for fun — they will not forgive you for such a frivolous attitude and may punish the appearance of various problems in life.

And, of course, you need to concentrate on your questions as much as possible — the more you spend your energy on them, the more accurate answers you can get by the end.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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