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Gypsy fortune telling for love, money and fate

Gypsy fortune telling for love, money and fate

Most of us associate Gypsies with freedom, fun songs and, of course, fortune telling. Predict the future in the gypsy camp, usually women. Real gypsies are able to determine the fate of a person only at a glance at his line of the hand. A special place in the gypsy magic is divination from the Tarot.

Other gypsy fortune telling does not require certain skills and abilities, so any of us can use them. There is a statement that gypsy fortune telling is the most truthful and accurate. But I also want to add the fact that they are very unusual and interesting.

Divination with a knife — This is one of the most ancient ways of divination by the Roma. It is best used in the last days of the outgoing year or at the beginning of the coming year. This is a fortune telling, which may be fulfilled in the coming year. If you suddenly decided to tell fortunes in the middle of the year, then do not worry.

The prediction time frame will simply be reduced. So, take thirteen paper strips and write desires on each one. Be careful to write only what you really want. This divination has a very large percentage of prediction accuracy, so you must be completely sure that all desires written on strips of paper are really what you need.

After all wishes have been written, place all the strips in a circle, take a sharp knife with a wooden handle and place it in the center of the resulting circle. Focus on making your wish come true in the near future and unwind the knife. He will show that desire, which is destined to come true in the near future.

The same fortune telling can be used to find out the name of your future elect. It is also good to use on New Year’s Eve, but not necessarily. Instead of desires, you should write 12 names on sheets of paper, 13 stripes should be left blank. We also unscrew the knives and look at what name the knife blade indicated.

A person with this name will be interested in you in the near future.

With the help of fortune telling on stones You can find the answer to any question. To predict you need to find two small pebbles, preferably of the same size. Only in color they should be well distinguished: one stone should be light, the other dark. Formulate your question in your thoughts.

It must be set so that it can be answered with either «yes» or «no.» Take the stones into the left fist and throw them in front of you. If the white stone fell closer to you, then the answer will be positive, but if the black fell closer — the answer is negative.

If both stones are on the same level, then the question is either incorrectly asked, try to reformulate it.

Guessing on needles — Another way to know your future in the opinion of the Roma. In order to know your fate, you need to take 21 needles and a plate. Make a wish.

Place all the needles in a plate, then slowly fill them with clean water and watch what happens. If all the needles formed crosses — the desire to come true was not destined. If the needles are in the ranks and you do not see a single cross — the wish will come true.

If you see crosses, as well as just needles that stand in a row, then the desire is likely to come true, only you will have to really try for it.

Gypsy fortune telling, like all others, requires a good concentration on his desire. With the right mood and concentration, you can get an answer to any question that concerns you. To create the appropriate atmosphere, you can use aromatic lamps or sticks. For magical rituals and divination are suitable aromas of sandalwood, lavender and juniper.

If you want to learn about other gypsy divinations and gypsy magic, then leave your wishes in the comments.

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