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Gypsy divination on 10 cards will reveal the secrets of the past and the future

Guessing gypsy on 10 cards — a very famous and easy way of fortune telling. He came from antiquity and with it you can learn about the past, present and future.

For fortune telling, a regular deck of 36 cards is used.

Gypsy divination on 10 cards will reveal the secrets of the past and the future

Guessing gypsy «10 cards» is considered very reliable. But for this you need to use a deck that was not previously used for the game. Some professional fortune tellers claim that it is better to use a special deck of black and red Gypsy cards painted in the traditional colors of the nomadic people.

It is believed that such a deck carries a special energy, which means it provides reliable information during fortune telling.

The main rule of successful divination is the sincere desire of a person to get a correct prediction. Conduct divination should be in a secluded place.

It is very important to shuffle the cards well, this will allow you to establish an energy connection with them. Remove cards with your left hand towards yourself.

Guessing on gypsy cards for free begins with the fact that one card is randomly removed from the deck. It is called a fortune card and indicates that it is in the heart of a person. This card is laid out below the alignment.

Then over it laid out three rows of three cards. In this case, the top row tells about the past of the person, the middle row symbolizes the present, and the bottom row predicts the future.

It is important to treat each card separately, and then pay attention in general to a combination of cards.

Peaks in this alignment point to existing problems and obstacles to happiness. In addition, the card focuses on the internal anxieties of a person that interfere with him.

The basic values ​​of the rush suit cards are as follows:

  • Ace foreshadows serious trouble. Sometimes the map is a precursor of a serious blow or death of a person in the immediate environment. In conjunction with the Queen of Spades, the ace predicts separation, litigation, and imprisonment. With the Nine of Worms, the card foreshadows a profit, and with the Six of Worms predicts a happy time.
  • The king symbolizes the official person. With the peak nine, this card is a harbinger of a serious illness, and with the seven of clubs, the club predicts an unsuccessful meeting. When a king with a lady of worms appears, you should expect the end of the black stripe.
  • The lady symbolizes the insidious and cunning woman. With the Nine of Worms, the card predicts the occurrence of obstacles in love, with the peak seven, the lady warns of the threat.
  • Valet foreshadows receiving unpleasant news. With a jack of clubs, this card predicts useless hassle.
  • A dozen is a harbinger of a difficult life period, which will be filled with hard work.
  • Nine predicts a period filled with troubles and diseases.
  • Eight symbolizes scandals, frustration and resentment.
  • Seven warns that you will face deception or theft.
  • The six emphasizes that life will be filled with disappointments.

Gypsy divination on 10 cards will reveal the secrets of the past and the future

Treff cards in the scenario tell about the business area of ​​the person on whom the divination is carried out.

They denote the following:

  • The ace symbolizes a government house and warns of serious cases that will require urgent solutions. Next to the club king, the card gives you hope that you will receive timely assistance. With the ace of hearts, the card draws attention to the fact that assistance will be provided by an official. With a diamond nine, an ace predicts a big profit.
  • The king symbolizes a middle-aged man. With the nine of clubs, the map predicts great joy, and with the seven of worms foreshadows well-being and luck.
  • The lady symbolizes a middle-aged woman. With a peak ace, the card predicts the occurrence of interference in the work that will interfere with career advancement.
  • The jack symbolizes the flow of news, and its character can be judged by the neighboring cards.
  • Ten symbolizes enterprise and business interest.
  • Nine predicts the onset of a successful period in the work.
  • The eight is a harbinger of tears and sorrow.
  • Seven portends a meeting in the state house.
  • Six symbolizes the hopes and dreams of a person, sometimes indicates a romantic trip.

Cards of the diamonds suit describe the state of a person’s soul.

Their basic values ​​are as follows:

  • The ace symbolizes cash or important papers, but can be a harbinger of exciting news.
  • The king symbolizes a young free man.
  • The lady symbolizes a young unmarried girl, sometimes emphasizes that a rival has appeared in life.
  • Valet foreshadows deceived hopes and spiritual experiences.
  • A dozen focuses on monetary interest, besides the card can be predicted. That all plans will come true, if in the scenario, other cards will be positive.
  • Nine foreshadows a large amount of money.
  • Eight indicates that a pleasant conversation or meeting will take place in the near future.
  • Seven predicts successful cash transactions and the conclusion of lucrative contracts.
  • Six is ​​a precursor to a short road.

Gypsy divination on 10 cards will reveal the secrets of the past and the future

Cards of the heart suit talk about the spiritual sphere of man.

They describe the relationship of people and can be interpreted as follows:

  • Ace is a symbol of home and a harbinger of a happy and prosperous life.
  • The king symbolizes a married young man.
  • The lady symbolizes a married young woman.
  • Valet foreshadows pleasant and joyful efforts.
  • Ten speaks about a certain interest or surprise, in addition, it indicates that the innermost desire will come true.
  • Nine symbolizes mutual feelings.
  • The eight signifies that a heartfelt, very heartfelt conversation with a close person will take place soon.
  • Seven points to a romantic date.
  • Six symbolizes short-term love interest.

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