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Gypsy divination for love

At all times, gypsy divination for love was especially popular. It was believed that with its help you can get the most reliable information about the relationship between two people.

Gypsy divination for love

There are many varieties of rituals that help divine love. For example, in order to obtain information about the relationship of two people, you need to throw the beans and divination by their location. Often, needles or knives are used as attributes for divination.

But, of course, the most famous rite is the gypsy divination for love using cards.

Gypsy fortune telling on maps is an integral part of the ancient Gypsy culture. It allows you to most accurately reveal the secrets of fate and provides detailed information about the relationship.

It is noteworthy that there are card layouts that are simple and allow you to tell fortunes by yourself at home.

The most accurate rite involves the use of a deck of 36 cards. Before the start of the ceremony, you need to choose the card of the king or the lady who will symbolize the person to whom the divination is being held.

This should be done based on the appearance of the person.

Next, the deck must be carefully shuffled and decomposed cards as follows:

  • The previously chosen lady or king is placed in the center — this card symbolizes the person to whom the fortune-telling is performed;
  • On the top of the selected card 4 cards in 4 rows are laid out, they decipher the events of the near future;
  • One card is laid out on top of the hand, it describes the circumstances that will have a strong impact on the person;
  • From the bottom of the selected card is laid out again, 4 cards in 4 rows, they decipher the events of the distant future;
  • The last two cards are laid out at the very bottom, they denote events that have become the main cause of trouble in the past, but at the present moment they have disappeared forever.

Maps must be laid out from left to right, face up. When deciphering a particular card, it is important to consider the values ​​of the adjacent cards.

Decryption of cards and their combinations can be found in the article The value of cards for divination. But just remember that in doing divination, you must necessarily listen to your own intuition.

Gypsy divination for love

Gypsy divination, which involves the use of 10 cards, is considered simpler. For fortune telling, you need to take a new deck in your hands and sit with her for a few minutes.

Then you need to carefully shuffle all the cards, and in the process you should think about your loved one.

Then you should remove from the deck one card at a time and lay them out in three rows of three cards.

In the process, it is necessary to pronounce the following words:

The first row denotes the events that took place in the past of the person being divined. In this series, a combination of cards indicates the cause of the problems and the people who contributed to their occurrence.

The second row tells about the events of the nearest future person. After analyzing them, you can clarify the situation for yourself and understand which events in the present will greatly influence your future.

The third row symbolizes your distant future. But so that you do not see there, you should take any information very calmly. You need to understand that the chain of future events is entirely dependent on your actions and decisions in the present, so the distant future can always change.

That is, gypsy fortune telling reflects the future that you are currently tuned to.

Gypsy divination for love

Also, when decoding the alignment, consider that:

  • The right card in the top row symbolizes the circle of communication of the person on whom the fortune-telling is performed;
  • The top left card in the top row is associated with a person’s relatives and indicates their relationship to his plans and, in general, to his way of life.

Of particular importance should be given to the suits of cards that fell in the scenario:

  • Worms are a confirmation of the fact that in the love sphere you have everything going very well, you love and you are fully reciprocated.
  • Tambourines, being a symbol of wealth, in this fortune-telling denote the successful development of love relationships in the future. Chances are that you and your chosen one will create a strong family.
  • Trefs symbolize hard work, and when interpreting gypsy divination for love, they promise serious problems in the love sphere.
  • Peaks are always associated with authority, and sometimes aggression. They predict trouble based on conflicts with a loved one.

The value of a specific card, as well as a combination of certain cards, should be found in the article Card Value in Divination.

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