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Guessing with the Arrow of Doom online — exact result

The arrow of fate — the exact divination «Yes» — «No»

Divination Strela Fate is the easiest way to determine the answer to your questions. It does not require much time, but at the same time is an effective way to solve many issues — the main thing is to clearly formulate them.

The quality of the question will depend on how true you get the result. This fortune telling system was designed to get answers to simple and unambiguous questions.

This method may seem primitive to you, but this is just a means, real magic — it is around us, hovers and waits for you to give a sign, this sign will be our arrow of fate, turning you to get a definite answer “Yes” or “No” »To your question.

The history of this method goes into deep antiquity, but it still works, of course, undergone changes. In order to use the arrow now, you need to think about a question that has an exact, definite answer and twist the arrow by clicking on it with the mouse button (the method does not work on mobile devices)


  • This is one of the types of divination «Yes-No».
  • Here you can get only one specific answer to your question, that is, the “oracle” will answer only “Yes” or “No”.
  • It is on this basis that the question must be asked specific, which will not allow a vague, indefinite answer. The “arrow of fate” has only one clear direction, one flight path.

Guessing with the Arrow of Doom online - exact result


Free online divination «Arrow of Fate» is considered to be analogous to a similar ritual called «Yes-No.» But do not think that the process of this becomes less exciting and interesting!

You can get an answer to any specific question.

  • It can be related to personal life as well as career, financial and other issues.
  • The only thing that must assimilate the guessing that the questions formulated must be clear and concise.
  • Clearly formulate your question to the «oracle.»
  • Click on the arrow on the interface.
  • Wait for the answer that offers you the «oracle.»

Guessing with the Arrow of Doom online - exact result

Note that, like other types of divination, this ritual will not tolerate repeated attempts to get an answer to the same question that is tormenting you. And here it’s not just that it’s an internet divination. Think, because no fortune teller will lay out cards several times because of one question.

It is very important to once and clearly formulate the question that bothers you. The only way you can get a truthful answer.

But the nature of the question can be any — you can feel free to ask and inquire about anything. Believe me, fate knows what awaits you in reality.

The answer will pleasantly surprise you with its simplicity, and the fortune-telling process itself will not take much time, and soon you will be able to move on to another question that interests you.

Virtual Arrow will help predict their fate to anyone who touches it.

It’s impossible to predict what her answer will be, so if you are not satisfied with the free prediction of the future on the Tarot cards, do not be discouraged, just try your luck in a couple of hours or the next day. Maybe asking for one, you thought about something else?

This also happens. The next time the prediction of fate will surely surprise you!

  • Virtual fortune telling will help to accurately know their fate to anyone who touches it.
  • It’s impossible to predict what her answer will be, so if you are not satisfied with the prediction, don’t be upset, just try your luck in a couple of hours or the next day.
  • Maybe asking for one, you thought about something else? This also happens. The next time the free prediction will surely surprise you!

Why do we need such a fortune telling

Many situations require careful consideration of comparing many factors before making a decision, especially a crucial one. Many people who responsibly approach their life, as they say, measure out seven times before undertaking something, and they can be helped by the free arrow fortune-telling Arrow of Destiny.

All your hesitations and doubts will step aside, and the solution of the pressing problems will be quick if you trust the Strela of Fate. For whom this method of divination will be a priority?

  1. For indecisive doubters who need a specific yes or no answer. This system does not cover the details of situations that disturb a person.
  2. For those who need to quickly solve a problem. After all, fortune telling Strela of Destiny does not take much time.
  3. Fits almost everyone, because of its availability. This fortune-telling is completely free and is always at hand: You do not need to go or go to the fortuneteller, because to use it you only need the Internet.

Guessing with the Arrow of Doom online - exact result

How to conduct a ceremony

There are no special requirements that free online divination Strela of Destiny does not impose. Guessing using this method is necessary by performing the following sequence of actions:

  1. calm down, remember something pleasant, so that a positive attitude appears, the quality of the result will depend on it;
  2. concentrate on the question you are concerned about and think only about it, do not let extraneous thoughts;
  3. touch the arrow, it starts spinning right in front of your eyes around its axis in a clockwise direction until it stops;
  4. get an answer.

This method of prediction must be treated very seriously and respectfully, as well as any other options for predicting the future.

Question Formulation Rules

Guessing with the Arrow of Doom online - exact result

Correctly and clearly composed question is the key to an effective answer to it.

  1. Formulate such questions that provide only a definite answer — “yes” or “no” — and do not imply the existence of any related questions. For example:
    • Will this month find a new job?
    • Will I get married this year?
    • Will I go to the sea this year?
    • Will I pass all exams successfully?
    • Ask only once, even if you don’t like the answer. Otherwise, fortune telling will not be correct, and it will be difficult for you to figure out what destiny prepares for you.
    • Ask the question clearly, unambiguously and clearly, avoid uncertainty. For example, the questions “What should I do tomorrow?”, “How to deal with a loved one?”, “Where to go on vacation?” Are clearly not suitable for this divination.
    • Do not let superfluous thoughts that can bring down the arrow appear, concentrate only on the question of interest to you.

    Even if you decide to ask the same question many times, do not forget that the correct answer can be only one, the one that fell first. Consider that no matter what answer the arrow gives you, in any case you need to make some effort and have the appropriate attitude.

    And if the answer you did not really like, then you have the opportunity to try to change the situation in reality instead of an endless clicking on the arrow.

    Guessing with the Arrow of Doom online - exact result

    Virtual fortune-telling Strela of Destiny is an almost exact copy of a fortune-telling Yes — No, but in no way does it become less interesting. The difference between fortune-telling and Strela of Destiny is that it can more specifically answer your question, there are only two options — “Yes or No”.

    Before proceeding to the divination Strela of Destiny, you need to clearly formulate the question. For example: «Should I go to visit today?», «Does Petrov really love me?»

    It is not recommended to ask the same question many times, the first answer will be correct, if it does not suit you, wait a while and ask it again, changing its wording.

    «Yes or no»

    Virtual fortunetelling Strela Fate can be considered an analogue of fortune-telling Yes No, but this does not make it less interesting. Fortune-telling Strela of Destiny will help you to make a choice that suggests two options for a decision or answer the question: «Yes or No.»

    • Before proceeding to the fortune-telling Strela of Destiny, clearly formulate the question.
    • For example, “Should I go on a date today?”, “Does Sidorov feel any sincere feelings towards me?”.
    • After the question has been formulated, click on the arrow and expect what answer you will get.

    Like many other fortune-telling, fortune-telling by the Arrow of Fate does not tolerate repeated attempts to get an answer to the same question. So ask a question only once.

    Guessing with the Arrow of Doom online - exact result

    Divination is the Arrow of Fate «… Does it love or dislike?», «Will the decision to change jobs be correct?», «To buy a car or not?», «Does an evil disease recede or not?», «To enter into this contract or not?» … Infinite A number of questions arise in our lives. Some of them are insignificant, but the value of others is simply impossible to overestimate.

    How great it would be to know the exact answer to all these questions, wouldn’t it? If you agree, then it’s time to get acquainted with one of the most ancient divinations, infinitely ingenious in its simplicity.

    The fortune-telling “Arrow of Fate” has, in its main attribute, an arrow that rotates in a circle and ends its movement, stopping with its tip either in the “Yes” zone or in the “No” zone.

    • That’s all the wisdom.
    • The most important thing is to formulate a closed question in binary.
    • That is, the answer to it can only be «yes» or «no.»
    • So, for example, if you want to know which place of work will be better for you, old or new, then the question should be formulated something like this:

    “Is the old place of work better for me than the new?”

    Guessing with the Arrow of Doom online - exact result

    And if you want to know how soon you will make a proposal for marriage, then it will be correct to ask one or, if necessary, several questions that should sound something like this:

    “Will I receive a marriage proposal before the end of this year?”

    The main charm of fortune-telling «Arrow of Fate» is that the response received requires absolutely no interpretation. You can guess an unlimited number of times, but you should not anger an arrow with disbelief, asking the same question several times.

    It should be noted that arrows from ancient times were actively used by our ancestors not only in battle and hunting, but also in various religious rites. It was believed that this seemingly simple subject is very strongly associated with otherworldly forces that know the answers to any questions.

    Therefore, with the help of an arrow, it was decided to receive answers from otherworldly forces to the most burning questions. The arrow has retained its sacred significance even today.

    • The fortune-telling «Strela of Fate» is very popular these days, especially its virtual version, because to get a real arrow in order to tell fortunes, today is very problematic for most of us.
    • In our online application, you always have the opportunity to get a definite answer to your question in a matter of seconds.

    Who can help «Arrow of Fate»?

    To resort to the help of free virtual fortune-telling «Strela of Fate» anyone can. On the life course of each person, very often situations arise that require the adoption of a particular decision. It is sometimes quite difficult to do this without carefully considering every detail, comparing all the influencing factors, especially if the situation is fateful.

    No wonder many people in such a period remember the Russian folk wisdom, which advises to measure seven times and cut one off. It is during such a period that one can confide in the fortune-telling «Strela of Fate» — it will help dispel all hesitations and fears, push it to the correct course of action.

    The most preferred method of obtaining answers to exciting questions will be for:

    • People with indecisive character, constantly accustomed to doubt everything. The advantage of fortune-telling for this category of persons is that it gives only specific questions (either yes or no), without considering the other features of the situation that torment the insecure person.
    • People who want an immediate solution to their problem. Appeal to the «Arrow of Fate» requires a minimum of time.

    Guessing with the Arrow of Doom online - exact result

    In general, it is suitable for all because of its availability and simplicity. To receive the “Arrow of Fate” hint, the presence of a prophetic gift, any special skills, and attributes characteristic of traditional fortune telling are not required.

    Enough to be able to access the Internet and the desire to find out the answer to a disturbing question.

    Technique of divination to the exact answer «Yes — no»

    Eliminate all distractions — during divination, you shouldn’t interfere. Nothing transcendent and supernatural to divine with the help of the Arrow of Fate is not required. The whole process of obtaining prophecy can be described by a specific sequence of actions:

    1. It is convenient to get settled down, to calm down as much as possible, to throw all the extraneous and unnecessary things out of my head. Tune in a positive way, remembering about something good.
    2. Extremely clearly build your question.
    3. Focus on the issue of interest, to occupy your thoughts only to them and nothing more.
    4. Click on the arrow, concentrate on its movement.
    5. Get ready answer oracle.

    Important: The wording of the question must be designed so that the answer to it can be either affirmative (yes) or negative (no), since the oracle implies only unambiguous, very simple answers.

    Guessing with the Arrow of Doom online - exact result

    Like all methods of predicting the future, this divination requires a respectful and serious attitude.

    Useful recommendations

    The effectiveness of the answer in fortune-telling «Arrow of Fate» depends directly on the correct formulation of the question.

    Important: no matter how the question posed, the arrow needs to be asked only once — repeated attempts at divination do not tolerate.

    If you ask the same question many times, the only correct option is the one that the arrow issued the first time. Do not be fooled by re-posing the same questions, even if the answers you received disappointed you and did not agree with your expectations.

    • It is necessary to formulate questions clearly and clearly, uncertainty in this fortune telling is not the place.
    • In the process of divination, you should not be overcome by extraneous thoughts — they will be able to shoot down an arrow, and the effectiveness of the prophecy will be small.
    • You can turn to the truthful fortune-telling «Arrows of Fate» every day, but you should not abuse it either.
    • Decisions in your life you have to take only yourself, and the task of fortune telling is to help, give a hint, push on the right thought.
    • Any important business requires the application of certain, their own, efforts and the presence of an accompanying attitude.

    You should not be extremely serious about the answer received, especially if you do not like it. You can always independently change the situation in reality in your favor, you just need to try.

    Remember that the future is changeable, and the answer issued by Strelets of Destiny is not a simple truth, not the only possible course of action related to your problem.

    Guessing with the Arrow of Doom online - exact result

    If you have any questions or you need help in this life situation, you can consult with our experts.

    From the history of fortune telling

    What questions can our online oracle answer? What to ask, and what is better to refrain from?

    The prototype of the prophecy «Arrow of fate» are popular fortune-telling «Eagle-tails» (using a coin) and «Yes-No.» All three methods of divination imply the receipt of a response according to one principle: the most precise formulation of a particular question and the receipt of a definite answer (either affirmative — “Yes” or negative — “No”).

    Magical portal

    With the help of Strela of Destiny fortune-telling, you can quite easily find all the answers to the difficult questions that most worry you at the moment. For this you only need to clearly formulate the question.

    The correctness of the result obtained will directly depend on the correctness of the question you asked.

    Guessing with the Arrow of Doom online - exact result

    This divination system was created to get the right answers to trivial single-valued questions.

    Why do you need to know the future

    In many situations, it is necessary to carefully consider and compare various facts before making any decision, especially the fateful one. Some of us have a responsible approach to the choice, which is able to change the course of our own lives, as they say, repeatedly measured before being cut off.

    In such a situation, free online fortune-telling divination can help. All your doubts will be dispelled, and urgent problems will be resolved quickly and easily, if you trust the Strela of Destiny.

    “Arrow of Destiny” is also an online fortune telling on desire. Two minutes, and you will find out if your deepest aspirations will come true!

    To whom will need similar fortune telling?

    1. For unsure doubters who want a specific answer to an interesting question. Such a system does not affect the details of the circumstances that concern a person.
    2. For those who want to quickly solve any problem. To get an answer with the help of fortune-telling «Strela of Destiny» will take only a few minutes.
    3. Use this method of divination can anyone, because it is available. You do not need to go to the reception to the fortuneteller, because in order to guess, you only need the Internet. You can use fortune-telling Strela of Destiny on our website for free. Some consider fortune-telling divination too mysterious. But it is not so — in fact, everything is as simple as possible!

    how perform mystery online

    Guessing with the Arrow of Doom online - exact result

    No special conditions required. To get an answer you need to do the following:

    • “Calm down, remember something pleasant to get a positive attitude, it will influence the result of fortune telling”;
    • “Focus on the issue that concerns you and think only about it”;
    • “Press the cursor on the arrow, it will begin to rotate around its own axis in the direction of clockwise rotation”;
    • «After the arrow stops, you will receive an answer to your question.»
    • This method of prediction should be treated quite thoroughly and respectfully, as well as the other versions of the predictions of the future.

    How to correctly formulate a question in fortune-telling Strela of Destiny

    The accuracy of the answer received depends on the accuracy of the question.

    1. 1. Formulate the questions in such a way that the answer is unambiguous, only “yes” or “no” — and does not imply the existence of any related questions. For example:
    • -Will I get married this year?
    • -Does Vladimir love me?
    • -Will I go to rest on the sea this year?
    • -Will I be able to find a new job for a month?
    • -Will I take a chemistry exam?
    1. Even if you are not satisfied with the answer received, you should ask the question only once. Otherwise, you will not get a reliable result of divination, and it will be difficult for you to understand what fate has prepared for you.
    2. The question must be asked clearly, clearly and unambiguously, avoiding uncertainty. For example, the following questions are clearly not suitable for this fortune-telling: «How to build relationships with a loved one?», «What institution should I enter?», «Where to go on vacation?».
    3. Do not allow outside thoughts to appear during divination; they may interfere with the arrow. Focus your attention solely on the question that interests you.

    Guessing with the Arrow of Doom online - exact result

    Even if you want to formulate the same question many times, remember that only the answer that fell first will be correct. Keep in mind that no matter what answer you get, in any case, you need to make specific efforts and have the right attitude to achieve your goal.

    And if this answer for some reason does not satisfy you, then you can try to change the situation in the real world instead of endlessly clicking on the arrow.

    We will be grateful for any comments and feedback to the Strela of Fate fortune-telling!

    How did the arrow become magical?

    Our ancient ancestors invented the bow and arrows in order to protect their possessions from detractors and wild animals. This weapon was also used for hunting, which helped to get food for itself. However, over time, mankind has invented more advanced types of weapons and the bow has faded into the background.

    But the arrows were actively used in various religious rituals, so they retained their sacred significance. The arrow is considered a symbol of courage and strength.

    • According to primitive people, all inventions were sent to them by the gods.
    • That is why the connection between the arrow and otherworldly forces is considered sufficient for predictions.
    • Fate itself trusts the arrow with its secrets.

    The arrow will tell about the will of higher powers and will reveal the secrets of the other world of spirits who know everything that was and will be. Sometimes there are questions that are important to get clear answers.

    It may not be enough doubtful recommendations, and it requires a clear answer. When you need to decide whether to do this or an action, you can always ask the arrow.

    Guessing with the Arrow of Doom online - exact result

    • In addition, this fortune telling may help to know the attitude of another person, for example, the elect or business partner.
    • The spheres of life that are covered by a mighty and all-seeing arrow are very diverse.
    • You can ask a question of almost any level.
    • It can affect personal relationships or help make a serious decision in business and property matters.
    • Fortune-telling «Arrow of Fate» will be a great assistant in making any decisions.

    How to use fortune telling?

    The instruction is quite simple. It is only necessary to clearly consider the wording of your question. To get the result, it is important to build a question in such a way that the answer can be unambiguous — “Yes” or “No”.

    Other options «Arrow of Fate» does not imply. But this is exactly what attracts many wonders.

    Other methods of prediction usually do not give a definite answer.

    They offer only vague formulations. Here you can get clear instructions for action or get specific information about what a person wants to know.

    First, it is important to think about your question, mentally construct it and open the window of divination. When this is done, you can start divination by launching the fateful rotation of the arrow with one click. Just a few seconds, you can get the result.

    A more accurate answer, perhaps, impossible to know. Therefore, do not ask her about the same thing.

    This may confuse the boom.

    Guessing with the Arrow of Doom online - exact result

    • This fortune telling is remarkable in that the result obtained is not necessary to decipher.
    • He himself is the answer to the question.
    • To follow the command of the arrow or not, it is up to the one who guesses.
    • However, one should not neglect the trusted secrets of higher powers, which had great honor, sharing their secrets with the questioners.

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