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Guessing the ring on love and marriage

Guessing the ring on love and marriage

Since ancient times, fortune-telling on the ring was considered one of the most objective and effective. It perfectly reflects the future love fate, so many women around the world use it for it.

Many women around the world have been tempted to find out the truth about what lies ahead. It is important to do everything correctly, since such fortune telling is preferably carried out every six months. You can do this before Christmas, and you can on a new moon or a full moon.

The usual day will not bring such accurate information, what is needed.


For the rite of divination, you will need the ring itself, the thread or your long hair, as well as a photograph. The photo should show a man in love with you. Better that the photo were you together.

You do not need to use a mobile phone or tablet for this, since the devices have a weak magnetic field that can interfere with divination. The photo must be printed.

The ring should be a wedding. It may belong to your mother, sister or grandmother — there are no limits, fortunately. To clear it from the energy of the current owner, lower the ring into the icy water for 5-10 seconds, and then immediately proceed to divination — you have about 5 minutes, which is enough.

Ring Guessing

Guessing for love begins with the fact that you need to decide whether you know your betrothed or not. If you do not know, then you need to guess over a glass with cold water — the ring should be at the same level as the upper edges of the glass. If you know your betrothed, then guessing right above the photo lying on a horizontal surface.

So, if you have long hair, then take one hair, pass it into the ring and hold your index and thumb. It is necessary that the fingers look down with the ring, and not to the side — this is very important. You also need to take a thin thread.

There should be complete silence around, the light dimmed. It is advisable to start guessing at about 12 o’clock at night. You put a glass with cold water or put a photo.

Next, take a thread or hair, thread the ring and hold it as close as possible above the photo or directly above the glass.

Say out loud: “Ring, ring, tell me what awaits me. Will I be happy?

  • If the ring moves from side to side, like a pendulum, the answer is no. You do not expect a great love or marriage in the near future. If you are guessing over the photo, the answer is the same, but only for this man.
  • If the ring moved in a circle, then the answer is positive. You will soon get married or find a soul mate. In the case of the photo — you have all the chances, because this man likes you.
  • If the ring is standing or spinning in place, then everything will depend only on you. There is no clear answer to your question.

This ancient fortune telling is very effective and revealing. A huge number of women resort to it, especially in moments of despair or vagueness. It is important that your mind is clear and your thoughts are concentrated on fortune telling. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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