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Guessing the numbers on the clock: value, decoding, ways

The correct methods of divination on the clock in numbers

Guessing the numbers on the clock: value, decoding, ways

Since very ancient times, people have peered into their future and analyzed the past, its connection with the present and various events, hoping to find a pattern, a link that will help them navigate the future and change their fate at will. As the saying goes: informed means armed, respectively, a person who knows his future is ready for him, one way or another he is waiting for him, and it will not be a fatal surprise for him.

From the past several centuries, people turn to specialists in this field for information about themselves and the future — sorcerers, magicians and astrologers, for any information they have, any thread that will indicate to the future as a guiding star.

Sometimes we do not need to turn to fortunetellers or we simply cannot physically reach them, but the answer to an important question is necessary! In this case, you can just look at the little things — sneezing, dreams, or the time on the clock.

Today we will talk about the last case — fortune telling by the hour. Different experts in their field offer different ways of divination, we collected the best of them and presented to you.

Attention! For the most accurate result, you should strictly follow the sequence of actions, otherwise the result may be unpredictable.

The fortune-telling by hours is a great opportunity to learn about your future, it was born exactly at the same time as the first watch, but today it is a proven method over the years that deserves a lot of attention.

Guessing on the clock — the same numbers

Guessing by the hour involves the interpretation of the same numbers, but some other combinations also have magical significance. Just look at the clock and find out what the combination you see promises (of course, if this combination of numbers has a magical meaning).

Guessing the numbers on the clock: value, decoding, ways

Guessing by the clock is a simple and familiar thing, and most people even somehow unconsciously, intuitively make a wish if they see a beautiful number or identical numbers on the clock. For example, 20:02, or 12:21.

And rightly so!

In fact, this is not a mere coincidence, it is a very subtle moment when a person can really connect with higher forces for just a few moments, and desire can come true. Especially the one who believes in fortune telling!

Such “coincidences” should be treated more carefully than happy combinations, because the caution may also contain a guide to action, recommendations that allow you to get out of any difficult situation. In any case, if you looked at the clock and saw a recurring even combination, you need to think about what exactly the higher forces want to warn you about, what testing and difficulties the clock tells you.

But the meaning lies not only in the coincidence of numbers, but in any other combination. In some cases, the value has any one number that constantly comes across your eyes.

If you try, you will definitely be able to remember at least one moment in life, when several times, looking at your watch, you saw one and the same number.

For example, several times a day you saw a minute hand at the “12” mark, you can not pay any attention to this, but if you know the meanings of numbers, then you will immediately understand that the higher forces tell you that soon You will meet with an interesting person who is able to radically change your whole life.

Of particular importance are also mirror images of numbers, for example, if you saw the value of a watch: 10:01, then this is a clear sign, and you should not miss it, because knowing your future, you can simplify your life and not miss your lucky chance .

That is why many esotericists take watch and fortune-telling by this mechanism very seriously.

What time is it now? What will come true?

There is a fortune telling on the clock, in addition to simply making wishes at the sight of identical tsiferok. There are special combinations of numbers that are not only very beautiful and harmonious, but also have a special magical meaning.

Guessing the numbers on the clock: value, decoding, ways

For example — 20:02, 14:41, 10:01 and so on. If these numbers fell out to you, in such a beautiful mystical combination, by all means find out what it means!

This fortune-telling will turn out on any watch with an electronic dial — not only on wrist watches, but even on a computer monitor. Find out what awaits you!

  • 00:00 — if you looked and saw these numbers, exactly at midnight, the higher forces warn you — the day will not be the most successful for new beginnings. Do not plan for this day any new projects or bold actions, if possible, postpone it. Try to spend the day quietly and quietly.
  • 3:33 — This beautiful combination of triples is very good for the one who saw it. The triplets say that today the cases you started will certainly end in a very successful way, or they will develop correctly and successfully. Today you can start new affairs, make bold plans and take decisive steps. This is your day!
  • 10:01 — a combination that is hard to miss. If you saw on the watch 10:01, you can be sure that today will be very successful in everything. Thus, the higher forces are encouraging you and pushing you to bold actions — build your own destiny, do not be afraid, everything will work out for you! Today, luck is on your side.
  • 10:10 — another happy morning coincidence. These numbers on the clock indicate success in the work and business areas, so if you see them, be bolder and more determined! All projects will be developed perfectly, and the negotiations will be in your favor.
  • 11:11 — today you are to receive gifts from destiny. By the way, the material gifts from close people are also discussed, because today is a time when you have to get surprises and pleasant surprises. You will be pleasantly surprised more than once!
  • 12:12 is an unusual combination, and it is rarely to be noticed. If you are lucky, and you find 12:12 on the clock face, rejoice! Today, absolutely everything that you take, will go the best way, everything will work out, no difficulties will bother you.
  • 12:21 — also a beautiful combination of units and twos, it is difficult to miss, because it must mean something! Of course, like other unusual and rare combinations, 12:21 is special. This is a sign that today you have to fall in love, or you will spend a whole day in romantic thoughts about someone. Perhaps today you are in for a very romantic surprise from a loved one, a date or a pleasant offer.
  • 14:41 is a successful combination that can have several meanings. For example, for young people and unmarried girls, 14:41 means love adventures, new acquaintances, flirting, and all the most pleasant things associated with the romantic sphere. For people of the same family and adults, the numbers 14:41 promise a pleasant chat, rest, reconciliation , harmonious and peaceful day, full of joy.
  • 15:15 — not the best combination of numbers. This fortune telling says that if you saw 15:15 on the clock, be careful today — do not take risks and do not start new cases. An unpleasant surprise or unwelcome meeting can occur, try to treat everything as calmly and wisely as possible.
  • 15:51 — on the contrary, a good combination. The 15:51 combination gives you a pleasant surprise and a good evening. Even if this day is difficult and full of various undesirable events, stresses and failures, know that everything will change for the better by the evening.
  • 20:02 is an unusual number. This is not a prediction, but advice to you, if you saw 20:02 on the clock, then be more restrained this evening. The combination 20:02 consists of twos and zeros, and can promise a quarrel with a loved one or loved one. Keep emotions under control, keep silence.
  • 21:12 — Tomorrow will be successful for you and bring new joy.
  • 21:21 — a warning, be careful and weigh your actions. You may have already made a mistake that you have to regret — think about it.
  • 23:23 — Tomorrow you will find great luck and joy. Fall asleep with good thoughts!

Divination by hours and numbers — this is what will help you navigate in your reality, do not forget that you need to live according to your conscience and avoid mistakes.

Additional values

Some nations are confident that the lucky combination of numbers on the clock will be the only one in which there are only odd numbers. However, people living in the East, believed that it was necessary to fear the numbers in which there is a number 9, because it speaks of the imminent changes in life.

But no one can say for sure whether they will be positive or negative.

Also, some nations believe that if many even numbers are repeated in a combination, this indicates that a person is in a dangerous situation.

Even numbers try to warn a person that they have detractors who may cause damage in the near future. This suggests that it is necessary to protect themselves from potential enemies and temporarily «lay low».

Rules of conducting fortune telling with the clock

In any divination, on paper, with coins, on sticks, on tarot cards, there are rules that must be followed in order to get an accurate result. This is no exception.

Remember, accurate results can only be obtained on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Other days of the week do not carry a special value and any coincidences of numbers that you saw not on the specified days do not carry a logical value.

Also, do not specifically select the right time. It will be just an artificial coincidence and will not have any real power.

Guessing the numbers on the clock: value, decoding, ways

Divination by the number of hours in the house

In addition to the common ritual that allows you to know your future by the same numbers on the electronic clock, there is also this less common divination. You can learn the energy of the house and the owner by how many hours are in the room.

  • Alone — the house is filled with love, understanding, well-being.
  • Two — the room retains a positive energy, the owners are in harmony with themselves.
  • Three — the owner of the house is a very pragmatic person, a realist who likes to defend his case.
  • Four — in this room a little warmth and love.
  • Five — the owner of the house loves guests, he is always friendly, glad to have new meetings and acquaintances.
  • Six — in this house it is hard to relax, everywhere haste and bustle, the owner of the room is probably a very busy and scandalous person.
  • Seven — there is no energy of peace and well-being in the room, the owner of the house needs to improve relations with his close people.
  • Eight — also speaks of the lack of energy comfort and coziness. The owners of the house are concerned about petty troubles, give little time to each other.
  • Nine — an atmosphere of tranquility and well-being reigns in the room, here any guest can feel at home.

If the room is more than 9 hours, then to get the result you need to add the numbers for example: 14 = 1 + 4 = 5.

If you decide to conduct any divination, pre-tune in to a positive result. Because, even if the numbers warn about something negative, this is just a guide to being more careful, but not a guarantee that something bad will happen.

Guessing the numbers on the clock: value, decoding, ways

Guessing on the electronic clock

Divination today is different and will accept many things, some divinations have come to us since antiquity, some we ourselves have acquired in the modern world. Hours and time are eternal, which was always, perhaps initially, people didn’t have hours, but this is how they determined time by the sun, but still a lot of divinations and will be associated with the clock.

But since we live in the modern world, we will consider fortune telling by electronic clocks, which we can observe not only in the office or at home, but also in shops, train stations, on the streets, in the subway, etc.

Guessing the numbers on the clock: value, decoding, ways

It will take a lot already connected with the numbers and on the electronic clock it continually changes, and every person intuitively looks at the time and sees different numbers not by chance.

It is proved that some higher forces are trying to convey something important to a person, to prompt or warn him with the help of numbers. And an electronic clock is exactly the subject where the numbers are constantly and constantly they carry different information.

But the magical value in many opinions of magicians and experts have mirror images that are this, for example, such 12,21 or those that repeat 13:13, which resemble the electronic clock even when recorded. Therefore, the fortune-telling on electronic clocks makes sense to study and apply every day in order to know what is waiting for us in the near future.

The only thing you need to take into account two simple rules in order for the fortune-telling to be truthful and really executed. If you do not take them into account, fortune telling will not be true and you will soon say that fortune telling by electronic watches is nonsense, so follow the rules and see for yourself from personal experience that fortune telling is really true and really tells us the truth.

  • So rule number one. You can use electronic watches and their numbers only twice a week — this is Tuesday and Thursday, when the numbers are most tuned to tell the truth.
  • Rule number two. There is no need to podgadovat time or cheat, as it is vryatli specifically something to turn out and the clock will tell you the truth, only accidentally seen numbers paired or the same can truth for the future, you prophesy.

When you saw those very figures, look at the interpretation on our website and discover for yourself the veil of the future.

But do not forget the two cherished rules, only an intuitive look can tell you the truth and advise what you need to fear or, on the contrary, what is good for you.

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