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Guessing the house: the rules of fortune telling on the coffee grounds

Guessing the house: the rules of fortune telling on the coffee grounds

Guessing on the coffee grounds with each passing year is becoming increasingly popular. Many believe that this method of divination is the most accessible and does not require preliminary preparation. But it is not so.

Of course, we can even guess every morning before a cup of hot coffee, but, alas, it will not be a magical ritual, but just a game.

First, before guessing on the coffee grounds, you should correctly drink the drink. To do this, it is necessary to pour cold water into the Turk and pour three tablespoons of coffee into it with the words: “for the past, for the present, for the future”. Sugar can not be added in any case! In the process of making coffee, it is necessary to stir it three times in a clockwise direction, and three times against.

When foam appears, turn off the fire. Magical coffee is ready!

After that, you need to carefully pour the drink into a white round cup. It is strictly forbidden to interfere with coffee in a cup. Now you should wait a minute to cool the coffee a little. During this time, you must carefully focus on your problem.

After that, drink the drink, holding the cup in your left hand. Make sure there is not much water left on the bottom. After all, if there is a lot of liquid there, then you will not be able to recognize symbols and signs.

After drinking a drink, gently tilt the cup on a white saucer with your left hand. It is necessary to give a thicker stand for a pattern to form completely. When you notice that the coffee liquid has acquired forms, you can proceed to the direct process of fortune telling.

Carefully review the drawing from all sides and angles and determine what exactly the resulting figure is like. There are a lot of meanings of fortune telling on the coffee grounds and interpretations of signs. Consider the most common and simple characters that can tell you about upcoming events.

Lines on the saucer may indicate an ambulance trip. If they tend to the edges of the saucer, this means a trip abroad. Lines with dots talk about difficulties on the road.

Squares can be a harbinger of receiving big money. It could also mean promotions and new financial prospects. If there are four dots in the square, this is a sign of pregnancy for a woman.

Cross in the very center of the saucer, means someone’s unexpected death. The joining crosses speak of a serious illness, and a row of three crosses foreshadows unprecedented success.

Circles indicate failure and the impossibility of overcoming difficulties. The figure foreshadows walking in a vicious circle and the inability to break out of limits and avoid trouble.

Triangle means moving up the career ladder. The more triangles in the figure, the more successful the career and financial issue will be.

Rhombus — a harbinger of success on the love front. If the picture is like a wreath, then this means help from one influential person.

All these signs can approximately answer all the questions you are interested in about the future. However, if you want to learn more about the symbols of fortune telling on the coffee grounds, then you should be patient and drink a single cup of coffee.

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