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Guessing the feelings of a loved one

Guessing the feelings of a loved one

Quite often, the true feelings of the interlocutor remain a mystery to us. It is difficult to know what a person thinks about you, and even the beloved. But it can help in this simple divination for love.

An experienced esoteric can not always correctly guess the feelings. This is due, primarily, to the fact that our feelings are not constant. Even being in love, we do not love 24 hours a day, and this is proved by psychologists.

There are moments when our thoughts are immersed in work, and we simply don’t remember anything else. In fact, at this moment we do not experience feelings of love, which, of course, does not mean that we are indifferent or cold. Just the nature of the human psyche.

In connection with this circumstance, the ritual of divination for love is not at all such a simple undertaking as it may seem at first glance. And in order to guess the feelings, you need to be well prepared.

Preparing for a fortune telling on love

For fortune telling you will need a photograph of your loved one. But note that in the photo you definitely need his smile. This is explained by the fact that a photo charged with positive emotions is more likely to give you undistorted negative contact with the object of fortune telling.

To conduct a ritual should be in the dark, but to time it by midnight is not necessary. Just wait for the dark and find the right photo.

Unlike a living person and a living human psyche, photography is a static thing, a certain imprint of a person’s appearance and bioenergy. Therefore, it is better to guess the most recent photo. The newer it turns out, the better: the energy cast will reveal to you the feelings that are depicted in the photo wears in the soul right now, at this stage of your life.

In addition to photos, you will also need a candle tied with a red thread ring and a mirror. Prepare everything you need and proceed to the ritual.

The basics of divination for the feelings of the beloved

Having decided on the ceremony, ask clearly formulated questions that do not allow double interpretations — those that can be answered with a clear yes or no. Be sure to remember that many things in front of the mirror can not be done, so do not cry, upset by the result, and keep a cool face. When asking, hold the tied up ring over the face of the photo, like a pendulum.

If the ring spins clockwise, the answer is considered positive, and if against it, the answer is negative.

You can ask only three questions. After receiving the answers, blow out the candle and put the ring on the finger overnight. Thread can be tied to your candle, making it a fortune-teller, for re-ritual, which is possible not earlier than after 7 days.

Then use these items as ordinary, household, esotericism is not recommended: you have already given them otherworldly energy. Guess on love correctly and, Of course, do not forget to press the buttons and

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