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Guessing on the ring with thread, glass, hair: interpretation and meaning

The most truthful fortune telling on the ring at home

To find out what awaits a person in the future, you can use one of the simplest versions of divination — using a wedding ring. You will also need thread, hair, grain, water and other attributes. To get a truthful answer to your questions, it is important to properly prepare a room for divination.

For the ritual does not need special knowledge, it can be carried out independently at home. In this way you can find out the name of the future husband, the number and sex of children.

Before you begin the ritual, you need to prepare a room in which divination will be held.

  1. 1. Curtain all mirrors in the room and remove pets from the room.
  2. 2. Turn off electrical appliances.
  3. 3. Turn off the mobile phone and other gadgets.

The best time to know your destiny is the Christmas holidays and Christmas time. It is recommended to perform the ritual at midnight. If water is supposed to be used, then it is best to take it from a spring or a well.

Tap fluid does not have the necessary energy to transmit information.

The main attribute of fortune telling is a ring; it should not have stones and engravings. The best for this purpose is suitable engagement (if the woman is married).

Guessing on the ring with thread, glass, hair: interpretation and meaning

To find out the sex of the unborn child and the number of children, use rituals with water and thread.

Guessing on the ring with thread, glass, hair: interpretation and meaning

For divination, you need a gold or silver ring and a glass of water.

  1. 1. Pour water into a glass, a little before reaching the edges of the container.
  2. 2. Carefully lower the prepared ring to the bottom.
  3. 3. Remove the glass to frost and wait until the water is completely frozen.

On the resulting signs on the surface, you can find out how many children there will be and determine their gender. Hillocks will mark the boys, and deepening — girls.

If the surface remains completely smooth, then in the near future there will be no addition to the family.

Guessing on the ring with thread, glass, hair: interpretation and meaning

If a woman is already in position and wants to know who is born to her — a boy or a girl, you can also use the following ritual:

  1. 1. Prepare a wedding ring (the other will not give a true answer).
  2. 2. Tie it to a woolen thread.
  3. 3. Hold the ring between your hands for several minutes.
  4. 4. Taking a string, hold it over an open palm.

If the ring on the thread moves from side to side, we should expect the birth of a boy, if in a circle — a girl will be born.

To find out the name of the betrothed and the time of marriage, rituals with thread, cloth, water, grain and hair are used.

For this ritual it is necessary to prepare a woolen thread of any color, a ring and a glass of water.

Divination is conducted as follows:

  1. 1. A ring is hung on a string, and a pendulum will be made.
  2. 2. Water is poured into a glass, not reaching a few centimeters to the edge.
  3. 3. The pendulum is lowered by 1-1.5 cm into the water, and the diviner asks questions.

You can ask about the number of future children, the age at which a girl will marry, etc. The number of times a pendulum hits a wall of a glass will mean the answer.

You can ask questions that involve the answers «true» or «no.» For example: “Is it true that I will marry this year? »If the ring remains motionless, the answer is no.

If the ring makes a move — the answer is positive.

The following ritual is recommended to be carried out in complete solitude. In addition to the ring, you will need hair guessing and small sheets of paper.

  1. 1. On sheets of paper, write the names of the intended suitors, turn the paper upside down.
  2. 2. Wear a ring on the hair.
  3. 3. The resulting pendulum holding in turn over each name. Where he swings, there is the fate of the girl.

This rite is not recommended for impressionable people, as the seen images can scare. To find out how the groom will look like, you need a glass of clean water and a silver ring.

In the capacity of pouring water a little more than half. They put a ring on the bottom and say a spell: “Suicide-mumbled, come! «

After that, you need to closely look into the middle of the ring, if you are lucky, you can see the image of the future husband. If he did not appear, this year the girl was not destined to go down the aisle.

For this fortune telling you will need the help of a loved one, it may be a girlfriend or a relative. It is necessary to prepare the attributes:

  • wedding ring;
  • 2 deep plates;
  • 2 cuts of natural fabric.

A friend of the fortune-teller takes two plates and puts a ring in one of them, then covers their fabric. The fortunate one should at this time be outside the door of the room. After everything is ready, she needs to go into the room and guess which of the plates the ring is on:

  • If the girl from the first time pointed to a plate with a ring, you can prepare for a quick wedding.
  • The second attempt indicates that marriage is possible, but not 100%.
  • If the ring could not be detected even on the third attempt, the time for marriage has not yet come.

The following ritual is performed in the company of girlfriends. Each must bring its own little ring. It will take a bowl and a grain: wheat or rye.

Each drops its ring into the container with the grain, the contents are mixed. The girl who pulls out her ring will get married very soon.

For one more variant with grain, different rings will be needed: gold, silver, copper and engagement. The girls take turns decorating:

  • A wedding ring means life with a loved one.
  • Copper — the future husband will be poor.
  • Silver — middle-class guy.
  • Golden promises a rich and distinguished groom.

Guessing is possible not only for the betrothed and for love, but also for future events.

To carry out this ritual, you must take a sheet of blank paper and write the entire alphabet on it. Then attach the ring to the thread or hair and read over the paper.

As soon as the ring begins to swing, it is necessary to carefully monitor which letters it indicates. According to them you can read the prediction for the future.

To find out how things will work in the financial sphere, you need to take 4 rings: gold, silver, copper and with a stone. They should be laid out on the table in random order.

Guessing should close her eyes and spin. Then, without looking to take the first available ring:

  • A ring with a stone foreshadows great losses.
  • The Golden Ring promises success in all business projects and money matters.
  • Silver foreshadows a good profit.
  • Copper decoration predicts that everything will remain without changes.

To get the most truthful answer to your questions, you must believe in the power of the rituals. Orthodox priests do not encourage such rites, especially on Christmas.

But in order to absolve ourselves of sin for turning to dark forces, one must read the prayer “Our Father” three times after the ritual.

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