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Guessing on the ring with thread and your future

Guessing on the ring with thread — an easy way to know your future!

Guessing on the ring is an ancient method to learn about future events. It allows you to achieve truthful answers to various questions that are relevant to you.

The obvious advantage of this ritual is that in order to perform it there is no need for special training, it will be possible even for inexperienced beauties.

Guessing on the ring with thread and your future

How did the wedding rings

Ornaments that have a rounded shape were first used by the ancient Egyptians about 5 thousand years ago. The beloved put them on their fingers to each other as a symbol of eternal love and devotion.

Then the ring personified infinity and eternity, and its inner space acted as a kind of portal that separates the known from the secret, intimate.

Initially, the decorations served not for long and were rather rude, since the material for their creation was leather, glass and wooden carriers, as well as ivory.

When metallurgy began to actively develop, for the manufacture of rings began to use iron, and then gold and silver. In order to improve the appearance of jewelry, they invented various natural minerals to be inserted into them.

For the first time the concept of «wedding ring» appeared in the Middle Ages in Italy. Then the beloved began to bring this jewelry as a gift on the day of the engagement.

And the fashion for wedding rings made of gold appeared as early as the 18th century with the spread of the so-called “Italian idea”. It consisted in the fact that at the wedding instead of silver rings began to use more expensive and wear-resistant — gold.

Rules of fortune telling on the ring

In order for your fortune-telling on the ring to be successful, you should familiarize yourself with certain rules that contribute to obtaining more reliable answers.

  1. Before the divination session you should concentrate all your thoughts on this action as much as possible. It is recommended to light a candle and peer into its flame for a certain time (how much you need to calm down and bring thoughts in order). It is important to ensure the disappearance of any unnecessary thoughts.
    Guessing on the ring with thread and your future
  2. You can perform fortune telling, only being alone with yourself and with complete silence. Remove from the room of any animals, turn off any electrical appliances, lights, and mobile phone.
  3. Guessing on the ring and thread, you should take the red, white and black colors of the threads.
  4. Do not re-ask the same question many times, even if you have not achieved the expected answer.
  5. A suitable time for divination is 12 o’clock at night.
  6. If you need water for fortune telling, discard the ordinary water one. There is no living energy in it, like, for example, well or key energy. Suitable melt water.

The method of divination on the ring and thread

With it, you will get answers to any question that interests you. Stock up for this ring, wool thread and a sheet of paper with a pen.

The paper is divided into two halves. At the top, write the word “yes”, and at the bottom “no”.

After that, the ring is hung on a thread about thirty centimeters long. Candles are lit, you tune into the process of divination.

Beforehand, it is worthwhile to think over your questions, take care of their maximum accuracy and specifics. Ask only questions that answer “yes” or “no.”

Then the ring on the thread rises and lingers for an instant over the paper in the central part of the piece. Freeze so that your hand does not make any movements. Once again, say your question and watch in which direction to lean the ring.

The answer will be either positive or negative, there are no other options in this divination.

For one fortune telling, ask no more than 5 questions.

Check out one more effective guessing on the relationship from the following video

Guessing on the ring in the balance

For this fortune telling, a glass is taken into which two thirds of the water is poured. The ring is hung by a thread from its head, the ends are squeezed with fingers, so that they are not visible.

It turned out a kind of pendulum, which should be brought to the glass and immersed in water for a couple of moments. Pull out and place on the edge of the glass.

It is important that the elbows stand firmly on the table, and the hands can move freely.

Now you can begin to ask questions, clearly and correctly formulated. Answers will be interpreted as follows:

  • when the ring moves in a circle — a positive response;
  • staggering from side to side — a negative response;
  • stands still — until the Higher Forces can not accurately answer the question you raised.

You can ask questions on any topic that interests you — about the future, about your personal life, about your career, and so on. The main thing is to formulate questions clearly and to concentrate on them as much as possible when doing a fortune telling.

Divination on the ring for marriage

Through the following sacrament you can see the face of your future spouse. But to resort to this method is possible only on Christmas week.

Guessing on the ring with thread and your future

Time — night. Water should be poured into a glass with smooth walls approximately one third.

A very important point is that there are no facets on it, because it will be much easier for you to consider the features of your future husband.

Put the decoration on the bottom. Wait for the water to calm down and say the following words over it:

And then begin to peer into the central part of the ringlet — it is in it that the face of your betrothed will appear. It is likely that for this you will need to wait, the image may not appear immediately, so please be patient.

If you, by the fate of a quick marriage, will eventually show up at first muddy features, gradually becoming more and more clear. In some cases, the image even begins to move and makes some signs regarding the material status or occupation of the future spouse.

Use the easy and interesting fortune telling on the ring with a string to learn about upcoming events. But do not violate the rules of its implementation, so that the answers from the Higher Forces are only true!

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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