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Guessing on the ring: how to find out the sex of the unborn child

Guessing on the ring: how to find out the sex of the unborn child

All happy parents want to know who will soon adorn their lives: a boy or a girl. To determine the sex of the child in the early stages will help guessing the ring, which was used by our ancestors.

Unfortunately, even modern methods of medicine cannot predict with 100% accuracy whether a boy will be born or a girl. In the early stages of pregnancy this remains a mystery, and in later ones, when the answer can be obtained using ultrasound, the probability of error is not excluded: after all, nature does not always want to reveal its secrets prematurely. However, the opportunity to lift the veil of secrecy is.

Guessing on the ring, which was used in antiquity, when the sex of a child was determined exclusively by folk remedies, has a high degree of certainty.

Guessing a ring on the floor of a child

There are two types of fortune telling with the help of the ring. One of them will give the result immediately after you have learned about the pregnancy, and the second is suitable for later periods, when the expectant mother already has a small belly. But in both cases the same items are used: the golden ring and the thread.

For fortune telling, it is best to use a ring of gold that you wear constantly — in this case, a strong energy bond is established between you and the jewelry, and the result of fortune telling will be the most accurate. The ring should be smooth, without gems. The most suitable wedding: it meets all the requirements for the form, worn constantly and, moreover, reflects your relationship with the father of the child.

The ring is attached to a wool thread, the length of which should not exceed 22 centimeters. It turns out a kind of pendulum, which will tell you who to expect: a daughter or heir.

At the very beginning of pregnancy, while its external signs are absent, divination is carried out over the palm. You need the help of a loved one, but certainly a female: mother, sister or girlfriend. The future mother should hold the ring a little in the clamped hand and, when it becomes warm, pass on to the assistant, who will perform the divination.

The pendulum is brought over the palm of the outstretched left hand. The assistant needs to hold it over the palm of the pregnant woman for about five seconds, then lower the ring between the index finger and the thumb three times and place it again in the center of the palm. The little ring will begin to rotate. If the rotation occurs in a circle, then parents need to prepare for the appearance of the girl.

If the ring is swinging straight, back and forth, a son will be born.

If the future mother already has a visible tummy, then you can guess not over the palm, but above the belly. The principle is the same: a close woman puts a ring on the thread over the belly and carefully watches the movements. Circular rotations — parents will be happy for their daughter, movement in a straight line — get ready for the birth of an heir.

A woman who holds a ring on a thread must be impartial and not concentrate on wanting to see a child of one or another sex. Otherwise, the reliability of divination decreases: a woman unconsciously can hold the pendulum so that it will make movements that do not correspond to the truth.

Simple fortune-telling on the ring can answer the question that torments future parents so much. However, one should not forget that nature has its own secrets that it can hide until a certain time. We wish you family happiness, and do not forget to press buttons and

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