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Guessing on the ring: for the future and love

Guessing on the ring: for the future and love

Guessing on the ring will help you find the answer to your question. This divination is universal. With it, you can learn about the affairs of love, and the specific situation and about your future as a whole.

For this fortune telling, you will need your ring, which you constantly wear. If you wear a wedding ring, then it will do. The fortuneteller should be made of silver or gold. Guessing on someone else’s ring is impossible, because there will be no energy connection between you and them.

You will also need a clear glass with clean cold water.

How to guess on the ring

Guessing is recommended in the evening, after sunset. Tie your little ring to a thin thread and hold it for a few seconds in your left hand. At the same time you need to think about the problem of interest.

Slowly lower the ring on the thread into the water so that the ring does not reach the bottom of the glass by about 2-3 cm. After that, ask your question out loud and begin to observe the movement of the ring. Try not to move your hand.

If the answer to your question suggests any numbers, then count how many times the ring will hit the glass wall. That is your answer.

If the answer to your question suggests “yes” or “no”, then watch how the ring will move in the water:

  • The ring in divination moves in a circle — the answer is positive.
  • If it goes back and forth, then the answer is no.
  • If it stands still and does not move, then your fate will not change in the near future, and the case that you have made will not budge for a long time.

If your question is abstract, for example, you just want to tell fortunes for the near future, then the prediction should also be read from the movement of the ring. Standing on the ground is a bad sign. Walking in a circle — you will succeed.

Moving back and forth — there will be many obstacles in the way and problems.

It is recommended to use fortune telling on the ring no more than once a month, otherwise, as they say, you can miscalculate your fate. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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