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Guessing on the ring

Guessing on the ring

Since ancient times magical properties have been attributed to rings. This decoration was worn as a talisman or a talisman, and also used for divination. Divination on the ring is the most common and effective way to know your future.

Let’s look at some types of fortune telling with a ring that can answer any of your questions.

Divination with a ring on a string

This ritual is suitable for those who want to know the answer to any question. You will need a ring, woolen thread and paper with a pen. Divide a sheet of paper into two parts.

Write “yes” at the top of the sheet, “no” at the bottom. Then hang the ring on a string, the length of which should be about 30 centimeters, light two candles and tune in to divination. Write in advance the questions you ask the ring.

They must be clear and understandable. Questions need to be formulated in such a way that they can be answered with either yes or no.

Lift the ring by the thread and hold it over a piece of paper, preferably along its center. Try not to move your hand. Ask your question and watch for the answer to which the ring will lean.

If it moves in the direction of “yes”, then the answer is positive, if in the direction of “no” it is negative.

It is recommended to ask no more than five questions in one session of fortune telling on a ring with a string.

Divination with a ring and a glass

This fortune-telling is similar to the previous ritual. It can also answer any of your questions in a «yes / no» format. Pour water into a transparent glass, take a ring and hang it on your hair. Dip the ring in the water and then lift it to the level of the edge of the glass.

Ask your question. If the ring moves back and forth or right-left, the answer will be negative, if it moves in a circle, the answer will be positive. If it stands still, then this is a sign of uncertainty about your fate on this issue.

Guessing on the ring for marriage

This ancient fortune telling was usually carried out in a large company. Unmarried girls who wanted to know when they would marry, poured grain into a small bag and buried a ring in it. After that, each girl took turns taking a handful of grain from the bag.

The one with the ring in her hand along with the grain will be the first to get married.

There is another way of divination for marriage. This ritual can tell about the future family life. Take your ring and place it in a small deep saucer.

Add a teaspoon of any cereal there. A saucer with all its contents at night must be taken out in the cold, or put in the freezer.

In the morning you need to get a saucer and carefully look at the surface of the water. If the ice has formed even, then family life will be long and happy. If dents are well visible on the surface — the marriage will be unsuccessful and will bring a lot of trouble.

If the ice on the surface of the saucer was covered with bumps — there will be a lot of money and children.

Divination on the wedding ring

For divination, you must use only a wedding ring. Put it in a saucer with water, light two candles. Then lean a small mirror against the edge of the saucer so that you can see the ring in its reflection.

After that, ask your question and carefully look into the reflection. In a few minutes there may appear a clear outline of your future.

We hope that our fortune telling on the ring will tell you about the events of the future and answer all your questions. Believe only in the best and do not forget to press the buttons and

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