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Guessing on the phone — quickly and easily

In the modern world, divination with the use of various household items is very common. Especially popular today are divination using the phone.

This subject has become in the modern world an integral attribute of man.

Guessing on the phone - quickly and easily

There are many kinds of divination, and, in general, life does not stand still. Therefore, the number of ways to get a prediction for the future using this communication tool can be expanded.

Divination by phone can be attributed to psychological tests. Practically each person, communicating by phone, has a habit of displaying certain figures on a piece of paper. It is for them that one can make predictions for the future life.

They indicate your mood and state of mind, as well as events that may occur in the near future.

The meaning of the figures can be interpreted as follows:

  • Lines of various kinds, geometric shapes or arrows indicate that a crisis is taking shape in your personal life. And your problems worry you so much that you absolutely do not pay attention to what is happening in the lives of loved ones. If you do not abandon your egoism, it can lead to conflicts with those who are dear to you and even to the loss of true friends.
  • Images of flowers and pictures of nature foreshadow a prosperous period of life, you are successful and you are supported by close people. But at the same time you have a strong need for spiritual closeness, despite the fact that you want to demonstrate your independence to your associates.
  • Uneven strokes foreshadow the development of a difficult life situation, which will be very difficult to resolve.
  • Hearts indicate that you are in love, and your love will be mutual and long. But at the same time, one should not restrain one’s feelings and emotions, as well as depict coldness in relations with a loved one. Be sincere and open, and you can build a harmonious relationship with your chosen one.
  • Ornaments focus on the fact that you are bored. This is a sign that you need change, and it is imperative that you change your life situation.
  • Crosses indicate uneasy relations with people of the inner circle, you urgently need to find compromises and reconcile with those with whom you had previously quarreled.
  • Men emphasizes that all your failures in life are related to your irresponsibility and laziness.
  • Volumetric geometric figures indicate your focus, you understand what you want to achieve in life and stubbornly move towards your goals. But at the same time, you need to remember that sometimes you need to be easier.
  • Bee honeycombs denote the fact that personal life is not all right, so you need to pay attention to your loved ones. But besides this, such a picture may foreshadow a happy marriage or relocation.
  • Circles of various types symbolize a happy life period, but you need to be active and decisive.

Guessing on the phone - quickly and easily

You can spend a very simple guessing on the phone at will. To do this, make a wish and randomly dial a phone number.

Such divination is interpreted as follows:

  • If you hear a female voice, it means your wish will come true in the near future. A particularly good omen is the answer by telephone “Yes”;
  • If you are answered by a male voice, this indicates that the desire will not come true;
  • If it is busy or no one picks up the phone, then you need to try again.

This method of fortune telling is also suitable for fortune telling on a loved one.

In this case, the interpretation of the possible answers by phone is as follows:

  • There are no beeps — they don’t love you;
  • Short beeps — you need to wait, life itself will put everything in its place;
  • The message “subscriber is unavailable” — now is not the time to make rash decisions, this can greatly harm your relationship with your chosen one;
  • The message “wrong number is dialed” — you are mistaken in assessing the attitude of your loved one to yourself, you need to take a closer look at your chosen one;
  • The “hello” answer is a good omen, indicating that everything will go well;
  • The answer is “listen” — a loved one takes you seriously and is ready to connect his life with you;
  • The answer “yes” indicates that everything will be fine in the near future;
  • The answer is «speak» — very soon your chosen one will confess to you in love;
  • The answer “where are you calling?” — portends a serious scandal;
  • The answer «on the wire» indicates that your chosen one misses you a lot and wants to spend a lot of time with you.

Remember that the fate of a person depends largely on his actions in life. Therefore, if you get a result that did not suit you, look around and try to turn the situation in your favor.

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