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Guessing on the mirror

Guessing on the mirror

Divination on the mirror got its spread a long time. With the help of this magical object you can see the future of a person and even consider your betrothed

Divination on the mirror is true. But to conduct a ceremony under the force of only the most courageous. During divination, it is important not to be frightened and do everything right. In the reflection, you can see different images.

You should show ingenuity and build an associative array. Those shadows that will appear in the mirror is your destiny.

Divination with a mirror on the groom

In order to see on the inner surface of the mirror of your future husband, you must comply with the conditions: strangers should not be in the room. The curtains should be opened so that the light from the street penetrates the room.

Put a mirror in front of you and light a wax candle. In front of him, place another mirror so that a corridor is formed. Carefully look at the reflection and say the words: «Suicide-disdainful, come to dine with me.»

The appearance of the elect can be guessed by the flame of a candle — the light begins to dim and weakens under the influence of someone else’s energy field. After some time, the groom comes to the girl, and his outlines appear in the depths of the mirror. Having carefully considered his mirror reflection, you need to utter special words so that the groom will not take you with him: «Along this place, this place, this place.»

With the help of a mirror you can find out the future of relationships.

For this divination fit a large round mirror. It is necessary to conduct the ceremony all alone, even to drive out all pets from the room.

Write the name of your chosen one on a piece of paper. Light the paper from the flame of the candle, put it on the mirror and watch it burn.

If it immediately breaks out and quickly burns through, then there will be a lot of passion in your relationship, but love will quickly fade away. If the sheet will burn for a long time, the union will be strong and harmonious and you will approach each other in everything. If the flame goes out, then your connection is not real, so it is better to drop all attempts to continue the relationship.

When the paper burns out, scatter the ashes from the mirror and look at the soot that remains on its surface. The shape of this spot is a sign in which you can see the details of your future relationship.

Divination for the future with a mirror and candles

This ceremony with a mirror helps a person to understand what awaits him in the coming days. Go to the table and lay a white tablecloth. Prepare a few mirrors and two candles. Put a candle in front of the mirror.

Place both mirrors with candles in front of each other. Take a look at one and the second mirror. Carefully peer into the depths and try to recognize what the mirror wants to show you:

  • Shine. If in the mysterious depth you notice a small luminous point, then wait for good news. You will be able to get out of the daily routine and achieve the desired.
  • Female face. In case the person is not familiar to you, this is a signal that your man is cheating. This may be different. If you notice a person’s face, he needs your help.
  • House. If you see this reflection, then it is quite possible that in the near future some kind of road awaits you.
  • The face of a child. This outline suggests that in the near future many small worries and troubles await you.

Guessing on the mirror should be properly, following the recommendations. The guessing person receives advice from the mirror on how to behave in the present and what to hope for in the future. Mentally ask him to show scenarios.

Mirrors are beneficial. Rely on the good and do not forget to press the buttons and

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