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Guessing on the hand: what will tell the thumb

Guessing on the hand: what will tell the thumb

Thumb in palmistry is of particular importance. This finger is responsible for the willpower, the main character traits and personal qualities of a person. Only by looking at this one finger can you learn a lot about a person.

Finger size

  • Usually the thumb reaches the base of the index finger. This means that in man everything is in moderation.
  • If the finger is very short, then this indicates an indecisive character and a doubting nature.
  • A long finger in fortune-telling indicates the well-marked leadership qualities of a character.
  • If the thumb is very long, then this is a sign of despotism and authority.

The thickness of the finger in the fortune-telling can be found on the spiritual development of a person, inclinations and priorities.

  • If the thumb is very thin, then it indicates a creative nature. Owners of such a finger are very vulnerable and sensitive. They react painfully to criticism addressed to themselves and often cannot understand their inner feelings.
  • If the thumb is very fat, then it speaks of stubbornness, perseverance, dexterity and determination. A person with such a structure of the finger tends to material well-being.
  • The average thickness of the thumb is found in people for whom spiritual and material development are inseparable. These are balanced and harmonious people.

Flexibility will tell about how much the inner qualities of a person.

  • If the finger bends well, then it is a sign of good nature, gentleness and generosity.
  • If the thumb bends badly, what does it say about such qualities as firmness, determination, determination and self-confidence.

Stone at the base of the thumb

When analyzing the thumb in palmistry, attention is also paid to the bone at the base of the finger. The stronger it is expressed, the more logical thinking is developed in a person. If this bone is completely invisible, then in this case the person is accustomed to thinking with his heart and trusts his intuition, rather than reason.

Knowing palmistry, you will know yourself. Be attentive to your palms, lines, fingers and signs on your hand — they will reveal to you the secrets of your future and present. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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