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Guessing on the hand: how many children there will be, special signs

Guessing on the arm: how many children there will be, nuances of decoding

Every girl is interested to know how many children she will have. This can be learned in various ways: fortune telling on cards, clairvoyance, questioning the oracle, or with the help of palmistry.

Studying the lines and processes on the arm gives an idea not about the number of babies, but about the potential possibility of a woman to childbirth. So, divination by arm: how many children will there be.

We begin to consider the palm on his hands and determine.

Guessing on the hand: how many children there will be, special signs

Interpretation of lines

Where to watch the number of children on hand? The area with the designation of potential descendants is between the line of the heart and the little finger — there is also a line of emotional attachments and marital relations.

To see the lines, you need to slightly bend the hand and look at the formed folds from the side. The line of marriage is located horizontally, the lines of children — depart from it perpendicularly in the direction of the little finger.

It should be noted here that the line of marriage does not speak about registration, but only about emotional attachment to a person. The length of the line indicates the duration of the relationship.

Sometimes the marriage line may be completely absent even with marital relationships. This suggests a lack of emotional attachment between spouses or a crown of celibacy in women.

When considering the lines denoting descendants, it should be noted that only the brightest and clearly marked ones are taken into account. On the hand you can see not only your own children, but also grandchildren.

How is the sex of the child determined? You can find out about this by the thickness of the lines:

  • deep lines speak of the birth of a boy;
  • thin lines show the birth of a girl;
  • the V sign on the marriage line shows the birth of twins.

Guessing on the hand: how many children there will be, special signs

Palmists determine which of the children will be the favorite. For example, if the girl’s line is equal to the length of the boy’s line, but clearly and distinctly expressed, the daughter will be the family’s favorite.

If the lines that denote children are located below the matrimonial line, this foreshadows the birth of an inferior baby — with poor health or mental disabilities.

What baby will be born first? The firstborn is the one whose line is closest to the edge of the palm. If the lines of the children are located close to each other, they will be the same.

The greater the distance between the lines of children, the greater the age difference.

Venus and Moon Hill

A number of children also look at the mound of Venus, which is located near the thumb. Lines of babies are located on the lifeline in an upright position.

Also, children can be seen under the mound of the Moon — there will be horizontal lines.

Children can be determined by different methods. The illustration shows examples of lines of children in different places of the palm (indicated by even lines).

Guessing on the hand: how many children there will be, special signs

Right and left palm

Many are interested in which hand to look for children? The left hand of right-handers shows the potential possibility of having children, the right hand shows already born babies or their number in perspective.

Sometimes when studying children’s lines in the husband and wife data do not match. This indicates the presence of illegitimate children in any of them.

However, do not rush to blame the spouse for treason: the lines may indicate the potential possibility of a man to conceive.

Special characters

What does the crossed line of the child say? This may indicate problems with the baby’s health, especially if the line is crossed several times.

If the line is crossed out once, it may indicate difficulty in dealing with the child.

What does the child’s line crossing the marriage line say? It shows only that the baby will be the most beloved in the family — there will not be much soul in it.

If a cross is visible on the child’s line, it is a symbol of danger. Parents should take care of the baby, as the apple of an eye from any accidents and injuries.

Also, the cross can show the future operation to be transferred to the child.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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