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Guessing on the Gypsy Tarot cards — simple and complex layouts

Gypsies are a very ancient and mysterious nation. It is believed that they are by nature endowed with special magic abilities.

Divination on the Gypsy Tarot cards and in the modern world is very much in demand. In the deck of the Gypsy Tarot cards, the same structure as in the classic cards is preserved.

They differ in images and several other interpretations.

Guessing on the Gypsy Tarot cards - simple and complex layouts

There are a lot of different layouts that are used when divination is performed on Gypsy Tarot cards. They can be simple and complex.

Before beginning the process of divination, you need to completely relax. It is important to focus on the asked question, which is the goal with the help of tarot cards to get an answer.

If fortune-telling on Gypsy Tarot cards is carried out in order to obtain information about a particular person, then a photo should be put next to the layout.

It is advisable to use a new deck of cards, which can later be used for fortuneteering rituals, but it must be remembered that other people’s hands should not touch it. Very popular is the old gypsy fortune telling on the Tarot, involving the use of a hand consisting of ten cards.

As a rule, this method is carried out on a specific person and allows you to predict future events. Cards need to be shuffled and laid out in three rows.

In the process, it is imperative to pronounce the following words:

Three cards are laid out from left to right and are treated as follows:

  • The first three cards in the first row symbolize the past of the person on whom the Gypsy fortune telling on Tarot is conducted. Deciphering this information will allow you to find out the causes of existing problems, as well as point out people who could be responsible for the problems.
  • Cards 4, 5 and 6 in the second row provide information that decodes the events of the present and near future. This allows you to more accurately understand the situation and assess the position of a person in the real world.
  • Maps 7, 8 and 9 in the third row tell about the events of the distant future. It should be understood that this information is not a sentence. The prediction indicates only that certain events can occur with high probability, given the current state of affairs.

The tenth card, which is laid out in the second row to the right, next to the sixth card, summarizes the whole fortune-telling. That is why it must be especially carefully interpreted.

In addition, you need to pay great attention to deciphering the first row of cards.

They indicate the following:

  • The map in the first position on the left indicates relatives who strongly influence the life of a person as a whole.
  • The card in the second position in the middle describes the person on whom the fortune-telling is performed.
  • The card in the third position on the right symbolizes friends, to whose opinion a person always listens.

Guessing on the Gypsy Tarot cards - simple and complex layouts

This alignment is more suitable for entertainment, but, nevertheless, if you correctly interpret the cards that have fallen out, then you can get very important vital information for yourself regarding certain events that are likely to happen in the future.

A full deck of Tarot cards is shuffled, and the cards are laid out alternately, but you need to get them from the deck in an arbitrary way.

In the course of the process, the following words are spoken:

  • The first card is my «I».
  • The second card is what decorates me.
  • The third card — that scares me.
  • The fourth card — that leads me through life.
  • The fifth card — that will not leave me.
  • The sixth card is what will become of me.
  • Seventh card — that I have left.

Cards are treated as follows:

  • The first map describes the situation that has developed in the real world around the fortuneteller.
  • The second card describes how the fortuneteller presents his situation to others.
  • The third card indicates that the guessing person is trying to hide it.
  • The fourth card focuses on the goal to which the fortuneteller seeks.
  • The fifth card indicates what the fortune-teller actually can achieve in life.
  • The sixth map predicts the events of the near future.
  • The seventh card summarizes and indicates what value this situation will have for a guessing person.

Guessing on the Gypsy Tarot cards - simple and complex layouts

There is a very ancient gypsy fortune telling on the tarot. This method was widely used in Spain in the 18th century to analyze the events of the past, present and future.

Before the beginning of fortune-telling, the Major Arcana are separated from the Minor Arcana. From the deck of the Minor Arcana, a significator is selected at random.

This card describes the essence of fortune telling in general.

Then you need to separate the following steps:

  • Choose arbitrarily from the Minor Arcana twenty cards.
  • Attach selected Junior Arcana to Senior Arcana and shuffle carefully.

For fortune telling, a deck consisting of 22 cards of Major Arcana and 20 Junior Arcana will be used. Then again the cards are carefully shuffled and laid out shirts up in seven columns from right to left.

Thus, it turns out six rows of cards. Conventionally, they are denoted by Latin letters: A, B, C, D, E, F.

Treats the alignment as follows:

  • Cards of row A symbolize a person’s past. That is, with proper decoding, the events should be recognizable.
  • Cards B row describe the present events.
  • C-Series cards focus attention on current events that may affect its future.
  • Maps of series D describe the dreams of a fortuneteller, and also give a complete description of his personality.
  • Maps of series E emphasize what can happen as a result of the collision of desires of the diviner with events occurring in the real world, and how this will affect the future.
  • F-series maps describe near-future events that may occur with high probability.

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