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Guessing on the feelings, attitudes and thoughts of your beloved: the execution of the layout, on playing cards, interpretation

Guessing the feelings, attitudes and thoughts of a loved one

For any person, there is a characteristic desire to learn about the feelings of another person. And in this can magic.

Such divinations were at all times very much in demand and often carried out not only by women, but also by men.

Guessing on the feelings, attitudes and thoughts of your beloved: the execution of the layout, on playing cards, interpretation

You can guess the feelings and attitudes of a loved one using the universal card deal. It will allow you to get answers to your questions.

A feature of such fortune-telling is that it can be used as playing cards, and tarot cards.

For this fortune-telling, an ordinary playing card deck consisting of 36 pieces will do. An important condition is that it was not previously used for the game.

If you decide to guess using tarot cards. then you need to use a deck, which includes only senior arcane.

The deck of cards is first carefully shuffled and removed with his left hand towards himself. After that, the top card is laid out face down on the table. Then the deck is shuffled again, removed in a similar way, and the top card is laid out on the table.

Such actions should be continued until there are 7 cards on the table.

Then the cards need to be turned and interpreted the resulting alignment as follows:

  • The first card on how you feel about your loved one, it focuses on your feelings and experiences.
  • The second card describes your hopes that you place on your relationship, as well as your idea of ​​true love.
  • The third card emphasizes what fears and experiences bother you in your relationship, and points out what you really fear.
  • The fourth card tells about the feelings of a partner, with its help you can clarify the question: “How does he treat me?”
  • The fifth card describes more deeply the feelings of a partner.
  • The sixth card gives the answer to the question: “What does he want from me?”, That is, it is the key to deciphering the relationship.
  • The seventh map predicts the possible development of relations.

The alignment must also be interpreted as a whole, depending on the combinations of different cards.

This will provide an answer to such important questions:

  • What does he feel about me?
  • What does he think of me now?
  • Does he miss me?

Guessing on the feelings, attitudes and thoughts of your beloved: the execution of the layout, on playing cards, interpretation

Most often, playing cards are used for such fortune telling. The basis of the interpretation can be used the following values ​​for the colors.

Cards of Hearts:

  • Ace predicts serious intentions, for example, it may be thoughts about the wedding. This card is always a symbol of true sincere love.
  • The king or queen indicates that there is a young man or young woman nearby who can have a positive influence on the relationship.
  • Jack emphasizes thoughts of a love nature.
  • Ten emphasizes the strong love, which leads to the desire to constantly be close to the chosen one or the chosen one.
  • Nine is a generally positive card that symbolizes love. It largely imposes a positive connotation on the cards that are close by.
  • The eight indicates that there is much in common between partners. People constantly miss each other and enjoy communication. This card may also foreshadow a declaration of love.
  • Seven pays attention to sexual desire, it can also emphasize sympathy, but indicates that there is no true love.
  • The six is ​​a harbinger of a welcome meeting or indicates a desire for it.

Club Suits:

  • The ace symbolizes strong and stable friendships, and one should not hope for anything more.
  • The king or queen points out that you have true friends and most likely are family people.
  • Jack indicates that there are thoughts of reconciliation, but it lacks courage.
  • Ten predicts the creation of a strong family, emphasizes the commonality of interests. This card gives hope for a happy stable future. In this relationship will be filled with respect and friendship.
  • Nine symbolizes love.
  • The eight warns that the partners reach out to each other, but only because it is pleasant for them to communicate together. And this attraction can not be considered love, the maximum that can be expected, so it is a long friendship.
  • Seven emphasizes, as in the previous case, that only friendship is possible between the partners, based on complete trust of each other.
  • Six indicates the interest of a person, but the development of relationships may be different.

Cards of diamonds suit:

  • Ace points to the calculation in the relationship with one of the partners.
  • The king or queen points out that a stranger boy or girl may have a certain influence on the development of relations.
  • Jack indicates thoughts about another person.
  • Ten symbolizes the absence of feelings or serious intentions, may also indicate attempts to buy feelings with gifts that will not bring results.
  • Nine symbolizes love.
  • Eight points to common interests, for example, partners can combine work. In this case, strong attachment may occur, but it should not be confused with love.
  • Seven indicates that the relationship always develops on the basis of the mercenary motives of one of the partners, so they can not be long.
  • Six waiting for a meeting with a loved one.

Suit Cards:

  • Ace foreshadows treason, which will lead to a rupture of relations. On the basis of this, one of the partners may experience severe depression. Sometimes this card indicates that the person is under the influence of a love spell.
  • The king or queen points out that elderly people who are nearby may be enemies in a love relationship.
  • The jack symbolizes thoughts of treason, and also warns of a possible deception of the partner and disappointment in him.
  • A dozen is a harbinger of breaking relationships.
  • Nine symbolizes selfishness and hostility. People can be near only by habit without any feelings.
  • Eight foreshadows quarrels conflicts, by virtue of the circumstances, partners are unable to understand each other.
  • Seven focuses on the insults and grief, the relationship will be filled with feelings and tears.
  • Six symbolizes reluctance to communicate.

Guessing on the feelings, attitudes and thoughts of your beloved: the execution of the layout, on playing cards, interpretation

It is necessary to pay attention not only to the values ​​of the cards, but also to which suit in the layout is greater, like this:

  • Worms always symbolize deep feelings, such cards minimize the influence of all negative cards.
  • Peaks, most often, indicates possible problems. Many such cards in the scenario indicate that the relationship has no future.
  • Tambourines relate to all spheres of human activity. If there are a lot of such cards in the scenario, then it indicates that strong and long-term relationships can be built on the basis of common interests.
  • The clubs symbolize the fact that the financial side of life plays a big role in relationships.

Using the described divination, you can understand the relationship with your loved one. And on the basis of the information received, draw the right conclusions and eliminate possible mistakes.

Do not be discouraged if you received not such a forecast, as you would like. It is necessary to understand that there will surely be a person in life who will sincerely love and appreciate you.

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