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Guessing on the egg: features, options, interpretation of characters

Guessing on the egg is a very popular magical rite by which people strive to predict the future. Since ancient times, this natural product was considered mysterious.

The egg has always been considered the source of life, but at the same time its shell personified the earth. The internal contents of the product were interpreted as follows: membrane — air, protein — water, yolk — fire.

Guessing on the egg: features, options, interpretation of characters

Guessing on an egg is based on deciphering the figures obtained by pouring the contents of the egg in a certain way. It is hard to say when and where the eggs were first used for predictions. Perhaps the most ancient mention of fortune telling with the help of this product is the description of the ceremony, which allowed to determine the sex of the unborn child.

The sorcerer rolled an egg across the belly of a pregnant woman, and then smashed it in a saucer. If the yolk remained without any changes, then it indicated that everything is in order with the baby and the birth will be safe. Split yolk foreshadowed the birth of twins.

If blood appeared in the yolk, then it was necessary to prepare for difficult labor.

For this fortune telling you need to use a white egg from a domestic chicken. The product from the incubator will not provide reliable information regarding future life events.

Prior to the beginning of divination, you must always carry a cooked egg with you or put it at night under your sleeping place.

To perform the ceremony, you should retire in a separate room, where you need to create a special mysterious atmosphere. You need to close the curtains, turn off the artificial lighting and light the candles.

You can also use incense.

It is necessary to calm down and completely distract from all domestic problems. After that, you mentally need to formulate an interesting question.

Then you need to pour a glass of hot water into a wide container and, having drilled a hole with a needle in the shell, carefully release the protein there. It is important that the yolk remains in the shell.

As a result of such actions, the protein in the water will begin to form a variety of shapes. They need to be properly interpreted to obtain predictions.

Of course, when interpreting divinations that are carried out using eggs, you need to listen to your own intuition. But at the same time, of course, it is necessary to rely on the values ​​that magic science offers to decipher the meanings of symbols, which were formed from protein.

Guessing on the egg: features, options, interpretation of characters

The interpretation may be:

  • The figure of an angel testifies to the balance and calmness of a person. And this means that he is confident in his abilities and can expect that everything planned can be accomplished without upheavals.
  • Watermelon foreshadows a happy family life.
  • The butterfly speaks of carelessness and well-being.
  • The bracelet is the forerunner of a quick wedding. But a torn accessory foreshadows separation from your loved one.
  • The bottle indicates that in the near future people will often spend their free time in cheerful companies.
  • Veer points out that there are hypocritical and dishonest people in human surroundings. In addition, it can be a sign of betrayal.
  • Broom is a harbinger of quarrels and conflicts.
  • The camel indicates that in the near future a person will have to work hard and it is unlikely that it will give him pleasure.
  • Gates foreshadow career growth.
  • Fork warns of a serious deterioration in welfare. If concrete measures are not taken, a person will face poverty and misery.
  • The mushroom focuses attention on the fact that a life period is coming, during which it will be possible to gain invaluable experience.
  • The pigeon symbolizes the welcoming atmosphere that surrounds the person as a whole. Peace, peace, love and bliss reign around the wondering;
  • The mountain indicates that a person’s own ambitions prevent him from achieving his goals. It is also a sign of serious obstacles that need to be overcome.
  • Pear is a harbinger of treason or other family troubles.
  • The tree says that a person has a strong family, so he has no external adversity. He will always be protected from them by the support of loved ones.
  • House foreshadows success in all endeavors.
  • Toad warns that one must beware of a greedy and vile person. Chances are that he has great power.
  • The star indicates that the person will be able to enlist the support of an influential patron. Many stars foreshadow glory and success.
  • The cross symbolizes fate. Chances are that you will have to carry a heavy burden or endure suffering in the name of conscious good.
  • The book says that the period has come in which you need to study.

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