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Guessing on the coffee grounds for love

Guessing on the coffee grounds for love

To the fortune-telling on the coffee grounds resorted at all times. It was known in antiquity and has always been considered one of the most accurate. Learn how to interpret the signs left by the coffee grounds, and with their help, find out what love trials Fate is preparing.

Divination for love

Guessing love with the help of coffee grounds should be a special way. First you need to brew strong coffee, always in the Turk with a long handle. Then pour it into a small porcelain cup. Sugar should not be added to the drink, enjoy exactly this bitter, tart and aromatic coffee.

Drinking it is prescribed in small sips, focusing on thoughts about life and the future. When the bottom will be about one spoonful of thick. you need to twist the cup in your hand in a clockwise direction, and if a man guesses against it.

Then, on a previously prepared saucer, you will need to carefully drain the remnants of the thick. The traces left on the cup walls enclose the encrypted information about the further fate.

Interpretation of signs

It is necessary with special care to look at the traces of coffee grounds. Take your time, peer until you clearly see the image. Each of them has a special symbolic meaning.

  • Seeing a clear heart, expect love adventures. Soon you will plunge into a passionate relationship.
  • The eye, seen during fortune-telling, symbolizes a strong change in personal life.
  • If the traces of the coffee grounds depict a crow, soon there will be a great misfortune, perhaps even the loss of a loved one.
  • The hare promises new acquaintances that may turn out to be fateful.
  • The wreath on the walls of the coffee cup is a good sign. The crown is symbolically linked to marriage. You will easily enchant the person you like.
  • The tree, obtained from the drips of coffee grounds, promises joy and well-being in heart matters.
  • Snake — you expect tricky intrigue and the ability to resist the temptation.
  • Seeing a star, expect success in the conquest of man, but do not expect that it will bring you happiness.
  • If the tracks look like a fence, soon your actions will be limited, and someone will greatly interfere with the implementation of plans on the love front.

  • A comet from coffee grounds foreshadows the emergence of an unexpected admirer.
  • Swan — a stable, calm personal life with a regular partner.
  • If on the walls of the cup you see a flower, wait for progress in all undertakings.
  • A circle made of coffee remains symbolizes a strong relationship based on loyalty.
  • The spider, seen during fortune-telling, promises deliverance from fears of strong feelings.
  • The pen foreshadows the appearance in the life of a person who will occupy all thoughts.
  • The bridge, the image of coffee — a bad sign: good luck will turn away from you just before the victory in love.
  • Seeing a cat in fortune-telling, you should beware of enemies and rivals.
  • Mountains — you will easily achieve your goal.
  • If you consider a turtle, expect harsh criticism in their favor. A person who cares about you will point out your shortcomings and disadvantages.
  • A large number of lines foreshadow many fans around you.
  • Fish promises a romantic meeting.
  • A large black stain from the coffee grounds speaks of a quick failure in love

Having done everything correctly, you can easily find one of the symbols on the walls of the porcelain cup and you can find out what to expect from the near future in terms of romantic relationships.

Coffee fortune telling can be used regularly, and it will always be effective. Look into the future and try to avoid the love mistakes that coffee warns you about. Wish you good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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