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Guessing on the cards: layouts, the value of cards, correct execution

Learning to guess on ordinary maps

Every person in life can have a difficult situation from which it is difficult to find a way out on their own. Many in this case turn to cards for help.

Fortunately, today there are various layouts that even beginners can execute. In this article we will look at the fortune-telling on cards: layouts and the meaning of cards.

Guessing on the cards: layouts, the value of cards, correct execution

Historical information about divination

At the time of our ancestors, the magic of divination was known to at least one member of the family. In most cases, it was a woman of old age.

Before you make an important purchase, make a fateful decision, start sowing or harvesting, this woman was asked to make a deal, which showed how well the situation would develop. Then divination occupied a huge role in the lives of people, and its results were never in doubt.

Rules of fortune telling on cards

For the result of the prediction to be truthful, it is important to follow certain rules. First, you will need to choose a card that will be “you” in the process of divination. It is done this way:

  • if you are a young unmarried girl — a tambourine lady is taken;
  • women in the age category from twenty-five to fifty years old must use Damu worms;
  • Older women choose the Treve Dame.

For men, you must choose cards in the same way.

From this video you can learn how to guess from ordinary cards as well as from tarot cards.

Card alignment «What was and what will be ..»

Fortune-telling on the cards on the theme: «What was, what will be, how the heart will calm down» has always been very popular among girls. This alignment appeared a long time ago, with its help you will be able to find out the features of your past and future, as well as get a practical recommendation on how to improve the current state of things in your life.

Divination was actively used by our great-grandmothers, although, it should be noted, since then there have been some modifications in the meanings of maps, but its meaning remains the same.

Now consider how to perform divination:

  • The best time to spend it is night. You will need to thoroughly stir all the cards from the deck;
  • then remove the top five cards with your left hand in the direction of yourself and lay them on the table surface;
  • repeat the described manipulation again;
  • once again perform the same action, with one of the cards you need to postpone separately. As a result, you get 5 piles of cards, each will have 3 cards and one will lie separately.

Cards are treated as follows:

  • 1 stack — characterizes you as a person;
  • 2 piles — shed light on your anxiety and excitement, tormenting you;
  • 3 piles — your home, friends and relatives;
  • 4 piles — past events;
  • 5 piles — future events.

And the latest card will tell you how the case you are thinking about will end. From her you will receive a basic recommendation.

Guessing on the cards: layouts, the value of cards, correct execution

How to interpret the values ​​of the cards in the classical scenario

To understand what the cards are telling you, remember their correct interpretation.

Heart suit

  • Six — you are very lucky;
  • Seven — safely risk, all our plans will come true;
  • Eight — it is worth overestimating what you have, you are already quite happy;
  • Nine — you are in good surroundings;
  • Ten — get financial benefits;
  • Jack — Comrade;
  • A lady is a woman unfamiliar to you;
  • The king is an unfamiliar man;
  • Ace — take care of your relatives.

Diamonds suit

  • Six — all plans come true;
  • Seven — you have a great friend, you need to take care of it;
  • Eight — a guessable person sincerely treats you;
  • Nine — everything ends successfully;
  • A dozen — drop doubts, they do not need you;
  • Jack — you are trying to «lead by the nose»;
  • Lady, you have a secret admirer;
  • King — someone secretly admires you;
  • Ace It is important for you to find out all the latest news, so as not to miss important.

Club Suit

  • Six — is to listen to what they say;
  • Seven — Mrs. Luck is with you;
  • Eight — promises to receive a present;
  • Nine — life will soon change for the better;
  • Ten — buy an expensive item;
  • Jack — a pleasant fuss;
  • The lady is a family woman;
  • The king is a family man;
  • Ace — receiving interesting news.

Guessing on the cards: layouts, the value of cards, correct execution

Peak suit

  • Six — have to endure parting;
  • Seven — events unfold not in the best way;
  • Eight — you will cry because of adultery;
  • Nine — look at your health;
  • Ten — your actions will be pushed away from you;
  • Jack — empty vanity;
  • Lady — ignore jealousy with slander;
  • King — you have a secret enemy;
  • Ace — to bad news.

Divination for the execution of the desired

The deck of cards is well shuffled, then you remove the cards with your left hand, conceive your secret desire. Then the cards are arranged one by one in four piles so that the shirt looks up.

Then take the first pile on the left side, turn the image up and remove all cards except the first ace. Perform the same actions with all the piles of cards until all of them are joined together.

That pile, which turned out to be the result, should be decomposed into three parts, while the cards look at the images up. Then repeat the previous manipulations (eliminate all cards before the first ace).

But do not forget each time to turn the right stack image up and put it on the left, while not stirring.

Cards that remain should be divided into two parts and again repeat the actions described. At the end of the remaining cards lay out in two piles, mix well and put in one line.

If at the same time all 4 aces meet, your innermost dream will surely become a reality.

Having resorted to card divination, it is easy to understand the true state of affairs in your life, because the cards act as an “independent expert” who will help you find answers to the questions of concern and make the right choice in a difficult situation.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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