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Guessing on the cards from Marilyn Kerro

Guessing on the cards from Marilyn Kerro

Estonian witch Marilyn Kerro told about the method of fortune-telling on the Gypsy cards, which she herself uses to find out the future. According to her, this fortune telling can be used at the turning points of your life or during the search for the right solution.

For fortune telling you will need a gypsy deck of 36 cards and a candle. Marilyn Kerro recommends guessing after sunset in a calm and quiet environment. For the cards to tell the truth, you need to tune in before starting a fortune telling

You can sit for a few minutes with your eyes closed, while trying not to think about anything but your question or problem.

First you need to light a candle, then mix the deck and think about the period and time for which you would like to know the forecast. This may be the next week, and maybe a year.

After you need to shuffle the deck well, remove the top with your left hand on yourself and shift it down the deck. Guessing is that cards are taken in order and, in parallel with this, in order to call cards «six, seven, eight, nine, ten, jack, queen, king, ace.» It turns out, one word — one card is removed from the deck and laid out on the table.

The card, which coincided with the spoken name of the card, is deposited on the left side. Those that do not match — on the right. As a result, the cards in the left side will reveal the mystery of the future.

If the six coincided — the road is waiting. If the six are red — the road is connected with love, if the peak is — the road will be late, and probably sad, if the bubi is a vain road, if the clubs is the official way.

Seven promises a date or meeting. If it is red, the meeting will be pleasant, if the peak is a meeting with the enemy, if it is a diamond, the meeting promises profit. If the clubs are a business meeting.

Eight — conversation, conversation. Red — talk about love. Peak — an unpleasant conversation, can end in a quarrel and tears. Trefovaya — business conversation.

Bubnovaya — intrigue gossip and rumors.

Nine of hearts — love, peak — sadness, clubs — things and efforts, diamonds — a small profit.

Ten — interest. If red — love interest. Peak — sex, bed. Bubnovaya — vain, empty interest or a large profit.

Clubs — business interest.

Jack — worries and troubles. Worms — efforts for love, peaks — sad efforts, bubi — vain worries, clubs — feast.

The lady is a woman. Worms are married or relative, spikes are a woman with bad intentions, a bubi is a young unmarried, clubs are an elderly woman.

The king is male. Chervonny is a lover or a married man, a peak man is an evil man, an enemy, a diamonds one is a bachelor, a traitor, and a club man is an elderly man, the father.

Ace is a home. Worms — home, peaks — hospital or prison, Bubi — news, letter, clubs — state house.

According to Marilyn Kerro, this fortune-telling on Gypsy cards will help not only to know the future, but also to solve the problem of choice and make the right decisions. Guessing on Gypsy cards will help to reveal the picture of the future and tell about future events. It is simple, and at the same time, reliable and accurate. We cheer for Marilyn on the «Battle of Psychics» and do not forget to press and

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