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Guessing on playing cards: what awaits you in the future?

Guessing on playing cards: what awaits you in the future?

There are many ways to play cards, predicting the future. We offer you a simple and clear way to find out what lies ahead. This free guessing on playing cards can tell what awaits you in the coming month.

Take a deck of 36 cards, shuffle and pull nine cards out of it from the middle in random order. Those cards that fell out and reveal the secret of your near future. The value of cards for divination, you can use the standard.

However, several combinations of this layout have certain meanings.

If all the cards that were drawn are of the same suit, then grief awaits you. It is likely that it will be associated with your loved ones. Try to be more careful this month and do not forget to support your relatives and friends.

If all nine cards are clubs, then this means that the next month you will have troubles and worries. It is possible that they will be connected with the theft of your property. Take care of the safety of your cash savings, and also try to be more careful with your personal items of value to you.

If only hearts have fallen out — A whole month in your family will reign idyll and peace. It is also a sign of good luck in love relationships. If you have quarreled with your soulmate, then such a result of fortune-telling on playing cards promises you a quick truce.

Everything that you have not conceived in relation to your loved one will come true.

If only diamonds fell out — it predicts you a big cash profit. Most likely, the money will come to you from the place where you waited for them. In another case, you expect a promotion, which will entail financial success.

If there are any fallen cards four aces — then you expect an unpleasant situation in which you find yourself by their stupidity and carelessness. Try this month to be more careful, consider each of your actions and decisions.

If among the cards will be four kings, then this is a sign that the business that you have started or are about to start is successful and will bring benefits. So do not be afraid to go ahead, everything will go well, your ideas will be implemented.

If you fall out four ladies — You expect intrigue from the people around them. You will become a victim of unpleasant rumors and gossip of your envious.

If you fall out four jacks — you are waiting for cash chores. It is likely that your financial condition will worsen this month, and you will have to take care of additional income.

If you fall out four dozen — what you have been dreaming about for a long time, will come true. This is a sign of fulfillment of desires.

If you fall out four nines, then surprises await you, at which they can be both pleasant and not so pleasant.

If in a fortune telling for a month you fell out four eights, then you expect a dull everyday life. Time will go slowly and boringly, no changes and changes are foreseen.

If you fall out four sevens — this month you have to part with someone. It is possible that your soulmate or a person close to you will leave you, but not for long. During this period of time you will be overcome with melancholy and sadness.

If you fall out four sixes, then you will feel the danger. You will probably lose confidence in some people and will continue to be careful in dealing with people.

If an ace, king, queen, jack, ten, nine, eight, seven and six fall out in the alignment, then this is a precursor to treason. Perhaps your other half is cheating on you and this is already a long period of time.

If only small cards fell out, it means that nothing significant will happen this month. Everything will be the same as always.

Guessing on playing cards for the future will allow you to know the next coming events and, possibly, will protect you from what should happen. As they say, who is aware, he is armed.

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