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Guessing on playing cards: what awaits in the future

Guessing on playing cards: what awaits in the future

You can learn about your future with the help of a usual deck of 36 cards. Many believe that playing cards can not be used in divination. This is not entirely true.

Playing cards you can guess only if it has never been used for the game.

Guessing on playing cards for the future

If you want to look into your future, then we recommend that you use the old black rose divination card. It will answer all your questions and help clarify the future.

Take a deck of 36 cards, shuffle it, and guess what you want to know. After that, pull out any card and place it in front of you. This card in divination will mean your state of mind and your thoughts in the present tense. Then lay out three cards on top and three cards on the bottom of the deck and place them on the left and right of the first card.

Those that were removed from above, put on the left, and put the lower cards on the right.

Left punishments in this For the future «> fortune-telling for the future will mean what awaits you. Right-handed cards are what will all end. Interpreting the result of fortune-telling is necessary only by suit and junior and senior cards.

The value of cards in divination

First you need to determine the value of the first map. She will tell about what is in your heart.

Peaks senior cards — hate, jealousy, anger, discontent, envy. Peaks junior cards — sadness, tears, anxiety.

Clubs senior cards — helplessness, longing, gloomy thoughts. Treffs junior cards — indifference, humility.

Diamonds senior cards — the desire to achieve justice. Tambourines junior cards — the desire for revenge and harm.

Worms senior cards — hope, faith, love. Hearts junior cards — waiting, the desire to achieve their goal.

After this, it is necessary to proceed to the interpretation of the cards on the left. In this fortune telling, they will talk about what awaits you in the future. These cards are interpreted in accordance with the value, and not by suit.

  • Six — disappointment, vain hopes;
  • Seven — resolution of the situation in favor of the guessing;
  • Eight — help minded;
  • Nine — joy, happiness, fulfillment of desires;
  • Ten — obstacles and problems;
  • Jack — Tears and troubles due to the fault of loved ones;
  • Lady — you are used for personal gain or deceived;
  • King — performance conceived after solving all problems;
  • Ace — illness, shock, unpleasant conversation.

The cards on the right will tell you how it will end. They must be interpreted only by the value of the suit.

  • Peaks — disappointment, trouble, tears, illness;
  • Clubs — rumors, gossip, unpleasant conversations;
  • Diamonds — joy, love, money and success;
  • Worms — change for the better.

With the help of this fortune telling on playing cards you can find answers to all your questions about the future. Wish you good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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