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Guessing on playing cards: the layouts for money

Guessing on playing cards: the layouts for money

Contrary to the mistaken opinion of skeptics, playing cards have their power in predictions and fortune telling. There are layouts for money that can tell you about whether good luck awaits you in the future.

Fortune telling

This fortune telling is best done on the new moon, so take it seriously. To begin, you will need to do the following: divide the deck of cards into numbers and high suits, starting with a jack and ending with an ace. From the deck of numbers, pull out all the sixes.

Then carefully mix the two decks of cards received separately, not forgetting the sixes — they also need to be prevented. Now alternately pull out one card from the deferred sixes and place them on the table. They must be closed — you can not look at them. After that, without ironing, put on sixes one card of the highest suit.

You can draw cards from anywhere — from the center of the deck, above or below. Do the same with the remaining numbers.

In the end, you should have four piles of cards, three pieces each. The balance is ready for money. Now it is necessary to find out what the New Moon and maps have told us.

Explanation of the hand

It is necessary to open each pile in the correct order — from the first to the last, in turn. It is very important. First, we look at the six, or rather its suit:

  • peaks are a betrayal;
  • the cross color is a balance of contention and war;
  • worms — the balance of love;
  • tambourine suit — the balance of friendship.

Each six shows what will regulate monetary relations in the future.

Now let’s talk about the numbers from seven to ten. These cards show how much influence your financial life and monetary fortune of each particular suit will have. If you have a six of a peak with a ten, then expect a lot of money betrayal, deception.

If together there are seven dozens, then the role in your business life of betrayal, friendship, love or war will be minimal.

  • seven — almost no effect;
  • eight — the effect will be felt, but not much;
  • nine — strong influence;
  • a dozen — the decisive value of war, friendship, love or betrayal of monetary success.

The suit of the same second card with the number is also important. If the seven, eight, nine or ten has the same suit as the six, then wait for war, love, betrayal or a sudden rapprochement with anyone in all spheres of life. Excellent suit from the suit of the six tells you where to expect betrayal, love, friendship or war.

If this six is ​​a diamond, and a dozen, for example, the peak, then know that in friendship you will find a lot of betrayal. Since the balance is primarily monetary, remember that the consequences will be most noticeable financially.

Now we turn to the latest cards — Aces, Kings, Queen and Jacks. They will tell us from whom this or that action may come, who will be the determining person for you. Suit does not matter.

  • Jack — this person is generally not dangerous and is your age mate;
  • a lady — this man is cunning, unpredictable, most likely older than you;
  • the king is a conceited person, guided only by personal interests;
  • Ace — this person can be anyone.

So, what we got. For example, in one of the stacks consisting of three cards, there were a six of cross, a seven of diamonds and an ace. This means the following: in the near future, discord awaits you in a small, almost imperceptible quantity. The battles will occur mainly in the friendly sphere — that is, you will quarrel with friends, but rarely and without consequences in monetary matters.

Well, the ace says that it’s worth waiting for the betrayal from someone from a friendly environment, but it’s not clear from whom.

If you use only one stack of cards, the prediction will be more accurate, but narrowly focused. All four piles, opened in succession, will show a more complete picture. We wish you luck to be always there, and success did not leave you. All the best, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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