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Guessing on playing cards: layouts on love

Guessing on playing cards: layouts on love

Guessing on the cards is one of the most mysterious ways to find out your future and get answers to any questions about the elect. For some card divinations, a Tarot deck is needed, and for some, ordinary playing cards.

Alignment on a loved one

Shuffle a deck of cards, constantly thinking about your loved one, because this alignment will be exactly on him. Remove the cap by moving it away from yourself and pull out the card approximately from the center. It should be put on the table face down. Then mix again all the remaining cards and in the same way reach five more.

In general, there should be six of them on the table. The first will open the thoughts of a loved one, and the second will tell you what’s in your heart. The third card predicts the events of the near future, through which your loved one will pass.

The fourth card in the scenario will tell what this person is striving for, and the fifth one — what he would not want. The last card will explain the situation in his life at the moment.

Alignment on a successful marriage

First remove the sixes, and then shuffle the deck. Make five piles of 6 cards that need to be put face down. Two cards will remain.

They should be put on two extreme piles from above. Starting from the left pile, remove the cards lower in value than the queen and the king. Perform this procedure with all the piles. Putting the cards aside, do not shuffle them into one pile and repeat everything over again until kings and ladies are left everywhere.

After this, check by suit: the marriage will be successful if there is a lady and a king of the same suit.

Value cards

Each suit has its own sphere, which it answers.

Worms responsible for the sensual sphere and everything related to love and family.

  • A lady is a secret lover or friend;
  • A king is a man who has or had a family;
  • Ace — home.

Bubi talk about friendship, bachelor life and affairs, in addition to work.

  • The lady is a young unmarried woman;
  • The king is an unmarried young man;
  • Ace — a letter associated with the affairs.

Clubs (baptize) are responsible for business relations, the situation at work.

  • The lady is a woman with whom the relationship is either related or business;
  • The king is a supervisor or a senior colleague, or the eldest of relatives, for example, a father;
  • The clubs are a big deal.

Peaks talk about troubles, quarrels and diseases.

  • A lady is a married woman, often jealous or fraudulent;
  • King — a person in the service of the state, an official;
  • Ace — hit or, if pointed up, booze.

Smaller cards can be interpreted roughly equally, taking into account the particular features of the suit. For example, the six points to the road and travel. If it is a club, then the trip is business, and the peak is a difficult, unpleasant long journey.

Cards seven and eight indicate conversations, meetings, and dates, but, for example, if they are peaks, meetings will be followed by alcohol, probably something is connected with unpleasant events and tears. The next card, nine, speaks of a very strong cordial affection, even if it is a cross. Most often implied and sexual desire, but in the case of peaks — a serious illness, bedridden. The card with the number ten speaks about plans and dreams, about what a person is seeking.

For example, in the case of the peak suit, these aspirations are in vain, and the suit of the clubs hints at monetary gain. Jack points to troubles, worries and problems.

These two versions of divination are among the most simple and reliable, if properly understand the value of the cards. Good luck to you and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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