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Guessing on pins and needles: find out your future

Guessing on pins and needles: find out your future

Want to know your fate for the next year? Antique fortune telling on pins and needles will help you lift the veil of this mystery. For divination, you will need thirteen needles and a sheet of paper.

How to guess the future

First, take three needles and bend them. They will symbolize your detractors. Take another needle and mark it with paint — it will symbolize you.

Leave the remaining needles as they are — they will be all other people.

Then divide the sheet of paper into five zones: top, bottom, center, right and left.

After these preparations, you can proceed to fortune telling. Take the needles in your left hand, close your eyes and mentally ask the higher forces to reveal the truth about the future to you. Pour the needles onto a sheet of paper and carefully look at how they are located on the surface of the sheet and which zone they hit.

The value of predicting divination on needles

Needles in the upper zone will control your circumstances. Those needles that fell into the lower zone will obey them. The left zone symbolizes the past, the right zone — the future.

The center is stability and harmony.

  • First look where your needle fell in this fortune telling for the future.
  • If your needle is in the center, then you do not expect special changes. You are waiting for a good enough time, but troublesome. The direction to which the point of the needle points indicates what you end up with.

Next, interpret the curves of the needle and smooth.

  • Curved needles that point towards your needle are particularly dangerous.
  • Curved needles that fell on the zone of the past will remain in the past.
  • Curved needles that have fallen on the zone in the future, will prevent you soon.
  • Curved needles in the center — at the moment you are in danger from unkind people.
  • Smooth needles are your friends and relatives. They must be interpreted in exactly the same way as described above, in accordance with the zones on which they were located. If they are directed towards your needle, then expect help from loved ones.

This fortune telling for the future will help you discover the whole picture of what is happening in the present tense and learn about the future prospects. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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