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Guessing on paper: on love and the future

Guessing on paper: on love and the future

Perhaps one of the most common types of divination among girls and women — this is divination on paper with a pen. This method of divination can be used at any time and in any place, the main thing is to have a piece of paper and a pen on hand.

Thanks to fortune-telling on paper, you can find out the answers to interesting questions, find out your near future, and even calculate a good day. Many do not take seriously such fortune-telling, believing that they are too simple and primitive, and therefore not accurate. However, it is worth noting that all fortune-telling on paper is based on numerology, the most ancient science, which makes it possible to learn a lot of useful information on the basis of numbers about the future of a person and his character.

So, how do you tell fortunes?

With the help of divination on paper with a pen, you can very easily calculate a good day. For example, if you have planned an important event for a specific date, you can easily check what awaits you on this day.

To do this, take a piece of paper in the box and pen. Write your full name and the date that interests you. You can even specify a specific time of day.

All this needs to be written in one line. If you come across a letter that you have already written down, then you need to put it under the first letter in the column. After all this, it is necessary to cross out two identical letters in each column.

Then it remains only to count the number of remaining letters. If there are more than ten left, for example, 14, then it is necessary to bring this number by adding its component digits to a single-digit number. For example, 14 = 1 + 4 = 5.

The resulting number is interpreted as follows:

If not a single letter remains, then on the scheduled day you should not expect anything special. This is an indefinite day from which you can expect both good luck and trouble.

If there is 1 letter left — then this day everything will happen the way you want it. The day promises to be successful.

If there are 2 letters left — this day is not the most favorable for what you have in mind. You should not expect good luck, you have to accept the fact that will happen.

If there are 3 letters left — the road is waiting for you.

If 4 letters left — on this day you will learn something new. News can be both good and bad.

If 5 letters fell out — divination predicts the help of the person you are interested in. It is also likely that someone you like will pay attention to you.

If 6 letters fell out, then you will meet with someone who has not been seen for a long time, or with a person who occupies all your thoughts.

If 7 letters fell out — this day will be filled with sadness and sadness. All conceived on this day is not realized.

If 8 letters fell — a sign of love, dates and reciprocity.

If 9 letters fell out — One should expect betrayal of a loved one.

The following divination will help you find out how the person you are interested in treats you. In order to carry out this divination for love, it is necessary to take a pen and a piece of paper in the box. Tune in to the person you like and draw a heart out quickly by hand on a piece of paper.

You need to draw with your left hand. After that, start inside this figure to outline along the contour of the cell, but only whole ones. After that, you need to start crossing out the four marked cells, either by square or hardly.

The number of cells that are not painted over will determine the attitude of the person to you.

If not a single cell is left, then your love is mutual.

If there is only one cell left, This person has only respect for you.

If there are 2 cells left — this person perceives you as a friend.

If there are 3 cells left, then the person feels sympathy towards you.

If 4 cells left, then this person feels jealous of you.

If 5 cells — this person often thinks from you, and even sees in a dream.

If 6 cells and more — the person is completely indifferent to you.

Guessing on a sheet of paper will help you quickly and easily get answers to your questions and know your future. The main thing is not so often to guess, otherwise all the predictions may not come true. Like this article? Then be sure to put and

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