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Guessing on paper: for the future, love and desire

Guessing on paper: for the future, love and desire

Paper reading is a simple and effective way to get answers to your questions. There is an opinion that fortune-telling on paper with a pen is just a child’s game, which allows you to pass the time, but not to predict your future. This judgment is incorrect.

Such divinations have a rather long history. For the first time they appeared in ancient Egypt, when great importance was attached to magic and mysticism. You will be surprised, but the Egyptian pharaohs often guessed on papyrus, in search of answers to important political and personal questions.

So, what kind of fortune telling are there on paper?

Guessing on paper on love

Guessing for love will let you know what your loved one feels about you. If you doubt his intentions, then take a piece of paper in the cell and draw a heart on it. If you are right-handed, hold the pen in your left hand, if left-handed in your right.

After that, along the inner contour of the heart, it is necessary to mark all the whole cells. Then start crossing out four cells in the heart (you can in a row, you can square). The number of remaining whole cells and tell you what your partner feels to you.

The value of divination on paper

  • One cell — your loved one does not have strong feelings for you, but you are not indifferent to it. He appreciates and respects you;
  • two cells — he feels for you a friendly sympathy, nothing more;
  • three cells — he is in love with you and wants to spend more time with you;
  • four cells — he is very jealous of you;
  • five cells — he is interested in you and wants to know you better;
  • six cells — he is indifferent to you.

This fortune telling will allow you to find out about the feelings of any person towards you. Destiny itself will manage your hand during fortune-telling and answer the most intimate questions.

Guessing on paper with a pen: what awaits on the scheduled day

If an important event awaits you ahead, and you want to know how it will end, then use fortune-telling on paper for the future. Take a blank piece of paper and write on it your date of birth, as well as the date on which you are guessing. All data must be written in one line. After that, add the numbers and bring the result to a single number.

For example: the date of birth is January 11, 1973, and the date of the event is May 23, 2014. We add all the numbers and we get 23 + 17 = 40 = 4. This number will mean the outcome of the event of the hidden day.

The value of divination on paper

  • 0 — nothing special will happen on this day. Everything is as it was and will remain
  • 1 — you will find luck in business
  • 2 — the events of this day will disappoint you
  • 3 — you have a road or a serious conversation
  • 4 — wait for the news
  • 5 — an unexpected meeting awaits you
  • 6 — all your plans fail
  • 7 — everything will happen as you planned
  • 8 — on this day, you can be very annoyed by your detractors
  • 9 — expect a miracle

Divination on a sheet of paper. Will desire come true

If you want to know if your wish will come true, then take a piece of paper in the box and circle your left hand while thinking about your desire. Find the uppermost cell on the contour of the hand and start with it to number each cell in this row, going down. When you put the number at the very bottom of your palm, then set the pen aside and see which number was the last.

If it is even, then your wish will come true, if it is odd, it will not come true.

With the help of divinations on paper with a pen, you can get answers to your questions and learn about your future. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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