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Guessing on paper: checking love compatibility with a partner

Guessing on paper: checking love compatibility with a partner

Paper fortune-telling is distinguished by its simplicity and minimal preparation requirements. In order to guess the future, you need to take a piece of paper and a pen. The accuracy of the prediction depends on how much you will believe in this way of knowing fate.

Divination on paper with a pen is most often used to find out about the future of their relationship and about the feelings of a person of interest. In order to check your love compatibility with a partner, take a piece of paper and draw a daisy on it. Petals should be exactly as many letters in the name of a loved one.

On each petal clockwise, you need to write the letters of the name of your chosen one. After that, write on the petals in order of the letters of your name. If your name by the number of letters is longer than the name of your partner, then the remaining letters just do not enter anywhere.

Then you need to count the number of petals on which there is a pair of consonants or vowels. The number of such petals will be the key to the interpretation of divination.

If 1 petal — your union has a future. Even if the feelings fade away, you will have a warm and kind attitude towards each other.

If 2 petals — the union is unsuccessful. Feelings can quickly fade away, after that frustration will come.

If 3 petals — you have a very good love compatibility with each other. You not only have feelings, but also common interests that bring you closer together.

If 4 petals and more — the union is strong and successful. You — the two halves, which miraculously found each other. Appreciate each other and take care of your feelings.

You can check your compatibility with a partner in another way, more accurate. For this you need to write on a piece of paper the full surname, name and patronymic of your chosen one. Under his name you need to write your name.

Then cross out the repeating letters in your name and his. Count the number of remaining letters and bring it to a single number, if required. For example, if you have 12 letters left, then you need to add 1 and 2 to get the result of divination. The number 3 in this case will be the result of divination.

Having learned the number, it is necessary to decipher it.

Number 1 — you are a good couple, you are waiting for a happy future, warmth and love.

The number 2 — you do not fit each other, ahead of you are disappointed.

The number 3 — you are in love, but soon the veil will fall from your eyes, and you will understand that this chosen one is not what you need.

Number 4 — you don’t love your partner enough. If he makes all the necessary efforts to be with you, then your future is possible with him.

The number 5 — you are united only by mutual benefit. Most likely, such a relationship will soon «come to naught.»

Number 6 — you are a great pair. In your union there is love, respect, and care. If you manage to keep these feelings, then your future with this person will be long and happy.

Number 7 — you are united more likely by friendship and interest to each other, but not love. You could be great friends for each other.

The number 8 — everything is harmonious in your pair, you complement each other. You are comfortable and convenient with a partner.

Number 9 — you have good compatibility. However, in order to maintain relationships, you will have to constantly work on yourself and try to surprise each other. There will be no emotions — love will disappear.

These, at first glance, simple and quick checks on love compatibility with a partner provide accurate and concrete results of the future with this or that person. These divinations are built on numerology, the ancient science of numbers and their meanings, which makes them accurate and truthful. Useful article? Then be sure to put and

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