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Guessing on numbers: we learn the fate with the help of numerology

Guessing on numbers: we learn the fate with the help of numerology

According to the ancient Greek scholar Pythagoras, in numbers lies the beginning of all things. From this it follows that numbers can reveal to us the secret of our future. There are many ways of divination by the numerological principle, with the help of them we can find out what awaits us.

Divination, which will be discussed, will help not only to know the upcoming events, but also answer any questions that concern you. To find out the future, take 9 small numbered pieces of paper (numbering should be from 1 to 9) put them in your headdress, which you often wear. Focus on the question. The more specific it is, the clearer the meaning of fortune telling will be for you.

Close your eyes and pull out the first piece of paper. The figure that you pulled and will be a clue to your future. And here is the interpretation of fortune telling:

one — The thing you are thinking about may well be realized. It can be the beginning of a global positive change in your life. If you really want it, then you need to show more confidence and determination.

2 — Most likely, while you are not quite ready to implement your plans. If you start to go towards your goal now, then you may have to take a risk that in your case will not be justified. It is better to first create all the conditions for the realization of your goal, and only then go to it, otherwise you can stumble.

3 — The chances that your wish will come true are very high. Good luck will be on your side. But despite this, you should show perseverance and patience.

No need to relax halfway.

four — If you are interested in a question about the state of affairs that has gone out of balance (for example, you are sick and want to know how soon you will recover), then in this case you will improve on this matter, while at the same time. And if a question is asked about a business that implies development (for example, will it increase your level of work), then this figure will mean stagnation. This does not mean that your plans are not being implemented, you just do not have to wait much.

five — In the question you are interested in there will be a sharp turn of events, which will most likely turn everything to the worst. This figure predicts you a violation of plans, breakdowns, surprises and discord in relationships with people. It is also quite possible that your plans will fail due to your fault, due to your unstable emotional state.

Try not to react to everything that happens too violently.

6 — This figure predicts you a successful solution to your question. Your plans are implemented exactly as much as you have made efforts for this. In short, what goes around, comes around.

In addition, the situation may turn in such a way that you will have to make some choice, or you will have to enter into a partnership with someone.

7 — The answer to the interesting question is somewhat ambiguous. Your situation may put you in a difficult situation or in a state of uncertainty. To achieve your goal, you have to go to the trick, but in the end the result of your efforts will be much less than the diligence that you have shown.

Most likely, your plans are implemented only partially, but despite this you will gain a good experience.

eight — Your plans will be implemented very quickly and confidently. In the process you can learn a lot and understand a lot. However, success awaits you only if your intentions are positive and do not harm anyone.

9 — In the near future, you can count on success in the planned business. However, do not rejoice too soon. At the moment, you need to focus all your thoughts and forces on achieving a result, while not paying attention to external factors.

This guessing on numbers is great for those who are doubted and who do not know in which direction he should move on. With the help of numerological prediction, you can quickly find the answer to any question. It is worth remembering that the prediction, whatever it was, should not be taken as the inevitable course of events.

In most cases, the prediction is the key, the solution to the correct resolution of the issue. Do not be afraid to know your fate and do not forget to press buttons and

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