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Guessing on numbers — two simple options

Guessing on the numbers on the character of the chosen one and future events

Even the philosophers of ancient Greece associated numerology with a variety of life events. Therefore, divination by numbers was a very popular rite. And today it has not lost its relevance.

But the main condition for obtaining reliable information is sincere faith in the power of numbers. Such divination cannot be treated as entertainment.

Guessing on numbers - two simple options

There are a huge number of different rituals that allow you to get predictions for the future. In addition, having carefully studied the way a person writes numbers, one can draw conclusions about his character and life preferences.

If you like a person, you can try to find out his character by doing a guessing on numbers. To do this, ask him to write on paper various numbers.

It will look like a game, so your chosen one is unlikely to suspect anything. And you, in turn, unobtrusively can get very valuable information about a person.

Note the following:

  • Leaning to the left indicates the indecision of a person and his inability to stand up for himself;
  • The inclination to the right indicates a flexible, submissive character, which means a person can be easily controlled and, moreover, he needs it, he necessarily needs a reliable support in life;
  • Strictly vertical numbers symbolize firm character and self-confidence, this person is energetic, and sometimes can even be tough and callous towards others;
  • If the numbers «2» and «3» are written with curlicues, then this indicates a mental peace of mind;
  • Quite thin numbers “4” and “7” indicate the physical weakness of a person and the instability of his nervous system;
  • The figure «5» in the form of a zigzag emphasizes the nervousness of a person and the rejection by him of his environment;
  • The figure «8» with a thickened lower ring characterizes a person as an amateur to eat and emphasizes his erotic aspirations;
  • The figure «9» with a massive upper part and a thin tail of an arrow-like type indicates a strong natural energy of man;
  • Small numbers emphasize the lack of life practice, which leads to the fact that a person is unable to navigate the reality around him, so he is afraid to make responsible decisions;
  • Large numbers indicate human waste and inability to save money;
  • Figures written in columns strictly horizontally indicate a person’s composure, his desire for order and the ability to fully control the events around him;
  • If there is a deviation from the horizontal in the columns of numbers, this accentuates the absent-mindedness of a person and his tendency to dream;
  • The bend to the right of the columns of numbers symbolizes the desire for life comfort;
  • Bending to the left emphasizes the fact that a person can be aggressive and rarely finds compromises, preferring confrontation with opponents and competitors.

It is hardly worth parting with a person if you find you unpleasant character traits in the process of divination. After all, when communicating with each other, the character of people changes very often.

Moreover, numerologists say that by changing the way you write numbers, you can change character traits. Therefore, continuing the relationship with a person, you need to gently lead him to the need to change the way you write numbers.

Guessing on numbers - two simple options

Numerology offers so many different ways of divination for the future. For example, a very reliable divination is a ceremony in which the interpretation of numbers in the range from 0 to 9 is used.

For fortune telling you need to write the numbers on small leaves, twist them and put them in a box. After that, you need to conceive a desire and pull out one of the leaves.

The numbers indicate the following:

  • «1» — the desire is real and can open new paths of development;
  • “2” — it will be necessary to choose one of two solutions to the problem and make a lot of effort to achieve the goal;
  • “3” — there are good prospects to realize your own plans, if you show perseverance;
  • “4” — there is an uncertain situation, so it is better to wait;
  • “5” — an unexpected situation is possible, which will take you by surprise, it is very important not to succumb to emotions, besides, you really need to try not to make rash decisions;
  • «6» — on your way there will be no obstacles, but at the same time it is very important to choose the right partners;
  • «7» — will have to overcome many difficulties, but at the same time you will get the most valuable experience;
  • “8” — life situation can change very quickly, the main thing is to react to the situation in a timely manner;
  • «9» — the plan will surely come true, but the result may not satisfy you, so be very prudent.

Having received certain information during guessing on numbers, you need to compare it with events in real life. This will correct the situation in their favor.

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