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Guessing on numbers: for the future, with strikeouts, with an apple, meaning

Guessing on numbers is considered one of the most effective ways to predict the future. Such methods of prediction are rooted in the distant past. Even the ancient Greek philosophers argued that the numbers hide the beginning and essence of all that is happening in the real world.

With the help of numerology, you can find out not only information about the future, but also get answers to specific questions about life and the universe.

Guessing on numbers: for the future, with strikeouts, with an apple, meaning

There is a huge variety of different rites in which numbers are used. But it should be understood that in order for the rite to be successful it is necessary to follow a number of important rules. First, we must remember that guessing at numbers cannot be entertainment or fun pastime.

Only if it relates to the divination of this type seriously and responsibly, then we can count on the correct result.

There is a very simple method of divination for the next month, which involves the use of only a sheet of paper and a pen. In divination, natural numbers are used in the range from 1 to 9. To do this, you need to prepare special cards.

A sheet of paper is cut into nine identical parts, on which numbers should be written. All cards should be folded in a hat or in a small box. Go

Having retired in a separate room, it is necessary to very clearly formulate an interesting question. Success depends on fortune telling.

After that, you should focus and pull out one of the cards. The number on it will be the decoding of divination.

The value of the figures for divination is the following:

  • «1» indicates that the plan is quite realistic.
  • «2» focuses on the fact that the answer is not defined, but, most likely, fate will give you the opportunity to implement the plans.
  • «3» heralds good prospects for the implementation of the plan, but for this you will need to make an effort and have patience.
  • “4” speaks of instability or stagnation, which slows down the implementation of the plan.
  • «5» heralds an unexpected turn of events that can give unexpected positive results.
  • “6” indicates that the planned business will progress in accordance with the plans, so you will quickly achieve the desired.
  • «7» warns that there will be serious difficulties on the way that you can handle.
  • “8” predicts a very rapid development of the current situation, which can lead to a negative result.
  • «9» heralds that the desired will come true in the near future, but this will require to fulfill a huge number of conditions.

Guessing on numbers: for the future, with strikeouts, with an apple, meaning

This guessing on the numbers is very popular. It is known under the name «Hundred».

This prediction is appropriate in order to understand how your chosen one treats you.

Guessing on numbers involves the use of a sheet of paper in the box and pens. To proceed to the ceremony you need to retire in a separate room.

It takes some time to sit in silence and think about your beloved. Then you need to start writing numbers in the range from 1 to 100 on a piece of paper in the box.

And in the first line the number of numbers can be any, but in all others it should be repeated. Such a numerical matrix ends with the date of the day on which the divination is conducted.

After that, you need to start crossing out two identical figures that are next to each other, as well as those that together give 10. Further, similar actions are repeated through the previously crossed out figures. When there is nothing to cross out, the remaining numbers are re-written.

Moreover, their number in the line must be equal to the number of letters in the name of the beloved. Again, you need to repeat the deletion procedure described above.

In the end, you need to calculate how many numbers will remain. This value should be used to decipher divination.

The value of the figures for divination is the following:

  • “1” indicates that you do not have a joint future with your chosen one, with him you will constantly feel lonely.
  • “2” predicts that everything will turn out well and you will have a happy future together with your partner.
  • «3» emphasizes that your chosen one is deceiving you and he has another.
  • “4” indicates that your chosen one sincerely loves you and dreams of living together with you.
  • «5» focuses on the fact that your chosen one dreams of intimacy with you.
  • «6» warns that your dreams of a loved one are in vain, as he loves another woman.
  • «7» indicates that your chosen one is jealous of you.
  • «8» predicts that you and your loved one will be together forever very soon.
  • «9» indicates that in the near future you and your loved one will be separated.
  • «10» heralds that soon you will receive from your beloved the long-awaited news.
  • «11» predicts that soon you will meet with the person who you like.
  • «12» indicates that in the near future you will have a serious conversation with the chosen one.
  • «13» foreshadows a quick wedding.
  • «14» warns that your elect does not have love feelings for you.
  • “15” indicates that your boyfriend constantly thinks and misses you.
  • «16» warns that your boyfriend is absolutely indifferent to you.

Guessing on numbers: for the future, with strikeouts, with an apple, meaning

To learn how to treat you loved one, you can hold a simple rite with an apple. Fruit for the ceremony need to choose a ripe and beautiful.

Having retired in a separate room, you need to focus on the image of a loved one. During this, you should hold an apple.

After that, you need to cut the apple in half and remove the core from it.

After that, the bones should be counted and a prediction can be obtained from their number:

  • One bone indicates that your chosen one has strong love feelings.
  • Two bones emphasize that the person you like is sympathetic to the other girl.
  • Three bones means that your chosen one does not know about your feelings.
  • Four bones indicate the indifference of the chosen one.
  • Five pits accentuate the fact that your loved one misses you very much and dreams to be with you.
  • Six bones indicate that your chosen one has another.
  • Seven pits say that the chosen one is in love with you.
  • Eight pips focus on the fact that you like the steam, but he does not dare to confess his feelings to you.
  • Nine pits indicate that the person you like is not ready for a serious relationship.

When performing divination with the use of numbers, one should constantly think about the question of interest, one cannot mentally switch to any other household problems. This will lead to the attraction of extraneous energy and will lead to the fact that the predictions will not be true.

Professional magicians do not recommend using these types of divination more than three times a month. This, as a rule, leads to a distortion of the results.

But, more seriously, it takes away the useful energy of man and weakens his natural defense against the negative.

It is very important, when performing the rite, to strictly follow the proposed recommendations and instructions. In addition, when interpreting the values, you must always listen to your own intuition.

Only in this case can we expect that the prediction can be trusted.

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